7 Aug 2017

How can I Prevent Myself from Contacting Mouth Cancer?

8 Ways to prevent yourself from Mouth Cancer
In our previous post, we have discussed so much about cancer and preventing ourselves from such deadly diseases. But now, we will be sharing ideas that will protect us from possible condition that result to mouth cancer either as a man or as a woman.
Mouth Cancer?

I noticed that there’s been so much news these days about mouth cancer especially in countries like Nigeria and other African countries. Many of these people are going through horrible condition with a massive growth around their mouth area. I saw pictures on newspaper last week where two people in Nigeria are infected with this disease and I can tell you that it is very horrible and expensive to treat.

What is Mouth Cancer? Mouth cancer is a situation or condition where there is a growth in the mouth. The growth becomes bigger than usual until it becomes fully grown.

What is the cause of mouth cancer? The cause of mouth cancer hasn't been ascertained but report shows it's an abnormal growth that starts in the mouth like a tumor.

How do we protect ourselves from Mouth Cancer?
1. Report any abnormal growth: one of the ways you can protect yourself from mouth cancer is to ensure that you report any abnormal growth in your mouth to your doctor pr physician around you. Some abnormal growth do come along with symptoms like bleeding, pains, discomfort etc all which needs to be reported early enough before it get transformed to fully grown mouth cancer.

2. Avoid exposure to radiations
: one of the ways we all can prevent ourselves from mouth cancer in any part of the world is to reduce the rate at which we go for X-rays, Mouth scan, Infrared therapy and many more. These treatments contain rays that when in excess in the body may cause serious damage to cells in the mouth and its one of the main cause of cause of cancer.

3. Avoid exposure to sunlight: this is similar to what I discussed earlier in number (2) in the sense that overexposing the body to sunlight might result to cancerous growth because it contain radiation which are harmful to the body tissues or cells when accumulate in excess.

4. Putting money in the mouth: some Africans do posses some terrible habits like putting money in the mouth. Not minding the facts that the money they put in their mouth contains chemicals like mercury and others. Some of these illiterates die gradually due to ignorance and failing to know that the money must have passed through so many hands, dirty conditions, unhealthy touch and many more. So, to avoid contacting mouth cancer, do away habits that make you put money or dirty money in mouth?

5. Harsh chemicals:  I did some research on the major causes of cancer and I got to know that cancerous cell growth also occur due to presence of chemicals which are accumulating in the body over a period of time. Like chemicals containing mercury, carbon products, sulfuric contents, acids, fumes of carbon and many more, which many of these are found in cosmetics, lips stick, and some unauthorized or expired foods.

6. Excess micro wave foods: I also noticed that many fail to know that development and inventions do have their various effects on health. Gone are the days when we use heater or gas to warm our foods but now its micro waves which work mainly through radio waves. And the aftermath of eating radio waves preserved food is that the body might be accumulating these radio or micro waves which in turn may result to cancer of the mouth.
7. Giving Mouth Action: all in the name of enjoyments and fun, some people exhibit terrible sexual behavior, some ladies or men do give mouth or head to their partner. The worst thing here is that giving head to a woman or to a man who you are not married to is unhealthy and can even cause cancer of the mouth according to recent research on the common causes of mouth cancer. People need to be careful of how they relate with people and how they get intimate with other people. Mouth action during intimacy should be a no go area for you because some of the fluid are not meant for digestive tracts instead for reproductive organs.

8. Roasted foods: according to reports, doctors have concluded that eating too much roasted food items like roasted corn, plantain, yam by the road side with charcoal is not too good because the body accumulate too much of carbon or soot which are cancerous. This is common in developing countries where electronic roasting machine is not available but excessive intake of food with charcoal isn’t a good option for now.

In conclusion, as discussed in the article above, these are the various causes of mouth cancer and the various ways we can prevent ourselves from it. Thanks for reading.

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  1. i noticed this and i was wondering what are the preventive measures for mouth cancer such as this.


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