17 May 2017

10 Signs of Emotional Distress and the Solution

What are the signs of emotional distress? Some people really do not know what emotional distress is all about and they tend to confuse other ailments to emotional distress but as you read on with this post, we will be sharing the various signs and symptoms of emotional distress and the possible solutions to it, if you are experiencing any.

Emotional distress is a condition where you are not just comfortable with your health, a situation where you find it difficult to sleep,severe pains, poor sleep, weight fluctuations, stress, loss of energy and many more. The common sign of emotional distress and the solution to it includes;

1. Headache: constant headache with pains which prevents you from sleeping is one of the signs of emotional distress and you should try as see your doctor as fast as possible in order to get immediate and professional help and treatments on this. Just try as much as possible to eliminate worries, avoid less work and do not forget to buy recommended pain relief drugs in the pharmacy or stores.

2. Stress: another signs that shows emotional distress is stress. Stress isn’t healthy to the body especially when you begin to work overnight, long hours of work without rest and skipping sleep which is really bad. Stress causes life threatening diseases like stroke, hypertension, hypertension and cardiac arrest. The solution to this is to also see your doctor, get some rest and ensure you sleep very well.

Emotional Distress

3.  Pains/Acne
: another common signs of emotional is pains. When pains is common especially at the back, lower back, leg, arms or at the knee area, it may be due to emotional distress and you also need to see your doctor for more medical instructions, therapy and medications. Or any method that you that can reduce pains is what will work best for you on this issues.

4. Constipation: this is the inability of the body excretory organs to easily pass out waste from the digestive track with ease. When the body is stressed up, it may lead to constipation and the best solution to this is to also see the doctor, eat some vegetables, fruits, fiber foods and shun stress, this will work very fast in curing this condition.

5.  Anger: when you get angry easily or you are full of anger often or many time per day or week is a sign of emotional distress which I believe you need to let your doctor know about it. You can also control your anger by ensuring you identify those things that make you angry and you avoid them. Anger is not healthy and it’s not good for the heart as well.

6.  Loss of Energy: the common sign of emotional distress is loss of energy. If you noticed you look tired or you get tired easily after trying some medications, I think you still need to see your doctor to get more information on how this can be treated. Better still, you should eat more foods that supplies energy e.g. carbohydrates, sleep well and drink lot of water. It means your body is undergoing some stress which you need to eradicate to stay healthy.

7.  Memory loss; another sign of emotional distress is loss of memory. People who are experiencing emotional distress are often faced with conditions such as loss of memory or inability to remember something very fast and I think such person need to see your doctor to get more information on how this can be treated. It means the body is undergoing some stressful conditions which you need to eradicate to stay healthy and make your mental ability a stable one.

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8.  Diarrhea: stomach problems such a diarrhea, constipation, and excessive stools can be as a result of emotional distress we are talking about. The solution to this kind of situation is to try as much as possible to see the doctor who recommends immediate treatments on the diarrhea and keeps the body out of stress.

9.  Lack of sleep: Poor sleeps, inability to sleep easily, insomnia are signs and symptoms that are traceable to emotional distress. The doctor is in the best position to do treat this issue but some home remedy can still be applied such as avoiding overworking, avoiding too much of thinking, eating good food and most importantly is to exercise the body few times per week or per month. 

10. Weakness
: generally body weakness is a common signs of emotional distress and it can be cured and prevented through the help of a physician. It can also be cured by eating energy giving foods, resting, eating more of calcium rich food, drinking enough water and some pain killer drugs which are recommended by your doctor also works good.

In conclusion, the common signs as discussed in the article above includes lack of sleep, diarrhea, memory loss, loss of energy, anger, weakness, constipation, pains, stress and headache and the solutions to all these are also stated on each of the points/signs listed above. Thanks for reading.

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  1. the issue of emotional distress is becomin common these days and i felt people should get more educated on how this can be prevented. thanks


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