15 May 2017

The Risk and Benefits of Weight loss Surgery

What are the risk and benefits of weight loss surgery? I have decided to write on this topic titled “the risk and benefits of weight loss surgery” based on popular demand from people who are still thinking if they could just go for weight loss surgery or try other weight loss methods that are good and effective with fast results. Weight loss surgery is suggested when a situation needs urgent medical attention or if the obese person keeps adding more weight even after trying so many other methods.

Weight loss surgery is done to remove excess fat from the body in which a good example is liposuction where excess fat is removed either from the tummy, hips, stomach, thigh, and other areas where the fat might have been accumulated. But the fact still remains that weight loss is good and suggested when the obesity is becoming life threatening or when the weight gain may possibly result to diseases that may result to death. But we need to look at the risk and benefit of weight loss surgery so as to know if it’s the best option for weight loss.

The benefits of weight loss surgery
1.  It ensures fast weight loss
2.  It prevents diseases like the cardio vascular diseases such as hypertension and high blood   pressure.
3.  It ensures immediate blood flow and even circulation of blood which prevent diseases
4.  You get fast results

Weight loss Surgery

The side effect of weight loss surgery
1. Gallstones: one of the effects of weight loss surgery is that it may lead to gallstones which are a disease of the liver. This occurs due to rapid weight loss which results to formation of stones in the kidney.

2.  Surgery Complications: another risk or side effect of weight loss surgery is that it may lead to complications such as infections or hernia especially in men. In many developed countries, this usually don’t occur but in developing countries where the healthcare system isn’t good, where there are no medical facilities and trained surgeons that can do this, it may lead to death through complications like nausea, increase gas, inability to move and many more.

3. Death: another risk associated with weight loss surgery is that it may lead to death before or after the operation. Surgery isn’t a good option especially for weight loss because some doctors are really qualified to perform this operation thereby creating complications that may lead to death during or after the operation.

4. Vitamins Deficiencies: another common risk or side effect of weight loss surgery is that it reduces natural vitamins in the body and the patient must take vitamin supplements in order to caution this effect. That is why doctors will recommend anyone who just had any surgery to take more vitamin C supplements or fresh vitamin C rich foods so that it can fight diseases that may want to gain entrance into the body.

5. Dizziness: dizziness is also a complication that occurs due to shortage of blood in the body. After surgery, there are usually losses of blood which may take sometimes to recover or else, that may results to sickness associated with loss of blood which a common symptom is dizziness. 

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6.  Bloating: this occurs when there is a passage of excess gas out of the anus and it may occur due to the surgery where blood and other materials have been evacuated from some part of the body. It can also be inform of diarrhea which means the excretory organs are affected in one way or the other.

7. Vomiting: another complications or side effect of weight loss surgery is the fact that it often results to vomiting where the patients that went under the knife might not recover fully from the operation and I believe that is probably something every one of us will consider before going under the knife for weight loss.

You will notice that the benefit of weight loss surgery is not as much as the risk or the side effect. If not for immediate medical attention if you are obese or recommended by the doctor, I will advise you try other weight loss method aside weight loss surgery that are very good and effective. Some of these methods are cardio exercise, walking, skipping, stairs climbing, drinking coffee, cycling, jogging, running and diets method like consuming low sugary food items, low fatty food intake, eating more fiber foods, eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking lot of water. Thanks for reading.

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