17 Apr 2017

Men’s Hairstyle: How to Know If It's Time for a Change

What is the best time for a man to change his hairstyle? For women, their hairstyle is what makes them beautiful and cute, so most women take care of their hairstyle and change it regularly with or without occasion or party but it’s a different issue for men in the sense that only few men or guys usually have time for their look but for other guys, it takes a whole of time for them to change their hairstyle or haircut.

I will encourage men not to underestimate the power of their hairstyle or haircut because men hairstyle does a professional look to them thereby making them look good and handsome. It is important for men to have a good and professional look is more important than having nice or expensive clothes. Good hairstyle for men helps to create a look that is attractive and it also help pay attention to other areas in the body such as skincare, clothing, posture, body type, accessories, etiquette and hair. So to know when it’s time to change your hairstyle as a man, check the following;

1. Hard Hair: as a man, you can change your hairstyle or go for a nice haircut as soon as you notice your hair is becoming hard, unnatural and rough. Hard or rough hair will have your hair look stiff and unattractive to the people around you and it’s even unhealthy for you to keep a hard and unattractive hair because it will be hard to brush or style and it can harbor germs or small organisms.

Men’s Hairstyle

2. Compare old look with new
: another way to know when to change your hairstyle is to take a look at your old picture probably in high school or when you were much younger and compare it with your recent look.  If you look rough, ugly or older with your new hairstyle but in the picture, you look nice and handsome, then you should know that it’s time to change your hairstyle or go for a new style of haircut.

3. Too much complain: When people start complaining to you on how bad your look is or when people tells you that your look is terrible, what you need to do is to look at yourself in the mirror and go for a new haircut or change your hairstyle to look better. This is a situation that tells you that it’s time for a change of hairstyle.

4. New Hairstyle: If you recently have a new haircut or you make change in your hairstyle and your friends and relatives start complimenting your new look, it means the hairstyle really fits you and it makes you look good. It also means, you need to change your hairstyle to the new one to your new look.

5. Funny look: I wouldn’t say bad look but if your look is funny on your new hairstyle and you don’t like the way it is or it seems your hair never looks the way you want and you end up wearing a cap or face cap then it’s time to it is time for a new haircut and style for a better look.

6. Overgrown: When you hair is overgrown and you seem not to have time for a new style or a new cut, you won’t mind but as soon as the hair is making you feel uncomfortable with overgrown hair all over, then you need to change the style. 

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7. Color change: When your hair color is gradually changing into another color then you might need to consider a change of style. For instance, if you naturally have a white skin, you don’t need to apply black dye or color to your hair because as you grow older, your skin color also changes. And in the other way, you don’t need to die your hair black when you were much younger because it can kill the enzyme that produce the black coloration of hair in your skin and as you continue to dye you hair at a young age, you have a possibility of growing grey hair fast before you get to an old age. Do not apply black color to your hair when you are not old. Thanks for reading.


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