10 Fast ways to improve your health

What are the fast ways to improve my health? I noticed that some people do have some health challenges, issues or questions where the doctor will tell them to improve on their health as fast as possible. This makes so many people visit their doctors or dietician to tell them the different ways to improve their health to live healthily and happy.

There are many fast ways you can improve your health naturally or at home without spending a dime but through health tips, caution and other things which you will be getting as you read on with this post on ways to improve the healthy. I am writing this based on personal experience on some of the things I do to improve my health and never to fall sick after few years and still counting.

improved health

You can improve your health by doing the following;

1. Avoid Dirty foods: research claims that one of the fastest ways to live a good life and improved in health is to avoid eating dirty foods or drinking dirty water. Eating dirty foods especially the environment where the food is cooked is dirty, may lead to easy passage or entrance for germs and other micro organism to gain entrance into the food which may lead to serious diseases like cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis, typhoid and any more. So, if you need an improved health, eat clean and well cooked food along with clean water, it will make you live long and life free of diseases. 

2. Avoid Dirty environments: a quote says “cleanliness is next to Godliness” but not only that, clean environments does not allow germs, bacteria or other micro-organism to stay which can lead to life threatening issues. Dirty environments are not safe for people in that it may lead to exposure to contagious diseases and death. 

3. No Smoking: smoking is not only good for the body; it also does not go well with the lungs because it causes lung cancer which is primarily the cause of death of young people all over the world in recent times. So, if you smoke heavily, you need to desist from smoking because it has no single benefit on your health. Smoking is not recommended as a fast way to improve one’s health but bad for the body and health. But if you are already a smoker and you feel like improving your health fast, I think the first thing to do is to stop smoking immediately and you will be free from the various advert effect that come along with smoking like lung cancer, nicotine accumulation, chest pain, impotency and many more.

4. Drink Green Tea: based on my research so far, I also believe that the best thing to do to improve your health very fast is to drink green tea. Research claims that green tea is responsible for the good health of most Japanese and Chinese people which makes them to live long.  Green tea also helps to reduce excess fat in the body, it increases the body metabolism rate, green tea reduces high blood pressure, it also helps to Fights cancer or cancerous growth and it regulate the body sugar level. 

5. Do exercise: I believe the best way to improve your health as fast as possible and live a good life is to ensure you do exercise daily. There are many exercise that are good for the body/heart which includes walking, running, jogging, hurdles, swimming, skipping, cycling and many more. Workout also helps to reduce the body weight by burning off excess fat in the body. Exercise also helps to regulate heart pump rate and it ensure blood are well circulated in the body. This helps to prevent diseases like stroke, hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, diabetes and it fights depression. All these ideas put together makes exercise the fastest way to improve your health.

6. Do Yoga: In addition to what I said earlier about improving your health fast with exercise, I also recommend you do Yoga exercise which gives the muscles, tendons and ligaments some stretches, free movements in the muscle area, and it helps to relax the body. You can visit the gym for more information about the Yoga exercise could start by taking yoga classes at a local gym or you get an expert in Yoga who will put you through and you enjoy the benefits. 

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7. Eat less sugar: unless you are otherwise told to eat more sugar by your doctor probably for people with low sugar in their blood system, taking excess sugary food is not good for the body especially if you are a matured adult. Excess Sugar cause weight gain and may lead to serious diseases like diabetes which is life threatening and should be avoided. So, reduce the rate at which you eat sugar or drink sugary drinks if you need a stable and improved health either as a man or woman.

8. Drink more water: according to my research, one of the things you do to improve your health as fast as possible is to drink more water. Research claimed that the body needs more than 6 glass cups of water daily for normal functioning of the body or cells.  Water helps to replenish the body, water also keeps the body hydrated, it reduces hunger, it keeps the skin glowing and fresh and it helps to maintain weight. Just start by taking more water per day and avoid taking too much of beer, alcohol, sugary juice etc but substitute all these food with water. 

9. Eat Fruits: another fast ways to improve your health is to eat more fresh fruits than eating processed foods which create more harm than good to the body. Fresh fruits supplies natural vitamins to the body. These vitamins contain enzymes that build the body, fight against diseases and repairs worn out tissues in the body. So, more fresh fruits gives the body an increases metabolism rate, fast digestion rate and it helps to maintain the body weight due to the high fiber and water contents it contains. 

10. Sleep: sleep helps to relieve the body off stress, it relaxes the brain, it prevents fatigue, it also prevents cardio vascular diseases, it prevents depression and makes you healthy. If your health is not in good condition or probably you’ve been working too hard, just find time to sleep, cool your nerves and you won’t fall sick again. Thanks for reading.