9 Feb 2017

10 Doctor’s proven ways to lose weight

What are the recommended weight loss tips from doctors? I decided to write this post due to a conversation I had with a friend of mine. After reading through some of my updates, he then asks questions that ‘are these doctors proven weight loss tips’. I didn’t blame him for asking such a question because he must have read some much on weight loss and after contacting a doctor, he found a fault somehow.

Not only that, some people also like to adhere to their doctors instruction on health issues so as not to do something they might regret later. But this post was compiled based on ideas from different doctors and it certified as the best way to lose weight recommended by a doctor. Doctors have different experience, ideas and approach to issues concerning health but when it comes to weight loss, I gathered the result accepted by some experience doctors which I believe you gain so much from as you read on with this post.

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If you want to burn excess fat and lose weight through tips that are doctors proven, then you need to do the following;

1. Consult your doctor; one of the recommended ways to lose weight proved by doctors is to see a doctor as first. It is recommended you consult your doctor before going for any dieting, pills, exercise etc since only the doctor can recommend the best practice that will work and be effective on you with fast result.

2. Exercise; the last time I visit my doctor and I complained to him that I need to shed some weight fast, the doctor just ask me to maintain my diet but to exercise more. The doctor then ask me to do some early morning jogging, running, walking, cycling and do some stairs climbing. The doctor also laid emphasis on cardio exercises like skipping, stairs climbing, football, and others, my doctor said the cardio exercise might not be too easy but works very well for result on weight loss. 

3. Walking; just recently, research claim that walking is the best exercise for weight loss because it is cheap, convenient but my work slowly. When you walk more, you definitely won’t get fat because blood are circulated more around the body, the body metabolism is increased and excess calories are given ff while still enjoy your life without stress but it is recommended by the doctor.

4. Sleep/Rest; another doctor’s proven way to lose weight is to sleep, rest and avoid overworking. People think the more they undergo some stress, the more they work too hard, the more they avoid night sleep will help them lose weight instead they will become fat the more because consumption rate will increase and may lead to the body accumulating too much calories than it can digest and they become fat. So, the doctor recommends you to ease yourself off stress and sleep more if you want to lose weight.

5. Fruits
; one of the ways to lose weight was have been proven to be the best by doctors is to eat fresh foods. You know fruits contain vitamins and minerals which help to improve digestion and body metabolism to make the body burn fatter and get slimmer. Fruits are good for the body and it also help to overcome other diseases apart from weight gain. If you meet any doctor and seek some weight loss tips, I am sure the doctor will recommend eating of fruit to you as a priority because it works. Examples of fruits are mango, pawpaw, oranges, apples, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, tangerine, grape, lemon, cashew, and many more.

6. Fiber foods;
Just as I said earlier as fruits, another way to lose weight that has been proven to also be the best by doctors is to eat fiber foods. Fiber foods contains high amount of fibers and water contain whose primary function is fast digestion and body metabolism to burn fat and get slimmer. Fiber foods also breakdown food particles which makes emptying of bowels lot more easily, this can be used to control body weight.

7. Eat less of fat and carbohydrates; another ways to lose excess fat In the body proven by doctors is to eat less of fatty foods and carbohydrates which are high in calories and not only that, they slow down the digestion and body metabolism process which reduce weight. 

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8. Drink more water; water is also very good for weight loss and it has also been proven by doctors as one of the fast ways to lose weight. Water also aid digestion, helps to dissolve food particles and it also increases the body metabolic processes. Research claim that the body needs over 6 glass cup of water per day

9. Avoid Excess Sugar: another proven weight loss tips from doctors which has helped people is reduction in sugary drinks. If you want to confirm this claim, you can just choose a month of not soft drinks, no ice cream, no cake, no biscuit but water. After a while, you will notice a slight reduction in weight but if you are consistence with it, you can lose more weight with this style. Excess carbohydrates can also result to this because it contains sugar which is store in excess as glycogen in the body and glycogen is a fat component. 

10. Weight loss surgery: I ensure the weight loss surgery point is the last because most doctors do recommend this at extreme situation.  Like if some part of the body e.g stomach needs to be reduced with immediate effect, then doctors can recommend that. Surgery is the fastest way to lose weight or excess fat in some part of the body but it Is very expensive but to those who can afford, I also recommend weight loss surgery as well. 

In conclusion, these are the doctor’s proven ways of losing weight as discussed above The doctor will ask you to reduce your sugar intake, reduce fatty foods, drink more water, eat less of fat, eat more fruits and vegetables, do more walking, do some exercise, sleep well and go for weight loss surgery if the need arise. Thanks for reading.


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