11 Aug 2017

6 Reasons why Older Men and Women Must Exercise their body Everyday

Why do older people need to do some exercise daily? I welcome you to this site especially those who just stumble on this site for the first time either through the social media or from search engine and I believe you will gain a lot reading this updates on relevance of exercise on older people. On this site, we do post and discussed regular updates when it comes to health and fitness, exercises, food and now, we will be discussing the few reasons why our older men and women should as well try to exercise their body everyday

The major reason or let me say the primary reasons why old people should exercise their body is just to improve their health and I still believe there is more to that which will be shared as you read on with this post. It’s not only the young or young ones that need exercise probably because they are overweight and need to burn off their fat through sports, or other exercise but our older men and women also need to do the same just to correct some health issues.

Recommended exercise for older people:Now let take a look at some exercises that the older men and women can do so ass to stay healthy and fit like young people do.

before we continue, people above the age of 45 or 50 are considered aged and they may not do the regular exercise for young people like the cardio exercise or others but simple exercises like walking, cycling, light jogging, yoga, stretching, speed walking etc all have some impact on the health in various areas such as;

1. Sugar control; when older people exercise their body everyday not minding that they are old, it helps them a lot especially in the area of preventing diseases such as diabetes. Diabetes is caused when the body cells fail to produce insulin, the result is that the blood sugar increases excessively, and such person is likely to suffer diabetes. Inability to respond to insulin or inability of the bile to produce the required quantity of insulin which helps to digest sugar is one of the major causes of diabetes in many parts of the world. But the simple truth is that exercise enables your cells to produce insulin because exercising empties muscle groups in their stored sugar state. Empty muscles can soak up sugar from the bloodstream every time you consume and save you blood sugar tiers from growing too excessive.

2. Prevents Heart Related diseases: another reasons why old people or let me say our old parent needs to get involved in some exercises on a daily basis is that it helps to prevent heart related diseases such as hypertension, high blood pressure, cardio arrest, stroke and many more. This is achievable through simple exercises like walking and others. It keeps the heart pump blood at the regular timing, it removes any fat that may block the blood vessels like arteries, veins, arterioles and it also makes the cells active e.g. the brain cells.

3. Fast Digestion: one of the things that kill people fast at old age is bad feeding habit which may be inform of too much of salt, sugar, fatty foods, etc but when these old men and women do some exercise daily, all these foods are digested faster which also increases their body metabolism for good health.

4. Long live: according to some of the researches I did sometimes ago on what brings about long life in people, I noticed that one of the things or let me say the basic things that makes people live long is not other than daily exercises. It keeps all the organs and cells active, it helps to keep the neurons alive, it eradicate diseases all which are steps in living a healthy life.
5. Maintain weight: it will probably be a disaster when an old man or woman is struggling with weight gain which means early death. But having more exercise which keep them strong, healthier and better compared to when they lack exercises.

6. Prevent diseases: daily exercise doesn’t only prevent heart related diseases but it also prevents other diseases which are not related to heart diseases. Examples of such diseases include the prevention of memory loss, prevent stroke, diabetes, prevent blurry vision, prevents obesity and it also prevent accumulation of fat in the body which ensure regulation of cholesterol amount in the body.

Having said all that, everyday exercise helps to prevent excess storage of more sugar in the liver and muscle. When you consume some sugar at old age, the sugar passes from your intestines, into your bloodstream, and then into your muscle groups and liver. When your muscle groups are full of sugar, the sugar get stored in the liver, and in the blood vessels and may becomes too much and that is the reasons why some of the ideas giving above should be considered so that these aged people or let me say these old men and women can still live longer and celebrate more years in good health and happiness. Consider some of these ideas or advice and you will be glad you did. Thanks for reading.

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