23 Mar 2017

Does Bleaching Cream work for Stretch Marks?

I have written some health tips and ideas on stretch marks and how to remove stretch mark but a question came to me via inbox that "can bleach cream cure fat stretch mark? Which I believe you will learn one or two thing as you read on with this post that answers the question and also give possible solution to stretch mark cure and prevention.

What are fat stretch marks? These are line on the skin that shows on the body when someone is gaining excess fat. Stretch mark due to fat are not caused by bleaching cream but the skin stretches around cheat, armpit, thing, waist or butt when excess fat are accumulated around that region.

The answer; the best answer to the question on if bleaching cream can actually cure fat stretch mark is a capital 'NO' This responds was based on the questionnaire I sent to cosmetologist, dermatologist and doctors which all these experts all said no. Instead my doctor said a bleaching cream will even cause more stretch mark or other severe skin diseases when applied.

Stretch Marks?

This is because some bleaching cream can also cause stretch mark and it can prevent it. So according to research, the chemicals in bleaching cream really doesn't cure or treat stretch marks but if you have fat stretch marks in your body, I suggest you do the following which includes;

1. Reduce your fat; You don't need a bleaching cream to treat your fat stretch marks instead you should just find any possible ways of getting rid of the excess fat in your system. This includes eating fiber foods, doing cardio exercise and eating of fruits. You may also add other weight loss tips which works best for you and as you start the weight loss plan, the stretch marks gradually reduces compared to thinking that bleaching cream can cure it.

2. Do exercise; exercises like walking, stretching, running, jogging, yoga, etc all works well for weight loss which may also reduces stretch marks instead of bleaching cream. The best way to burn off excess fat or calories is to exercise the body through different workout method.

3. Change your diet; wrong diet like eating of fatty foods, junks, cholesterol foods, etc all add excess fat to Tue body which result to fat stretch mark but this can be cured and reduced if you change to foods that support weight loss. 

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4. Stretch mark cream; instead of thinking that bleaching cream will cure your fat stretch mark, it is better get a cream that really work for stretch marks which can be gotten online or in stores around you.

 In conclusion, the reasons and facts discussed above shows that bleaching cream does not cure fat stretch marks. Just find ways of reducing your fat by exercises and dieting and the fat stretch marks will disappear. Thanks for reading

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