9 Apr 2017

What to do In case of Eyes Allergy

The condition of allergy is so wide in the sense that we just need to limit this post to eyes allergy alone, what causes it, how to prevent it and how to cure it all which are centered around things to do in case of eye allergy. But in our next post, we will also described prevention and cure of other allergies like food allergy, dust allergy, drugs, smoke, fruits, heat, and many more.

What are eye allergies? Eyes allergy usually occur with symptoms like itchiness, redness and irritated eyes with so much discomfort and pains. Eyes allergy may occur due to smoke, dust, sitting too long with computer or phone, and can be caused by over exposure to pets like dogs, cat dander or cat hair.  It can also be caused by exposing the eyes to pollen, weeds and grass although not common for some people but actually does.

Eyes allergy is also caused by negative reaction of the eyes to some substance in your area or in the environments. It can be drugs, smoke, drugs, screen, or certain condition which you need to do away with in case of eyes allergy. Other common signs and symptoms of eyes allergy includes itching, burning, swelling of the eyes, scratching of the eye lids, irritations, redness of the eye balls, tears, and many more.

Eyes Allergy

7 Things to do for Eyes Allergy

1.Consult your doctor: one of the important things you need to do in case of eyes allergy is to ensure you see your doctor first. The importance of consulting your doctor firstly, is to ascertain the real sickness or what is wrong with your eyes. Some people won’t see their doctor and prefer to do self medication which is very wrong and it also poses a risk to your health and not your eyes alone. So, get examined by a doctor for better treatments of your eyes.

2. Change the environments: many times, I noticed that what causes eye irritation and itchiness also known as allergy is due to unclean environment. What you need to do is to leave the environment where you are currently experiencing the reactions. You can try as much as possible to change the environments by making it clean but if you can’t make any change, the leave instantly to prevent re-occurrence.

3. Use Eye drops: Another thing to do in case of eyes allergy is to use a recommended eye drops which is recommended by your doctor or your physician. An example of the eye drop is visine allergy dye drops or you can find other good eye drops that work well for this purpose.

4. Clean environments: just like I said earlier about the environments being a factor that should be considered, if you aren’t comfortable with the state of the environment causing negative reactions for your eyes, you can move to a more cleaner environments free of dust, smoke or other toxic gases just to be free of this allergic symptoms. 

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5. Use hypoallergenic mattress: most doctors recommend the use hypo-allergic mattress and pillows because it prevent dust and dust mites from gaining entrance into your eyes. A friend of mine was suffering from eye allergy and when he met a doctor who said he should just cover his mattress with thick cloth and everything change ever since then. It means the mattress is responsible for the irritation and itching because of the foam particles and dust it brings out.

6. Anti allergic Pills: Another thing to do in case of eyes allergy is to use a recommended eye pills should also be recommended by your doctor or your physician. An example of the eye drop is antihistamine pills or you can also find other good eye pills that work well for this purpose.

7. Stay away from smoke and dust: one of the causes of eyes allergy is dust or smoke which can easily be taken care of by avoiding it. You need to stay away from dust and smoke by using handkerchief or clean cloth to cover your eyes each time a big truck or bus is passing by.

In Conclusion, these are the things to do if you are suffering from eyes allergy.  As discussed above, remember to consult your doctor as soon as possible, use anti allergic pills, you can also use hypo allergic pillows and mattress, use eye drops, change the environments and make it clean. You also need to stay away from dust and smoke. Thanks for reading.

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