21 Nov 2016

5 Side Effect of Eating Too Much Microwave Foods

What are the Side Effects of Eating Too Much Microwave Foods? I was talking to a radiologist few days ago and I notice the rate at which people go for X-ray is very alarming since I know the dangers of exposing oneself to radiations excessively but the radiologist said it’s not only from X-rays people get exposed to radiations but through sunlight, , phones, microwave foods and many more.

What are microwave foods? These are foods that are kept, preserved or warm for reuse through microwave device. A microwave is an advance technological device that contains various radiations like radio, micro wave radiations and heat elements that keeps food warm or hot each time you need to eat.
Of course microwave foods are used at home, fast food, restaurant etc which is good but when it becomes excess, the body may accumulate these dangerous radiations that may cause cancerous growth in the body. 

Other dangers or side effects of micro waved foods includes,

1. Cancer: the causes of cancer has always being a question people ask which they want to know more information about cancer cause but radiologist and cancer expert claim that overexposure to radiations like microwave, infra red, radio wave, ultraviolet rays, sun rays etc are possible cause of any type of cancer. When you eat too much of microwave foods, it may lead to cancer types like stomach cancer, kidney cancer, throat cancer, and other cancer in the body or stomach region. It is more better you don't eat too much of microwave foods but you can freeze or warm your food through the traditional gas or stove method, to avoid the body accumulating too much of radiations.

Microwave Foods

2. Radiations; another side effect of food that are kept in the micro wave is that it contains radiation in foods especially when they are accumulated over a period of time can cause the growth of cancer cells. The concept begin microwave foods is that it contains a heating source which is attached to a micro wave, when a food is being placed in the microwave, the waves penetrates through the food which starts heating from the inside. If you have a food in the micro wave in your kitchen, place a solid food in it and you will notice that after a while, the food begins to get heated not from the outside but from inside of the food which is a property of a micro radiation which is not too healthy as a food for people. 

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3. Protein Denaturing; I notice that food items like protein when you keep them for a long time in the microwave denature the protein in it. Protein denature could occur when there is too much heat and radiation entering a protein materials, it disrupt the activities of protein materials, kill the protein substances and it scatter the protein structure and nutrients in the food. So if you are eating protein foods like egg, milk, cheese, wheat, fish, meat etc and you expose this food to microwave excessively, what you fail to know is that the proteins your body is suppose to derived as been denatured and transform to fiber or nothing. So, the body gains nothing in return which is bad.

4. Electric shock; I also named electric shock as one of the side effect of eating microwave food due to my personal experience abut a scene. It happened that I tried to warm a food to eat for lunch but I didn't realize I had water in my hand and the handle of the micro wave oven also had some drops of water. So as I touch the handle to open the micro wave device, I almost got electrocuted that I have to quickly turn of the switch and later, I notice that a rubber insulator that protect the wire had been removed. So you never can tell the condition of the microwave device before using it. So the effect of excessive exposure of food to micro waved devices may be exposing the person to electric shock when not properly handled.

5. Mutation; if you notice that some people may give birth to babies with one hand, 4 legs, tongue gum to mouth, one eye, disabled from birth etc, all these are mutation which can simply be defined as a sudden change in the DNA of a person when exposed to dangerous substance like radiations. Foods that are micro waved do contain micro radiations that can cause mutation. Some people do complain about their babies born as imbeciles but forgetting the fact that radiations have gain access to the fetus during pregnancy which cause disruption of the baby's DNA cells which is also known as mutation. Imagine a pregnant woman who fail to visit the doctor and continue to eat fast foods where most of the foods are micro waved food items, such person may stand a chance of experiencing mutation

In conclusion, the dangers attached to eating too much micro waved foods shouldn't be ignored. Protect yourself from cancer and other radioactive elements by reducing micro waved or avoiding foods containing micro waves. 

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