18 May 2017

6 Lab test Recommended for Heart Attack

What are the lab tests for heart attack? I noticed that people are dying of heart failure/attack these days and I think we need to educate ourselves on some of the things we do to prevent this heart diseases and the laboratory test your doctor can suggest for you in order to check this life threatening disease. A celebrity just died of cardiac arrest in my country this morning and people really felt bad about the whole issue not minding the fact that they also need to be tested or check their heart condition regularly.

If you are to learn or get educated on the lab test for heart diseases or heart failure so that you don’t suffer any sudden death due to heart attack, I think you need to see your doctor so that he can suggest some laboratory test for you which will help you check the condition of your heart. Heart attack or heart failure is caused by infection, plagues, and blockage of blood vessels such as arteries and veins which disrupt operation of the heart. Which may lead to heart failure or heart attack which results in instant death?

So, the laboratory test your doctor should recommend for you for heart failure or heart attack includes the following;

1. Blood Pressure check
: a good laboratory test that tells more about your heart condition so as to avoid heart attack or heart failure is to monitor your blood pressure. This can be done in the hospital as test or you do it at home using these blood pressure kit or device. The genesis of heart attack starts when the blood pressure is fluctuating in values and it eventually rise above the normal. If you don’t know how to check your blood pressure, consult your doctor to teach you and you can do it manually at home and you provide result to the doctor for better treatment or advice on matters relating to the heart.

Heart Attack

2. Blood cholesterol level test
: another recommended lab test for heart failure or heart attack is to check your blood cholesterol level which can be used to predict heart attack. For a healthy heart, the LDL should be under 70 but when the LDL is getting higher, it means you are at risk of having a heart disease. So, if you go to the hospital or a medical laboratory and your LDL is very high, you need to consult your doctor or cardiologist immediately because this could result to cardiac arrest. In the other way, If the lab test result shows that your good HDL is low or high, you need to eat food that c0ntains sugar such as bread and you also need to eat more vegetables as well.

3. Homocysteine Test: this lab test also predict heart attack and should be recommended if you want to know the heart condition of your heart. Homocysteine is a lab test that result to heart attack or heart failure when the food you are eating is not rich in Vitamins like Vitamin B12 and folic acid. If the blood lacks this substance, its cause’s damages in the wall of the blood vessels like arteries and result to malformation in the walls of the arteries which can be very severe. In a situation like his, you need to increase your intake of diet which contains more vitamin B12 rich foods and folic acid. Another solution to high homocysteine is to eat less of poultry meat or red meat and eat more vegetables that add more vitamins and minerals to your body.

4. Lp(a) Test: this also a test that shows the blood pressure values. If you run a lab test and the LP(a) test result shows its higher than 40 or 50, that can result to heart attack and you need to take more foods that are high in vitamins like niacin or you take niacin supplements regularly or after meal. 

5. Heart stress test: This test is recommended by the doctors to know the health status of the heart and also the stress level. One of the things that cause heart attack or heart failure is stress when it affects the heart, it can be disastrous. The stress test is good and can be recommended for both young and matured people because it predict heart attack in people.

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6. C -Reactive proteins: This is a test of the heart that helps to predict any case of heart failure or heart attack. C-Reactive protein is a blood test highly recommended by doctors and cardiologist because it helps to know the problem, inflammation or any kind of swelling in the arteries before developing into plagues that could cause hypertension or cardiac arrest.

In conclusion, as discussed in the articles above, the lab test that is good for heart attack includes the blood cholesterol test, C-Reactive proteins, the blood pressure check, LP test, the heart stress test and homocysteine test. If you notice any pains In your heart or discomfort around the heart region, please do not hesitate tom consult your doctor immediately. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Heart attack is terrible thing but can be oticed a d prevented through the ideas sharred in this post.


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