30 May 2017

The Results of Being Obese and the Solution

What are the results of being Obese and the solutions? It’s like some people don’t know the results and consequence of obesity and when you advice on possible things to do to prevent obesity, they find fault in it and feel bad not knowing that it is better to prevent it than to start seeking for cure when it actually happens. That I why I’m using this medium and article to educate people on what happen when they are obese and possible solutions to it. 

Being obese isn't something we need to take with levity or just mere hands but a serious matter due to its side effect on health. For obese people, it frequently begins as a young child or when they are much younger. Not knowing that that she or he has achieved a terrible health status or something wrong, the kid could be teased mercilessly until someday, they will cry themselves to sleep at night wondering what they might have achieved to save you this horrible factor from happening to them. 

Being obese is not a desire or choice, however often times may be an inherited traits or genetic factor inherited from parents. While for other people, even folks that inherit it could recover from it but not o easy. There are many effects to being obese but few will be discussed as you read on with this post while other result of obesity will be discussed in the next post as part two. 

For obese people, there are many conditions or factors that are experienced which make them get overweight or end up being obese. Some of these things include;

1. Guilt and Hatred: one of the results of being obese is most likely guilt. Obese people usually feel sorry for themselves and they feel guilty most times as if they turned themselves to that overnight. Obese people usually see themselves in a very terrible situation which makes them have low self esteem. Some obese persons are still energetic in sports activities, playing, and other actives. It is clearly the way their body is and they are still obese. But, what happens to them is what the trouble is. Being obese can triggered irrevocable scars on people emotion and many times it causes hatred.

Solutions: I believe every problem must have a solution and what to do in this kind of situation is to help these infant to reach weight reduction as soon as we notice their weight is increasing. The proper thing to do is for parents and instructors should see the need to assist out. Instead of allowing obese children in this condition to be ridiculed, we need to find a manner to help. Teaching right ingesting conduct and insuring the essential exercising is obtained is one of the first steps we can do. Before the pain begins and will become damage, we need to forestall it and protect the kid through supporting her or him lose the burden.

2. Health Issues; for older people, the results of being obese are even more terrible and can be lifestyles threatening. For people or individuals who spend their complete lives a being obese, they'll be more likely to broaden conditions like coronary heart ailment, hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure and different cardio vascular diseases. For instance, your coronary heart can best paintings so difficult earlier than it can't work any harder. The larger the heart frame is, the greater it has to pump and pressure. Being overweight or obese makes it work harder and when it does that, it I very risky to your health because it may lead to heart attack when the blood vessels are blocked and prevented from circulation.

Solution; in this situation, weight loss ideas such as dieting or exercises should be used to reduce it gradually because it may take time. For individuals who are severely obese, the solutions can be tougher to come but with time, it will work. For some individuals who are obese to the extent that they are unable to exercise, I suggest weight loss surgery. So, in case you cannot exercise what can you do? First of all, you start feeding on weight loss diets like fiber food. Low cholesterol foods, low carb foods, fruits, vegetables and water.

3. Laziness: another common result of being obese is laziness. Obese people get lazy to walk round, they find exercise as a disturbance, and they lack sport because you won’t see them do any sport due to laziness. This will be simply small, easy sporting events at first and they find most exercise as time consuming.

Solution; yet some other approach to obesity or weight reduction are surgical operation also known as weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery have to be the ultimate step to dropping weight, though it may be expensive but it’s a fast way to shed weight. But still, exercising and dieting can still work to reduce obesity but it will take some time.

4. Easy tiredness: one of the results of being obese is that these people get tired easily and won’t be able to run, walk or do some exercise. Weight loss in all stages of lifestyles may be powerful in many approaches. 

5. Poor performance on bed
:  for obese men, it may lead to poor performance on bed because sex is ensure when there is free flow of blood from the heart to the male reproductive organs. Some men will have their veins or arteries blocked by fat which lead to poor performance with their lovers.

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By no manner are we telling you that the maximum beneficial weight reduction isn't weight loss plan and workout. But, the use of natural treatments, exceptional weight-reduction plan plans, and the use of different kinds or types of consuming plans can in fact help obese people achieve weight loss.

So, what we need to do is to try as much as possible to see a doctor who will recommend the best weight loss plan or surgery for you if you are obese. Dieting, exercising, supplements can all help to accomplish this intention. No matter the condition or situation, we must seek help, find and locate it within ourselves to solve this hassle of obesity for ourselves and for our kids. Or, we won't be right here to love our households or to live our lives. Weight loss just has to be achieved. Thanks for reading.

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