15 Mar 2017

10 Worst foods to eat after age 50.

What are the worst food for people after age 50? I am using this medium to celebrate with our mummies and daddies who are celebrating their 50th birthday this month and I felt I need to just give some health tips pertaining their diet and how to live and eat healthily at this new age. At age 50, the body is already getting old, the body metabolism rate begins to get slower but you can still live and get the best of health which will make you look like a woman or man in their early 30s.

Sometimes ago, I wrote a health articles on food to eat at age 50 but now I’m writing on the worst food to eat after the age of 50. Worst food for people after the age of 50 can result to diseases like hypertension, stroke, loss of memory, cardiac arrest, arthritis, and eye defects but all these can be rejected and avoided by avoiding these worst food listed below as you read on with this post.

Worst foods

The worst foods to eat after the age of 50 include;

1. Processed Foods; one of the worst food people around age 50 might think is good to eat are processed foods. Processed foods which are mainly canned foods like beef, tomatoes, pastries, pizza etc are not good for people after the age of 50 simply because these foods contain salt which is used for preservation, animal fat used to prepare the food and it contains trace elements used for preservation. Too much of processed foods for old people may result to diseases and ill health at a certain age.

2. Snacks/junks; even younger people do not really need to eat too much of junks because most of these foods are cooked with animal fat, fatty contents, sugar, salt, oil and many more. Snacks, fried foods are doesn’t really go well with older people because their body is ageing and all these foods may block the arteries or veins which disrupts blood circulation.

3. Barbecue; another worst food people around age 50 may be eating which is not food for their health is roasted meat like barbecue. Barbecue contains fat and oil and other ingredient which is really not good for aged people. It may affect blood circulation due to blockage of arteries and veins and it may also cause weight gain for older people after age 50 which are really bad.

4. Animal fat; for people after the age of 50yrs, I will recommend they do away with food cooked with animal fat but vegetable fat is preferred which look even more healthy than animal fat.

5. Salty foods; another common food which I regard as worst food for people at age 50 or after age 50 is salty foods. Salty foods contain sodium which when consumed in excess interfere with the blood pressure and may cause diseases like hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and untimely death. 

6. Sugary foods; just like I said salt is worst for older people, the same way sugar is also not too good the same way salt is bad. Too much of sugary foods may lead to excess sugar in the blood which may lead to sugar related diseases diabetes. So, at age 50 or after age 5o, take less of sugary foods to avoid getting diabetic.

7. Ice cream; I saw a grandma at a party eating and drink sugary ice cream like youth and she never realize she is eating one of the worst food after age 50. Ice cream contains sugar, some salt, fatty contents, and many more which is not good for grandma at 50yrs.

8. Excess Ripe fruits; fruits is good for the body especially for younger people but for people after age 50, it might not be the best option for them because some ripe fruits are sugary. But for older people at 50, unripe fruits like unripe pawpaw, unripe plantain, banana and many more are recommended because these unripe fruit contain minerals like Iron and Zinc which is good for the body.

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9. Soft Drinks; soft drink contains excess sugar which is bad for grandma after age 50 in which the effect are explained in ‘6’ earlier.

10. Alcoholic drink; alcohol is not recommended for people not only after age 50 but for everybody. Alcohol doesn’t have any good contribution to the body bur it supplies excess sugar to the body and other harmful materials. 

In conclusion, the worst food for people after age 50 are alcohol, soft drinks, excess ripe fruit, ice cream, sugary foods, animal fat, snacks, and processed foods.

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