6 Nov 2016

How to Resist the Urge to Smoke Weed

Recently, a guy told me he needs ideas that he can’t just do without smoking weed  everyday which means he is addicted to smoking weed and he can’t do without it. After a rough time with him and telling him about the dangers of weed smoking and why he needs to stop, he still keeps smoking this stuff and i told him, he will destroy himself, his brain and his lungs if he continues to smoke this substance

I interviewed another person who also smoke weed and an addicted smoker and he said that he would have stopped but nothing is motivating him to stop smoking this weed and the urge is not just there. I gave him some ideas and health hazards that come along with weed smoking and also some reasons why he need to stop this habit as fast as possible because he's still very young for it. As you read on with this post, I am going to write and explain few ideas that are convincing and what motivate you to stop even if you are addicted to drugs like weed.

1. The Health Hazards: One of the ways you can resist weed smoking or the urge to smoke weed is to always remind yourself of the dangers that come along with weeds. There are so numerous health hazards of weeds like lung cancer, stomach cancer, death, impotency, hypertension and many more. I once told a friend that he should Google the effect of weeds that over a million result will spring up and he confessed to me that he saw so much side effect that make him stop. Each time you remember lung cancer or a man who died of lungs related diseases due to weeds, marijuana, tobacco, cigarette, I think that can make you stop smoking or resist the urge to smoke weed.

2. Get Prepared: there was a time I was trying to overcome an addicted habit of mine but since I was prepared and each time the urge surface or flashes in my mind, I do away with it. This method has been proven by many other people that it can also resist the urge to smoking weeds, tobacco or other dangerous drugs. So, you need to get prepared for it and resist the urge and you will soon get rid of weed smoking as fast as possible.

Urge to stop Smoking Weed

3.  Reminder: One of the best ways you can resist yourself from smoking weed or the urge to smoke weed is to always set a reminder that reminds you to resist and find something else doing. Each time the reminder rings, you can set or write “say no to drugs” “say no to tobacco”, “say no to lung cancer” and many more of that, it works especially if you are a weed addict and you've been looking for ways to stop.

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4. Reward: I told a weed smoker that want to stop smoking to always find ways of rewarding themselves after passing through some days or weeks of not smoking it. You can get a book, give yourself a pass mark and also use alternative ways like eating some fresh fruits or chilled soda water as reward. With time, you will enjoy what you do; the rewards and you will enjoy stopping to smoke weeds.

5. Eat more Fruit; you can also resist the urge to smoking weed, by replacing this urge with fruits. Each time you feel like smoking weed, you can get some fruits like watermelon, orange, garden egg, pineapple, nuts, mango etc eat them in place of weeds and you feel fine. It is better you get addicted to fruits and vegetables than to smoke weed.Doing this will help you leave weed permanently and you gain freedom from this bad habit that can kill.

6. Invite a friend: one of the proven ways that work or I will say one of the best way to resist urge to smoke weed and leaving it permanently is to try as much as possible to invite a friend, a mentor or a close person to help you monitor your progress. The person will be like a guide or someone who will help you to achieve better results to resisting weed smoking.

7.  Distract Yourself:  As I said earlier, you can leave wee or rd smoking or resist the urge to smoking this stuff simply by distracting yourself from the habit each time you feel like smoking it. This you can do by distracting yourself by playing games, Facebook chatting with friends, going for games, watching some comedies, making research or better still get busy. You only need to find a good way to distract yourself from weed smoking urges and with time, you won’t like to smoke again and this will keep you in the best state of health.

8. Drink More Water; Research claims that the human body needs over 6 glass cups of water a day and you also can learn to drink as many glass cups of water per day. It reduces the urge to smoke substances like weed and not only that, your body also get healthy with good digestion and high metabolism rate, your body get free of diseases and it also helps to maintain the weight which prevent weight gain.

In Conclusion, these are the sure and proven ways to resist the urge to smoke weeds which are described above. I see this as the best way because all the ideas shared are cheap, can be achievable and they are realistic. Even the Federal Ministry of Health warns that weed smokers are liable to die young, then you need to stop smoking it or you find ways of resisting the weed smoking urges that may occur. Thanks for reading.

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