17 Apr 2017

6 Reasons Why Skin Care Products Won't Work

What are the reasons why skin care product isn’t working for me? While I was going through the questions being sent to us, this question above caught my attention where a reader said most cream or skin product don’t work for her, may be her skin is too hard or something. But I’m using this updates to provide some useful answers to the question on skin care product so that every one of us can learn few things from this post.

Skin care product comes in various types and usage which includes body cream, body spray, toning cream, bleaching cream, anti ageing cream, anti wrinkles, anti eczema, make ups and many more. But most of these creams do work for some and does not work for others which makes it look as if you already bought a fake or bad skin care product. So, some of the reason why skin care product isn’t working for you includes the following;

1. Ease of use: Skin care product is good and makes your skin soft and nice but it may not work for you if you find it difficult to use it regularly. People who are consistence with the use of skin care creams or other product are those who can really get the real benefit of the product. For instance, you bought a body cream and you only use it once or twice per week and not even per day, this is a signal that the product isn’t for you.

Skin Care

2. User and environmentally-friendly:
A skin product won’t work well for your skin if such a product isn’t a user and environmentally friendly product.  A user friendly product is products which are produced naturally from natural sources like plants or materials. These products won’t damage the skin in any form and it won’t make the skin show some harsh condition. I believe the various company that produce these products such as body cream, make ups, soaps now consider the user and environments as their main factor for consideration. So, if you want to buy any skin care product, you need to pick the product which user and environmentally friendly.

3. The Cost? One of the things people fail to realize is that skin care products like soaps and body creams don’t have to be very expensive for it to work very well for the skin. I have seen a big bowl of a toning cream that cost over $10k and still doesn’t work instead it even result to more eczema on the skin of the user but I recently pick up a product which cost around $100 and it works well for my skin without any side effect or harsh condition. I really believe that you don’t need to spend extremely high amount of money on skin care, when there are inexpensive products that works well. Just ask your doctor, a dermatologist or cosmetologist for a recommendation of alternatives that work and are inexpensive. 

4. Skin type: One of the things that result to a product not working can be due to inability of an individual to know their skin type. Understanding your skin type will really go along way because it ensure you don’t just buy any product but the kind of product that is good for your skin. Some people have dry skin while others have oily skin which means the dry skin type will attract lotion or wet moisturizer while the oily skin type will be good for dry lotion or cream. This means that no matter how high the quality or how expensive the product is, if it is not designed for your type of skin, then it won’t work.

5. The Ingredients: Some skin care products are really over-hyped and full of empty promises and unrealistic goals. Imagine a product that promise to make your skin look younger like you are in the 20s where actually you are 50 and instead of the product to make you look younger, it’s even making you look older. This is due to the kind of ingredient it made of and some companies will write a particular ingredient and not present in it. For instance, an exfoliating gel, fruit derived (Aloe Vera) alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHA's) will remove the dead cells and debris from the uppermost skin layer and reveal a smoother brighter complexion. 

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6. Fake: one major reason why a skin care product won’t work for you could be based on the fact that you bought a fake or cloned product. People living in developed countries like the United State, UK. France, Spain, Italy, China etc usually don’t fall for this but people living in developing countries like some African countries do have the challenges of buying fake creams or other skin care products. 

In conclusion, as discussed in the post above, skin care product won’t work for your skin if you buy fake creams, your skin type, the kind of ingredient, the ease of use of products, the cost of product and if the cream or product isn’t a user friendly or environmentally friendly one. Thanks for reading.


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