5 Jul 2017

When is Dental Surgery Medically Necessary?

In our previous post, i posted an updates on the cost of dental surgery in USA and UK based on the demand of some of my American and UK readers but now, i will be writing on a simple topic that says "when is dental surgery necessary medically? and i believe you will learn or gain so much reading this article because it will enlightened us in one way or the other when it comes to surgery or choosing a surgeon to work on you.

In this post, i will be using myself as an example because i just got my teeth removed by surgery. I decided to endure the pains of not removing my teeth just because I'm an adult and i don't want anything that will disfigure my look but due to persistent pains, i consulted a doctor almost at the third time and he performed a dental surgery on me which makes me got better for years unlike before when i usually go to the doctor almost 3 to 4 times in a year.

 It means there are some conditions where a surgery is medically advised and such conditions are;

1. Discomfort/Pains: you will be medically advised to go for a teeth surgery if the pains you are experiencing on your tooth is becoming too much and unbearable. I got to know that in life, there is a limit at which we humans can endure pains especially when it comes to teeth related issues. But if your dentist put one or two treatments together and the pains still remains the same, i think it will do you more good to listen to your dentist on oral surgery and get relief of pains or discomfort.

2. Frequent Pains: not only pains but when the is becoming more frequent i think you will be needing a dental surgeon to examine your teeth and get the surgery done to relief pain. If the last time you visited you dentist is just few weeks and the pains keeps coming as if you weren't even treated at all, then i think its time it becomes medically necessary to go for a surgery to just make yourself healthier and get relief of toothache and pains.

3. Brittle teeth: some times ago, a dentist suggested my friend go for a dental surgery because her teeth were becoming too brittle probably due to low calcium or something really serious but she didn't go because she was too busy with work. But as soon as the brittleness were becoming worse where all her teeth were just breaking at any slight bite, then she realize its time to go and see a dentist or an oral surgeon. It means that you don't need to wait till your teeth becomes brittle, just do the right thing, adhere to instructions from your doctor and you will be fine.

4. Infection: I think the major reasons you need to go for a dental surgery or when a teeth surgery is required and recommended is when your teeth becomes infected. Infection can be very terrible because some bacteria or viruses can destroy the teeth, gums or inner core which brings lot of pains but a dental surgery may probably be the best solution to that. In a case of acute infection, you will be needing a surgery to stay healthy.
Teeth Surgery

5. Leading to other diseases: initially, you may be thinking you don't need a surgery but as soon as the infection is leading to other diseases which may be virus, bacteria or fungal, then your doctor might probably recommend a surgery for you to stay health
6. Cancer symptoms: other tooth related issues when left untreated for a very long time can result to symptoms of cancer such as abnormal growth in the mouth, bleeding, pains and many more. You only need to consult your doctor who is in the best position to recommend a dental surgeon for you and you become even more healthier than before. Thanks for reading.

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