4 Feb 2017

10 Strategies to Prevent Hypertension

How do I protect my body from hypertension? Just as I said earlier in our last post on stroke,  I also decided to go through articles on hypertension and what  I noticed is that i have also have more articles on different ways to cure and treat hypertension but I noticed that we need articles on how we can protect ourselves from hypertension and how to avoid it since prevention of hypertension is far better than cure.  Hypertension is one of the leading causes of death in many part of the world now which means we need to just learn some ways to prevent this.

Do you know as we grow older, your bodies systems also get aged and weaker also with the metabolism systems which may be due foods we eat or inactivity of some part of the body to function properly because it is getting older? Hypertension is caused due to irregular fluctuation of the blood pressure especially when the systolic and the diastolic is greater than the expected values. Hypertension is serious heart diseases that also lead to stroke and cardiac arrest.


Hypertension can also be as results excess high blood pressure in the body which causes irregular pumping of the heart and other blockage of blood vessels like arteries and veins in performing their function of blood circulation which can lead to collapse of the heart and the person just fall die at the extreme situation or during an attack. So to avoid hypertension especially at old or matured age, just do the following and you won’t die of hypertension. 

10 Ways to avoid Hypertension

1. Medical Check up: one of the ways or strategies I will recommend for people who want to avoid hypertension in their lives is to make sure they go to the hospital for regular medical checkup especially if people are getting older around age 45yrs and above. Regular check of their blood pressure will put people on the safe side and hypertension can be prevented with this. The hospital can also give a home kit to measure the blood pressure to know if its high or not.

2. See your doctor
: another strategy to prevent or avoid hypertension is to try as much as possible to see your doctor if you notice some signs and symptoms of hypertension such as dizziness, irregular heartbeat, constant headache, stress, dizziness, loss of appetite,  blurred vision and failures in some part of the body. If you then noticed all these signs in your body, just try as much as possible to see the doctor immediately for some medical test and checks.

3. Reduce Consumption of Salt: another common ways to avoid getting hypertension is to try as much as possible to reduce your eating of salt as you grow older or as you get more matured in age. The common salt you add to foods at home contains Na ions which is an alkali metal and required by the body only in small quantity and excess consumption of this salt leaves excess sodium in the body which may cause high blood pressure that leads to hypertension.

4. Reduce Consumption of Sugar: another good way to avoid or prevent your body from hypertension is to caution and reduce your intake of sugar either in food or drink like tea. Reports say sugar could lead to weight gain and blockage of arteries, veins; capillary tubes etc because it contains starch which is stored as glycogen which is a fat components. So, eating too much of sugar could raise the blood pressure of the body which can cause hypertension but when you reduce the rate at which you eat sugar, hypertension can be averted.

5. Reduce stress: working too hard or overworking yourself without rest is one of the main causes of hypertension because it makes the heart work excessively and the brain and verve cells don’t have to time to relax as well. Stressful activities also block the arteries or veins from transporting blood to other part of the body and may raise the blood pressure level. But when you have this habit of resting very well, you are avoiding hypertension.

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6.  Eat fruits: if you and i want to avoid hypertension in our lives, then we need to eat more fresh fruits as we grow older. Research claims fruits contain many vitamins and minerals that help the body and protect it from heart related diseases. It also helps to burn excess fat and reduces weight because fruits contain high amount of fiber and water that also aids digestion and smooth transmission of materials and information from the heart to other part of the body which prevent hypertension.

7. Vegetables: if you really want to prevent your body, yourself or your loved ones from hypertension, then you need to eat more vegetables since it contains contain minerals and vitamins. Vegetables also protect the body from diseases because of the vitamins and minerals it contains. It also helps to reduce weight because fruits contain mainly fiber and water that aids digestion and smooth transmission of materials and information from the heart to other part of the body.

8.  Reduce Fat: some of the things that cause hypertension is excessive intake of fatty foods or foods that are cooked with animal fat. Excess animal fat consumed causes may high cholesterol in the body which blocks some blood vessels such as arteries and veins which fail to transmit materials to the brain and other part of the body.  So, if you will like to prevent yourself from hypertension, you should avoid or cut down on fatty foods to stay safe.

9. Do exercise
: according to research from different doctors, sites, journals, etc, another good way to avoid hypertension is to exercise the body. Exercise helps to improve blood circulation and makes the heart beat faster and better. When the heart beat faster is actually good for the heart and also improves the brain cells. Regular exercise like running, jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, stair climbing etc are very good for the heart and it also helps to avoid hypertension.

10. Reduce Beer and Alcohol: people who drink beer and alcohol are exposing their body to some major blockage of their blood vessels like arteries, veins, capillary tubes etc. Beer and alcohol is a drug which contains sugar and other contents that can cause hypertension. And at old age, I recommend you stay off beer and alcohol to prevent yourself from hypertension.

In conclusion, these are the strategies or ways to avoid hypertension in your life avoid either young or old. Just stick to our advice by reducing your consumption of beer and alcohol, do some cardio exercise, reduce fat, eat more vegetables, eat more fruits, reduce stress, reduce salts and go for more medical checkup. Thanks for reading.

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