18 Apr 2017

How to maintain body shape after Marriage

How do i maintain my body shape after marriage? in our previous post, i pointed out that getting married is a beautiful thing for those who took their time to get the best husband or wife but there is something that do occur mostly in marriage which is loss of shape. I am writing on how to maintain the body shape after marriage which most people see this a serious issue and difficult task to do. i am going to share the different ways and things to do so as to maintain your body shape during or after marriage.

There is a natural belief that if a marriage is good, interesting on both sides and things seems to be rosy, the man or woman will start increasing in size naturally without knowing they already losing their shapes. For instance, a  man with six packs may start having potbelly shortly after a wedding and also a lady with a very nice and sexy shape can also start to get fatter and fatter based on so many factors which are described earlier in our previous post. So, maintain your sexy shape through the following ways which includes;

1. Eat Less Carbohydrate: Its usually a common thing for couples in marriage to experience weight gain and lose their body shape shortly after marriage or in marriage due to the fact that they eat too much of carbohydrates now than before. I noticed that newly married couples do add more weight especially at the early stage of the marriage because of too much consumption of carbohydrate rich foods like as rice, yam, coco-yam, bread, and many more. Carbohydrate usually gives energy but when we eat too much of it, it get stored as glycogen instead of starch and it result to excess storage of fat in some part of the body like the buttocks, tummy, thigh and cheek .So, If you want to maintain your nice body shape, you need to eat less of food containing carbohydrates or other high calorie foods.
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2. More Exercise: based on research and results, the best way to maintain your body shape after marriage is no other way than to exercise your body either as man or woman. Most couples or married people do give excuses like the need to do a lot of things, they need to go to work, they need to go for shopping and all these won't give them time to exercise their body. Exercising the body often or occasionally with exercises like skipping, swimming,hurdles,  cycling, running, jogging, walking etc are good and all helps to ensure blood are pumped and circulated round the body in the right way which helps to maintain the body shape during marriage or after wedding.A married man or woman should find time to walk instead of going out with cars, or couples intending to keep their nice shapes can also engaged in early morning exercises like walking or running to stay fit and slim.

3. Shun Night Food: One of the reasons and factors that causes loss of body shape in most women and men in women after marriage is due to the fact that many of these women/ladies do eat more at nights. And some men will also give some excess such hard work/late night work which makes them come home late at night to eat at odd hours and after a while these men will start getting fat with big belly. And they also say they are gaining weight which seems to be difficult to reduce or burn. So, the best thing to do in this situation to maintain your nice shape either as a man or woman is to eat early and the food get digested before going to bed.

4. Stress: Another way to maintain your weight after marriage or in marriage for both men and women is ensure you relief yourself of stress. Working overnight, skipping sleep, lack of rest, handwork etc all these combined together do reduce the body rate of metabolism. Instead of the man or woman to have a trimmed or slim body, they eat more which makes them gain more fat which is not healthy. To stay healthy and maintain your shape after marriage, you need to have some rest, reduce stress and be calm.

5. Birth Pills : Most women or beautiful ladies may lose their shape and get fat during pregnancy or after childbirth. But as soon as these women starts to take birth control pills, the become fatter and the nice figured shape may become worse and get out of shape, the cause of this situation is may be due to the birth control pills they take. Losing shape to birth control pills depends on the body of an individual and the side effect of some of these birth control pills can be very bad in that it add weight to some people and it keeps some ladies or women in good shape. What you need to do as a lady or woman who wants to control her birth rate or engaged in some family planning programme is to consult your doctor or family planning expert who recommend and test you for the best contraception that is good for you without a side effect. This will prevent unnecessary side effect like losing out of shape at this time.

6. Low Sugar: You may not be able to control your weight and lose your fine body shape if you like eat more sugar or drink sugary items. Sugar gives energy but when consumed in excess like drinking more bottles of soft drink a day which contains high amount of sugar, you may be doing yourself a whole lot of harm and you may lose your shape by becoming fat. Research claim that sugars when in excess are stored as glycogen which is a fat component but when you limit it by drinking more water and shunning sugar, you will stay healthy and your wife or husband won't complain of you getting fat and losing shape. But when you eat less of sugary substance, your shape is maintained without any extra fat.

7. Avoid Fatty Foods: If you are a beautiful woman or handsome man and you want to maintain your body shape after marriage, you only need to do away with fatty foods like you use to eat when you were single since your are married now with a partner. Fatty foods especially fried foods with animal fat do add extra fat to the body and they reduce the body metabolism rate as well as the body digestion rate. Food items like cakes, snacks like doughnuts, egg roll, meat pie, fried rice, fried chicken etc can make you grow fat and lose shape but when you eat less of these food, you stay fit with nice figure or shape.

8. Do Cardio Exercise: If you ask any any fitness experts, weightless experts, dietician, nutritionist, doctor or any medical expert that what can i do to maintain my body shape in marriage, the first thing these expert will tell you is to do find time to do some cardio exercise. Cardio exercise are exercises that will make you breath faster such as running, running, football, hurdles, swimming, skipping and many more. Cardio exercise helps the heart and also very active in reducing weight and also control it. You may not do these cardio exercise everyday but on weekends, during holidays or at your free time once in a while.

9. Fruits/Fiber Foods: Fresh couples or old couples are advised to eat more fiber foods to obtain a reasonable weight level and they will have their body shape trimmed or maintained. Fiber foods contains high amount of fiber and water and it is mostly recommended for husbands or wife who want to maintain their body shape, control their weight or maintain a good health state. These crops includes garden egg, cucumber, watermelon, orange, cabbage, nuts, mango and many more. Many fiber crops are fruits which also contains high amount of vitamins and minerals that improves the health, which helps to fight diseases in the body and still helps in weight loss or people who want to have a good body shaped free of excess fat.
In Conclusion, the ideas shared in the article above are very good for couples or intending couples who desires to have a nice looking body shape even after marriage. So, if you are a lady or woman who will like to have her shape look the same even during her marriage,i will recommend you consider the ideas above which is the best. And the men also can also pick one or two ideas from this to avoid having pot belly in their marriage. Thanks for reading


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