15 Apr 2017

10 Allergy Signs in Children

What are the common allergy signs in children? I decided to write an update on children and possible allergies and how to easily identify these allergies for better treatments. Since our previous post also talk on different types of allergies and how to treat or prevent the allergies I need parent to be very careful and visit the doctor regularly when children show signs of strange sickness or some deviation from their normal state of health which can be inform of allergies.

It’s so unfortunate that many children are suffering from allergies as we speak but only few parent will be able to identify the signs of these allergies thinking it’s just a mere sickness while the allergies are causing serious health hazard. But there are ways to easily identify these allergy signs in children which includes;

1. Dark circles in eyes: one of the common signs or symptoms of allergy in children is the presence of dark circles or round shape like bags under the eyes of children which makes them look tired or weak. It also lead to body stress in children and if you notice any of these dark circle in the eye lid of your child, please consult your doctor or take the child for treatments.


2. Sudden dry lips: you can also easily identify an allergy in young people, kids, babies or children if you notice a sign which includes dry flaky lips. Sudden dry lips or flaky lips may also be as a result of allergic reactions which might be as a result of food allergy, dust or seasonal allergy. But I believe it’s a food allergy signs in children because the upper lips is usually associated with stomach organs like interesting which makes it a food related problem.

3.  Sweaty foot/feet: allergic reactions in children can also be easily identified when your child is suddenly starts sweating at the feet which are not usually experienced before. Sweating at the feet in babies or children is usually associated with the liver which is one of the main organs of excretion and detoxification. So, when something is wrong with the liver or probably the liver is experiencing some allergic reaction due to food, it shows sign of sweating at the feet.

4. Redness: allergy in children can also be identified through signs or symptoms like redness of the eyes, ears, nose etc but it usually do not last long but for few minutes or hours which show it’s a allergy sign. This reaction can easily be seen and diagnosed if the parent of the child was able to detect it earlier enough. This can be achieved by paying attention to your children healthy.

5. Hair Discoloration: another sign that could also be attached to allergy in children is an observation of pale coloration of the child’s hair. It could also appear like a blond hair type, but a doctor consulted immediately this kind of condition is seen.

6. Food sensitivity: when a child is having food sensitivity coupled with irritation by children is usually a symptom of allergic reaction.

7. Bad temper: some babies or children show sign of bad temper or aggressiveness usually in the morning or late in the evening. If a child wasn’t like that before, then the parent of such child should take note or consult a doctor for this condition.

8. Vomiting: even in adult, vomiting is common and it is more manifested fast in babies or children. A good example of this is the case of food allergy or dust allergy. Some children could just throw up or vomit when exposed to smoke or area with high amount of dust which could cause reactions for babies or children.

9. Fever/Eczema: According to research, a large number of children show signs like fever and eczema on their skin. 

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10. Smells: both babies and children even some adult like or crave for a particular smell usually like that of petrol, gas, drugs or dust. Some children are also addicted to smoke, dust, gas, petrol and many more which cause irritation or reactions.

In conclusion, every parent with babies or children should study their children health and look at possible sign of allergic reaction such as the ones described above. If any, consult your doctor for immediate treatments or advice. Thanks for reading.

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