11 Aug 2017

Health News: Marijuana Could Lead to Death Due to High Blood Pressure

I just saw breaking news on health issues stating that marijuana could causes death due to high blood pressure in people. I see this as bad news for people who are addicted to smoking weed just for the sake of it because they don’t value their life. In some of our previous post, we talked about the health hazard of smoking weed and the side effect of weed on health for people who are addicted to it.
High Blood Pressure

But now, it’s been confirmed that weed may cause high blood pressure which I believe is one of the major cause of death in the world right now. So, am using this medium to pass a message to our readers to desist from smoking weed or avoid getting addicted to it because it may lead to death or let just say untimely death just as the report says.

Can marijuana cause high blood pressure?
A team of doctors did some experiment on marijuana which confirms it lead to death. These doctors gathered like 100 people and divided them into 2. The first 50 had high blood pressure and they don’t smoke weed while the other 50 people also had high blood pressure but they don’t smoke. After a while, people who had high blood pressure were able to live longer than people who smoke.

The people who don’t smoke were able to control their pressure by eating vegetables and fruits with some exercises while people who smoke are too weak to do some exercises and some of them died while monitoring their health.

This test result shows that marijuana is dangerous to human health and it’s even more dangerous for people who smoke marijuana because they have multiple diseases in addition to the various disadvantages of the smoke. Weed affect the lungs and it’s been proven to be one of the major causes of lungs cancer, it causes erectile dysfunction in men, and it also affect the brain of unborn child for women who smoke marijuana.

In addition, weed or marijuana smoking is really bad and has been one of the major causes of mental disorder where many people are presently in psychiatric hospital receiving treatments, some are grown to fully madness and roaming the street while some are dead. If you don’t want to die early, you need to desist for smoking this and there is still time for you to make amends on this.

Some people will say smoking weed inspires them a lot while some will say it makes them get more energy to perform some task which I believe all these are fallacy. It’s all over the news that marijuana do not only cause lung cancer but its cause death because it raises the blood pressure to abnormal level which result to cardiac arrest and that means stoppage of the heart in pumping blood and that means death.

For the youth, our young men and women, grown up adult, mature people etc I want them to just see this news as a positive idea and life changing news that will helps them stay healthy, avoid brain tumors, and avoid early death in your life. More of this health news is all over the internet if you think this post is false. That is the main reason the Federal Government warns that smokers are liable to die young due to increase in their blood pressure which lead to malfunctioning of the heart.

In conclusion, stay away from weeds, don’t get addicted to weeds and I will advise you to read more articles on ways to stop weed addiction for those who are already addicted to weeds. And if you Google the health hazards of smoking weed on Google search, you will get thousands and millions of result on text and videos that will make you stop such habit.  Healthily, drink more water, eat more vitamins and vegetables, feed on low carb diets, avoid excess sugar, shun alcohol and you will be fine. Thanks for reading.

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