14 Apr 2017

How to Cope, Cure or Prevent Seasonal Allergy

What are seasonal allergies? These are reactions or signs of itchiness or discomfort that come along with the season and it affect people in one way or the other. Seasonal allergy varies from countries to countries but I will really like to talk more using my country as a case study since we only have two seasons which is the dry and rainy season.

But in other part of the world, we have 4 seasons which includes the winter, summer, autumn and equinox with different climatic properties and effect on people. Not all people have allergy even when the weather is not friendly on them while some people can’t just cope. For example, a friend of mine suffers seasonal allergy during the harmatan season where we have more dusty wind which causes redness of his eyes, the nose experience some itchy signs and other may experience some pains along their throats or eyes.

So, if you are the type that experiences some allergy at any season, either during the wet or dry season, you need to do the following which are explained below;

Seasonal Allergy

1. Consult your doctor: one of the things you need to do for a condition like seasonal allergy is for you to consult your doctor at first or immediately. You need to seek the help of a doctor anytime you notice some allergy signs and symptoms in your body at a particular season. The doctor alone can carry out some test and diagnosis that help you to identify the condition and get treated for it. 

2. Relocate to another place
: If you notice you normally have some reactions either in your eyes, nose or skin at certain seasons and it is persistence at that season, then you need leave the environment temporarily maybe inform of a leave or holiday to a more safer place for your health. I have a friend who is allergy to harmattan dusty wind and he does is to leave the area to a cooler area or calm state with environmental friendly climate. Although this is a temporary measure but it works for seasonal allergy.

3. Anti Allergy pills: any time you noticed the season is approaching and you usually get infected with allergies, then you need to get some doctors recommended anti allergy pills or drugs that will keep you safe during the season. For instance, a friend of mine is an African and each time he travels to UK or USA during the winter season, he suffer pneumonia and the doctor run a  check on him and he prescribed some anti allergy pills which works fine for him even till now. Some people suffer allergy eyes during dry or harmattan season which I believe recommended allergy pills can work that out for better relief.

4. Protect yourself: there are many ways you can protect yourself from seasonal allergies like itching,cough, redness of eyes, especially during the winter or summer by ensuring you protect yourself from this allergies. This can only be done if you carefully study your body/health along with the season and you are able to identify the signs and symptoms that your body exhibit at this time. After this, you can now find ways of protecting your body before the season start. For instance, you can buy sunglasses to protect the rays of the sun during summer, you can also get thick cloths during winter because of cold and you stay away from dust, smoke and perfumes during the season.

5. Eye drops: I noticed that eye allergy is usually more common at any season, this is the more reason you need to see the doctor to get a recommended eye drop in case you get irritated with some painful allergy signs at that time. But do not use any eye drops that is never recommended by a doctor or optician so that you won’t put yourself into more troubles  

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6. Avoid self medication: either during the dry season or wet season, you don’t have any reason to treat yourself of any allergies because this can make matter worse than you think. You need to any chemist to buy pills, drugs, drops or antibiotics, just visit your optician or your doctor to get it treated either through drugs or other therapy. Thanks for reading.

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