20 Apr 2017

My Husband wants me Fatter, What do I do?

What do I do to make get fatter since my husband wants it? A reader just sent us a mail some hours ago after reading one of our post on weight loss and she said that what are the likely things she can do to get fatter because her husband want it. Even the lady claim she has done a lot to look a little chubby with some fat but she couldn’t. The woman in question is a married woman and the husband wants her to get fatter probably due to her small stature or slim body and that is why she wants a possible solution to this. 

In one of our previous post, we discussed some issues regarding fatness and we said that there are so many factors that may lead to the inability a woman to get fat even while she is with her husband. So, as you read on with this post, we will be looking at the best things to do to get fat and things that can be avoided to make a woman get fatter since her husband want it that way. 

One major reason the man is trying to make her woman get fatter could be that the woman looks unhealthy, too slim, smaller in stature or just to make her look good so that it won’t be like she is really suffering in the man’s house due to her slim body. Some housewives or woman are genetically slim which means, the slim traits are inherited from the parent but they can still get fat and fatter using the ideas below which includes;


1. Reduce Workout: If you really want to get fat even with the support of your husband since she wants to get fat, what you need to do is to reduce the rate at which you exercise your body. Exercises like the cardio exercise which some women do knowing or unknowingly can be very active in reducing weight but for housewives who want to get fat, they should reduce or stop doing cardio exercise like running, jogging, stairs climbing, skipping and many more. Some people like walking not knowing that walking also reduce weight and increases body metabolism which makes people get slimmer. Just reduce all exercises especially the cardio exercise and you will get fat and fatter with time.

2. Eat Carbohydrate: If you husband has told you to get fatter than you are presently, then you need to start eating good quantity of carbohydrate rich foods. If you start eating large amount of carbohydrates like bread, yam, coco-yam, rice etc you stand a chance of getting fatter which your husband will like but must be moderate so that you don’t add excess sugar to your body which can cause another sugar related sickness but with time, you will gain weight and healthy.

3. Eat More Protein: since your husband want you to get fat, you can start eating healthily with protein rich foods such as cheese, wheat, milk. Meat, fish etc which contain high amount of proteins that helps to build the body and also gives some body balance and stamina. Proteins foods like the ones listed above can also make you gain weight with healthy appearance which I believe your husband will like. 

4. Sleep more:  One of the ways a woman can get fat is to sleep well especially in their spare time and at night. After a long day of work, you should learn to observe your siesta which can make you fat and keeps your nerves cells cool and also maintain a healthy body. I noticed that any week I sleep without late night work or skipping sleep, I should get fat or gain some weight..

5. Eat Beef and Junks: One of the things that can make women or housewives get fat is when they eat more of beef and junks like foods. These junks could be snacks, fried foods, chin-chin, doughnuts and meats. Most of these junks are cooked with animal fat which has high cholesterol and fat in them and can make you get fat. So, if your husband wants you fatter, I recommend you eat more junks and snacks and you will get fat with time.

6. Eat Balance Diet: Of course the best way to live healthily, stay healthy and get fatter for women is to eat a balance diet which is a food that contains all the classes of food like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fiber, water, salts etc. Eating balance diet may also cause weight gain without side effect. As long as you husband wants you to get fat, you need to eat more balanced diet which works.

7. Be Happy:  Just like I said in one of my post, happiness is one of the things that work well for most women to get fat. When a woman is naturally happy without problems or stress, she will be healthy but when a woman is unhappy, she will not be contented and her health may be at stake, she will start thinking and continue to lose weight but a happy woman will get fat with good foods.

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8. Sugary Drink: One of the things you can also do to get fatter than before is to drink more sugar or sugary drinks. Sugary foods or drinks causes fatness in many women or housewives but most be careful so that they won't have diabetes or other sugar related problem due to the consumption of more sugar or sugary drinks.

9. Eat Fatty foods: fatty foods also works for people to get fat but you must be careful so that your body wont accumulate too much of cholesterol that can cause something more dangerous whereas moderate consumption of fatty foods can make a slim woman get fatter.

In conclusion, these were the answers given to the woman who said her husband wants her to get fat and I believe you have learn some ideas on how to get fatter for woman through this post.. Thanks for reading.

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