21 Jul 2017

7 Reasons why Men of Over 30yrs Don't Lose Weight Easily

What are the reasons why most guys or men in their 30s don’t lose weight easily? This post is similar to the previous post on the reasons why women of over 30yrs don't lose weight easily, you can use the search box above to search for the post. According to my findings, I noticed that most men of 30yrs do find it difficult to lose weight and I was able to figure out the real cause of these condition which I will be discussing as you read on with this post. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it recently? Or if you’ve taken your time to look at men or guys around 30yrs of age, that they are the mostly plump guys with huge amount of fat in them and some may even have pot belly.

But the older men do find it difficult to lose weight whereas they blame it in their old age, thyroid, cortisol, and many time, they blame it on their busy way of life or maybe their genes. If you are a man or a guy and you are over 30yrs of age, you will notice that you might be struggling with weight loss and you may even be having accumulation of fat around you instead of burning it off.

Below are the possible reasons why men around their 30s or over 30yrs don’t lose weight easily includes;

1. They Lack Understanding: Sometimes ago, I did a survey on weight loss tips targeting men around 30yrs of age by distributing questionnaires, I noticed these men around this age are newly married men or  matured men who have less knowledge of weight loss ideas. Many of these guys or men around this age 30 don’t know much about the need to shed pounds, they consume much and less exercising their body. Many even lack basic understanding weight loss formula that works like magic such as eating more of fiber foods, ignoring excess sugar, cardio exercise, eating less of junks, and taking some coffee instead of alcohol or beer.

2. Give up Easily: After paying attention to young men who complain that they find it difficult to lose weight like their pot belly, I noticed that most of these guys do give up too quickly whenever they start any weight loss program, exercise or dieting. Most of these men want their weight loss to be speedy and quick but they forget that their weight gain or fat bodies don’t just start in one day. Any weight loss program that is not producing result within 4 to 5 weeks may be become ineffective to some people and they drop it fast. But they fail to know that what lies on some of these weight loss ideas is patience, hard work and dedication

3. They Lack Exercise: I also noticed that one of the major reasons why men in their 30s don’t lose weight easily is due to the fact that many of them are too lazy or don’t find time to do exercise. It may be due to hard work, marriage, stress or laziness. Some men can’t even walk few distance instead they move around with their cars, some can’t even climb the stairs even its just a story building, they prefer using the electronic lift forgetting that all these are part of cardio exercises which makes people lose weight easily and fast. After tracking and monitoring some guys that are over 30s, I noticed that many of them are too busy with work, office jobs, beer and they tend to give up on exercise. People like this will find it difficult to lose weight easily.

4. They Lack Focus: In this kind of busy world where people lack patience and fail to stick with a weight loss program? There seems to be no priorities on weight loss but the priority of most guys over 30yrs is usually to make money, works, get married, live a good life and the last on the agenda is to lose weight which they don’t find easy due to lack of focus. For instance, you wake up normal, maybe go to work, eat somewhere and acquire some money or a paycheck somehow. You will only "do" the essential matters that give you money and don’t make losing weight a priority. I believe it’s only on weekends you consider that compared to money matters you do or think about every day.

The same thing applies to food related matters, dieting and exercises in the sense that when you make your weight loss a priority, you will get the best out of it. But if not, you will find it difficult to lose the weight

5. Lack of Self-Confidence:  Another factor that causes this is weak or lack of self confidence. Whether or not maintaining your self-confidence and self-believe depends on fast and easy the weight-reduction plan will go. Don't base your self-self belief on outside events or the ones mean people that call you "fat" in the back of your back. Safely keep yourself belief inside of you and believe on how you can achieve the best and fast result. Just keep into consideration the following,

1. As a man, I will exercise more and eat less

2. As a man,  I will exercise more for like 50 minutes per day.

3. As a man in his 30s, I am giving myself at least six weeks to look consequences from my weight-reduction plan.

4. My eating plan or diet as young man is a concern and I recognize the long-term payoffs for my weight loss.

5. As a man, I am confident and consider myself to shed excess pounds and lose weight

6. Overworking: overworking may lead to stress, lack of exercise, over eating, stress, all which makes it difficult for men to lose weight should be considered. Some people especially those who work online can stay for days without sleeping not knowing that skipping night sleep may even cause more havoc than good when it comes to weight loss.

7. Too much Beer
: I noticed that one of the things that causes some men around 30yrs to find it difficult to lose weight easily is too much consumption of beer and other alcohol. Beer contains sugar and you know that the end product of sugar is glycogen which is a fat components. 

These are the reasons why in their 30s find it difficult to lose weight easily and i believe this post will help them out in maintaining a good stature not for the look of it but for health reasons. Thanks for reading.


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