8 Aug 2017

Can Weight loss Drugs Reduce Stomach Fat Very Fast

I am writing this post just to clarify and put more light on some issues regarding stomach fat reduction and how possible it is to use drugs or pills to reduce it. We have discussed the various ways weight loss pills have helped in reducing body fat and the conditions required in making this a success but belly fat seems to be a more stubborn than any other part of the body.

What is belly fat? This happens when fat are accumulated in the stomach region based on consumption of fatty diets, slow digestion, slow metabolism and most times, it may be due to lack of exercises. There are many weight loss companies offline or online claiming their drugs can make you lose Weight very fast.
Some even claim that their pills also work fast for belly fat reduction which I doubt.

Can drugs reduce stomach fat really fast? According to my experience, medical result, consultation from dietician, doctors and surgeon, I can candidly say that drugs can't reduce belly fat in any way. What these drugs do is that it makes you lose water by stooling, you visit the toilet often, you get dehydrated and it feels as if your stomach is going down which actually is not.

Weight loss pills makes people excrete more water and feces but immediate people eat their normal diet or when they drink water, the protruding belly resurfaces and it looks as if you've wasted money buying the drugs.

Stomach fat

Things to do reduce stomach fat without drugs

1. Do sit ups: instead of looking for weight loss pills to reduce a belly fat why not start sit up which has been seen as one of the best exercise to reduce stomach fat by creating lining and making the stomach strong.

2. Do some cardio exercises: based on recommendation, exercise helps to reduce body fat as well body fat because it increases blood circulation and burn excess calories. Examples of these exercises include running, stairs climbing, jogging cycling etc.

3. Eat fiber foods: anytime I notice my belly is getting big, I try as much as possible to eat some fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, cabbage, carrot, garden egg, cucumber etc.

4. Reduce sugar: if you desire a fast belly reduction process, I think you need to starts with a reduction in the intake of sugar and other sugary goods. Excess sugar cam make the belly accumulate sugar but get stored as glycogen which is a fat components.

5. Walk more: Walking is a form of exercise and most recommended for people who want to maintain their weight and for those who will like to lose weight without using drugs. It may work slowly but its good compared to weight loss drugs that are full of fallacies. Another things about walking is that it is cheap, it requires nothing and can be done at leisure time inform of strolling or walking around the streets.

6. Weight loss surgery: Another thing that works for fast weight loss without drugs is to go for a weight loss surgery like gastric bypass surgery or bariatric surgery and I must say these surgeries works very well for quick weight loss but it is expensive which means a good number of people might not be able to afford the cost of these weight loss surgery.

In conclusion, drugs can't reduce stomach fat instead it causes more complications to the body through excessive stools, dehydration and many more. But instead of seeking weight loss drugs why not do some exercises, walk more, reduce sugar, eat less of fatty foods and sugar, walk more, weight loss surgery and do sit up. Thanks for reading.

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  1. i dont think so, but cardio exercise can


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