28 Aug 2017

Are there diets that can control Hypertension?

We will start off the new week with an updates on some diets that can be used to control hypertension so as to provide answers to the question above and we all can learn to keep ourselves safe from hypertension and stay healthy.
Based on experience and research, I noticed that hypertension is a stubborn and deadly disease that doesn't go easily like that but can only be controlled. Controlling hypertension is a way of doing away with early death because it’s been recorded that it is the world most deadly disease which kills millions of people daily.

What is Hypertension? Hypertension is a disease of the heart which occurs due to a sudden increase in pressure of the heart due to so many reasons like stress, prolonged illness, high blood pressure, shock and blockage of blood vessels like arteries and veins which disrupt flow of blood to the heart.

This is one of the deadly heart diseases that kills fast especially when the victims get too worried and thinking due to loss of life, property, loved ones, permanent disability and many more.

What are the diet's that helps to control hypertension? Based on experience and some ideas on diets that can actually be used to control hypertension, I came up with the following foods which include:

1. Avoid fatty foods: one of the ways to use our diets to control hypertension is to reduce the amount of fatty foods we eat. Fatty foods are only good to the body when eaten in moderation or in a small amount which also applies to control of hypertension as well.

2. Low fat proteins: i also noticed that low fat protein food items like cheese, yogurt, eggs etc are good in controlling hypertension. These foods build the body and also produce antioxidant that regulates blood pressure counts

3. Low sugary foods: apart from protecting oneself from diabetes, eating low sugar foods also helps to control and regulate the blood pressure which causes hypertension. You can also go for the lite version of your drinks which usually contains little or no sugar.

4. Fruits and vegetables: Other foods that also help to control hypertension are fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins that help to fight against diseases such as cancer, germs, and high blood pressure.

5. Fiber foods: fiber foods like cabbage, carrot, garden egg, grains, etc do give energy but are low carbs and are low in calories. These foods also increases body metabolism and digestion still the foods clears the blood vessels which allows circulation of blood from the heart to other part of the body.

6. Snail: one of the foods that can also be used to control hypertension is snail meat and water. Snail meat doesn't contain fat and cholesterol which makes it the best diet to control high blood pressure fluctuations. Like I said earlier, even the water from snail also contains active substance that reduces the blood pressure when it’s too high.
7. Less salt: excess salt is one of the enemies of the heart especially in older people whose blood pressure is on the high side. The primary function of salt is that it helps in regulating blood pressure due to the fact that it contains sodium ion and metal. And these excess sodium when accumulated in the body result to high blood pressure.

8. Herbs: do you know that some herbs are very healthy and do wonders to the body. One of the best ways to cure, prevent and control hypertension is to occasionally boil some herbs and drink if you know your blood pressure is on the high side. Some plants like sandpaper leaf, water leaf, spinach, is very good for this.

In conclusion, all these diets mentioned above are good and effective in controlling hypertension. Remember that prevention is better than cure and when you have already in you then you need to control it. Just remember to eat avoid fatty foods, eat less junks, eat more low fat proteins, eat more fiber foods, reduce sugar or sugary foods, eat more fruits and veggies, eat more snail and drink it water, reduce your salt consumption and take some herbs that reduces blood pressure when its high. Thanks for reading.

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