16 Jan 2017

7 Best Exercise for Pot Bellied Women

What are best exercise for pot bellied women? I have written more than 3 different health articles on pot bellied men, since it is more common in men but a woman said to me that I should write on various exercises that can be done by women with pot belly. That is why I decided to write on this today so that everybody can also learn from this and live a healthy life.

What is pot belly? This is when the stomach accumulates more fat than it can burn or use up thereby resulting to protruding belly in women and men.

The cause of pot belly is men is close to the kind of causes in women as well but women pot belly can be as a result of child bearing, pregnancy, surgery, excess fat, lack of exercise and many more. But as you read on with this post, you will learn the various ways to lose belly fat as a woman, eradicate the pot belly through the following exercises like;

1. Sit ups; sit-ups is a kind of exercise that gives a fast result because it strengthen the stomach walls and reduce the fat in the stomach. As a woman with pot belly, you can reduce the pot belly shaped stomach to the minimum by doing sit ups. You can start with 6, 7, 10 and later to higher counts. You can get this done only by getting dedicated and consistence.

2. Running; running is one of the best exercise that helps to reduce pot belly in women. Running is also classified as a cardio exercise which improves the body, it burns fat and it can reduce a pot belly to flat stomach as fast as possible especially if you do more frequently but not violently

Pot Bellied Women3. Jogging; just like running, jogging is also very effective in eradicating pot belly in woman.Jogging can be done in the morning, afternoon or later at night. It can also be done at the comfort of your room using a jogging machine or exercise equipment which can easily be accessible or bought in the fitness stores.Jogging increases the body metabolism, ensure blood circulation and weight is lost. When a weight is lost in some part of the body, it affects the belly as well which makes it flat and not pot bellied.

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4. Skipping; I love skipping because it works generally for everybody to lose weight in some part of the body even for women and men with pot belly. Skipping is a cardiac exercise the keeps the heart healthy, it also ensure blood circulation in the body and keeps a pot belly fat and it’s very effective.

5. Cycling: just like running, cycling is also very effective in eradicating pot belly from women with one. Cycling can be done using bicycle either in the morning, afternoon or later in the evening. It can also be done at the comfort of compound with a cycling machine which is very popular in homes now or at the gym center. Cycling also increases the body metabolism rate, cycling also ensure effective blood circulation and weight is lost in women and when a woman with pot belly is losing weight generally around other part of the body through cycling, it reduces the belly as well which makes it flat and healthy.

6. Walking: Women with pot belly can also get rid of this protruding belly by engaging in walking for a long period or for a long distance. Walking also work on other part of the body but it is very effective in reducing pot belly in women. You can decide to walk to your place of work, to the office, to the market or to the place of worship and after a long time, you will gradually see results. Another way to get this done is by buying fitness equipment like a manual or electronic machine.

7. Tummy adjustments: I have tried tummy adjustment to lose weight which can be done by adjusting the tummy anytime you want to sit down or while you are walking. After a while, the stomach get adjusted to this condition and you will soon get good result with time. 

In conclusion, these are the ways women with pot belly can reduce it by adjusting the belly, doing some walking, speed walking, run, jog, and most importantly sit ups which is also very effective. Thanks for reading.


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