27 Mar 2017

10 Foods that Reduce Ageing Process

We have discussed different ways of preventing and curing the signs and symptoms of aging process such as spots and wrinkles but I realized that there is more to aging prevention by food which we all need to know and its explained as you read on with this post.

Aging processes is usually associated with signs like wrinkles, black spot, brown spot on skin, weakness, and many more. There are foods that can actually reduce this ageing process naturally with or without drugs or medications.

The foods that prevent or reduce the ageing process include; 

1. Milk; when a body is aging fast with spots, weakness and wrinkles, the best food to take at that time is milk. Milk is an animal product which contains high amount of proteins and calcium which is good for body development and metabolism that keeps the ageing body younger and not makes it look older.

2. Fiber foods; fiber foods such as cucumber. Garden egg, salads, cabbage, grains etc not only help to lose weight but it helps to reverse the ageing process because it contains water, high amount and no fat. When you eat more fiber foods, your ageing skin look younger than it was.

Ageing Process

3. Fresh foods; fresh foods like the fresh carbohydrates, fresh proteins, fresh vitamins, etc contains natural agents that keeps the body fresh and all the body organs working perfectly without ageing symptoms like wrinkles. But processed foods are preserved with salt, sugar, fat which is not too good for the body and it makes people age faster. 

4. Fruits; fresh fruits like pawpaw, orange, mango, pineapple, apple, strawberry, grape, watermelon, cucumber etc all contains natural vitamins and minerals that helps the body, keep the body fresh, protect the body from diseases and it makes the body look younger instead of getting older. Fruits also contain antioxidant that removes free radicals from the skin or body. 

5. Nuts; groundnut, walnut, cashew nut, all helps in increasing body metabolism through some of the substance deposited in the body during consumption. For instance, walnut and groundnut help to keep the body smooth and reduces wrinkles which might be a sign of ageing.

6. Honey; I carefully studied the health and lifestyle of an old woman who uses honey for her food and drinks instead of eating sugar, what I noticed is that she looks younger without skin wrinkles, weakness and other aging symptoms.

7. Sea foods; based on my research on sea foods like shrimp s, crabs, lobster, oysters, periwinkles etc I noticed that all these foods contain high amount of proteins and calcium which gives strength and keeps the body smooth. These foods are also named as the best for anti aging which are effective and real.

8. Vegetables; one of the best way to reduce ageing process through eating of foods can be achieved when you eat more vegetables or when you often add vegetables to your food. Vegetables like pumpkin, spinach, green leaf, water leaf etc contains natural vitamins and enzymes that keeps the skin young.

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9. Green tea; if you have ever make a research why many Chinese people live longer even than other countries, you will see that the secret behind their long life lies on the fact that they drink green tea a lot. Green tea is a plant that acts as an anti oxidant which removes diseases in the body and it increases body metabolism. It burns excess fat in the body and also keep the body and skin free of ageing signs and symptoms. This is due to the presence of natural elements and substance contained in this tea which makes it healthy to drink.

10. Calcium rich foods; The main responsibly or function of calcium in the body is to give strength, maintain body balance but some calcium rich foods like fish, meat, and other vegetables also keeps the body strong and smooth without ageing signs or symptoms. 

In conclusion, just as discussed above, the food listed above are foods that help the body and prevent it from rapid ageing effect or process in the body. The foods are fiber foods, green tea, calcium rich foods, vegetables, proteins, sea foods, honey, nuts, fruit juice, fresh fruits, fresh foods and milk. Thanks for reading.

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