14 May 2017

How to cure or Treat Eczema in Babies

How can I cure the eczema on my baby skin? Previously, we have discussed the various ways that can be used to cure or treat eczema in adults but this time, we will be sharing ideas on how to cure eczema on our babies face or skin which is slightly different from the ways eczema is treated on adult’s skin. I have decided to use this post to explain the various ways to treat baby’s eczema which is explained as you read on what this post.

What is baby eczema? This is a situation where the baby’s skin show some signs like redness or slight discoloration away from the normal look of the skin and it can also be accompanied with rashes and irrigation. The cause of baby’s eczema can’t be traceable to only one factor but there are many factors that are responsible for such skin irritation which may include harsh baby cream, unclean water on babies, baby food, the type of soap, the hygiene and many more. But the ways to cure or treat baby eczema includes;

1. Consult a doctor/Dermatologist: one of the ways to treat baby eczema is to consult your doctor or a dermatologist. Consulting a doctor is good because it makes you have confidence that baby condition is handled by an expert which will examine the baby and give you the best therapy, treatment or  cream that are very good for babies. The doctor can also suggest a dermatologist or you visit your dermatologist who is an expert when it comes to skin related matters even for babies.

2. Baby eczema cream: as soon as you can identify that the skin problem on the baby’s skin is eczema then, you can proceed to buy the recommended baby eczema cream which are very good for babies of any age and are user friendly with the skin of the baby. Mind you that you don’t just buy eczema cream but must be for babies. Eczema cream for babies is the best because it kills the organisms causing this and makes the baby skin get back to normal within the shortest period of time.

3. Baby’s antiseptic cream: some cream are actually meant for babies and can cure skin diseases like eczema, skin rash, heat rash and many even on babies. You can go for such cream but it must be recommended by skin expert or doctors so that you don’t buy any soap that will even results to more skin problems for the baby. 

4. Babies antiseptic soaps: just like I said earlier about baby’s antiseptic cream, some antiseptics soap are actually meant for babies and can also cure skin diseases like eczema, skin rash, heat rash and many even on babies. You can also buy such soaps for your baby but it must be recommended by skin expert or doctors so that you don’t buy any soap that will even cause more skin problems for the baby when it’s too harsh or when it’s not a baby version.

5. Olive Oil: another way to cure or treat your baby eczema is to use olive oil. Olive oil is mild and gentle but it’s very effective when it comes to skin related problems in babies. Olive oil contains Vitamin A, E and D which replaces dead cells on the skin of the babies thereby making the baby skin shine and get smoother. That is why some people will continue to use olive oil for their babies and their skin get smoother and healthier than babies who uses baby cream.

6. Baby’s Dustin Powder: Dustin powder is an antiseptic or medicated powder for babies. It doesn’t only prevent heat rash in babies but other skin related diseases like eczema as well.  Dustin powder or other baby powders are gotten from talc and are treated with substance that fights skin diseases in babies.

7.  Clean water: Just like we said for adults as well, you can also treat eczema in babies by bathing the baby with clean water and also ensuring the baby drink clean water as well. One of the causes of eczema is dirty water or when the water contains harsh substance which isn’t good for the babies.

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8.  Breast milk
: to treat any disease in babies, the best way to do so is to breast feed your babies more. Breast milk contains high nutrients value for babies and it contains some substance that prevents the baby from skin related diseases. Breast milk is the healthiest food a baby can get compared to other baby food which can even results to skin problem for the baby especially when the baby is allergy to one of the constituents in the food.

9. Stop Current cream
; you can also stop use of the baby cream you are currently applying on your baby skin. Some cream might not go well with the baby or it may probably contain harsh ingredient used in producing it which later result to eczema for children.

In conclusion, the ideas discussed above are the best eczema treatment for baby’s which I believe every mom must make use of. You just only need to stop the current body cream on your baby, breast feed the baby more, bath baby with clean water, use baby Dustin powder, use baby recommended antiseptic soaps, use baby recommended antiseptic cream, use baby eczema cream and you also need to consult your doctor which I believe should come first. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I don't usually support using cream for babies but the olive oil you mentioned here really works very well for ezcema.


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