28 Apr 2017

5 Reasons Why Weight Loss Pills are Waste of Time and Money

Are Weight loss Pills a waste of money and time? Out of the many ways to lose weight either fast or naturally, I still don’t accept the use of weight loss pills or drugs because I see these pills as waste of money based on some points which we are going to be discussing as you read on with this post. Weight loss pills are drugs, tablets or substance recommended by doctor to reduce weight or burn fat or removes excess fatty substance out of the body.

The main reason why I see weight loss pills as a waste of money is simply because weight loss pills only suppress the appetite and it makes people feel loss of appetite without eating too much and you lose weight. But shortly after you finish the recommended dose of these drugs, you will begin to add even extra weight than you use to be which means this pills isn’t good enough for the treatment of obesity or other related issues of weight gain.

Some of the reasons why I said no to weight loss pills for weight loss because they are waste of money and time and should be avoided due to the following;

1. Expensive: despite some of these weight loss pills are expensive and are not easily acquired by people who need these pills or drugs for immediate treatments of obesity, weight gain or excess fat issues. The real weight loss pills are costly and expensive and are not easily available as well because these drugs are recommended by doctors.

Weight loss Pills

2. Temporary effect:  I have seen many cases where weight loss pills are recommended to people who are obese, fat or people who wants to shed immediate calorie for some health reasons, but most of these drugs works on a temporary level. This means while you are using the drugs, you lose weight, you don’t eat too much and you urinate a lot which makes it look like you are losing weight and in the nest minutes, you also gain weight as well which makes it a waste of time and money.

3. Ineffective: only in developed countries are where some of the best and legitimate weight loss drugs companies are located and their drugs are sold and are easily accessible but to people in developing countries like in Africa and Asia, most weight loss pills imported to those countries don’t really work unless people order these drugs online from countries like UK, US and China which isn’t that easy. This is one reason I don’t like using or recommending weight loss pills to people who wants to lose weight because most of these drugs are ineffective and not affordable. 

4. Dehydration: most weight loss pills are not as reliable and active as some of them are advertised because most weight loss pills or drugs only work by dehydration which means removal of water from the body. These pills fasten the digestion process in an artificial way to cause side effect like nausea, excess stool and excessive urination and others. When people buy weight loss pills, they end up not using it because of frequent urination and stools and that is a waste of money.

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5. Other Diets: another reasons why I said weight loss pills isn’t good enough and it’s a waste of money and time is due to the fact that these drugs still depends on other diets like low fat foods, low carbs or fibers foods to work. For instance, if a doctor should recommend a pill for you, the doctor will also recommend you to stay away from some diets like fatty foods, excess sugar, excess carbohydrates, processed foods and many more. 

In conclusion, weight loss pills are waste of time and money simply because it doesn’t really work in removing fat but suppress appetite, it dehydrates the body and makes you feel you are losing weight, these drugs are expensive and ineffective as we think. You may also consult your doctor to get more information on the best weight loss pills or you use the search box to get more result on the natural ways to lose weight rather than pills. Thanks for reading.


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