30 Sep 2016

How to Prevent Brain Injury for Both Men and Women

I think I need to write on this topic because i went to the hospital and what I saw experience about head injury was shocking. More than nine of the head injuries that really affected the brain were numerous and as I was leaving, another patient was brought in due to accident and I got to know the brain got damaged due to the incident.

Brain injury usually occur due to head injury that may be as a result of accidents, sport accident, gunshot wounds, domestic or kitchen accident, pool accident, stair case accident, tricycle accident etc. All these head injuries which result to brain damage due cause serious aftermath such as mental disorder, inability to reason, inability to talk, madness, loss of memory and body/mental imbalance. You may visit www.healthcareng.com regularly to get related topic on brain diseases.

According to the fact I gathered, I noticed that most brain injuries takes time to recover with lot of money spent by friends, families and well wishers. So, I think we just need to find healthy ideas to prevent brain damage even as a man or woman. We just need to stay healthy and keep the brain in good shape. Ways to prevent the brain from injury includes;

1.  Don’t Drink and Drive: It’s good to learn how to drive because it make movement easy but we should always consider that driving involves maximum attention in order to prevent accident and the best way to do this is to ensure you don’t drink and drive while driving. Many cause of accident that leads to head injury and brain damage are caused by excessive intake of alcohol during motion.  Many people have lost their lives due to intoxication from alcohol while driving.

2.  Use Seat Belts: I am using this medium to tell both our men or women that drive should always use the seat belt anytime they are on motion. The best and highly recommended way to avoid head injury due accident is to always use the seat belts. The belt is not there for fashion or for beautification but to help save the head or body in case of any accident.

Brain Injury

3.  Wear head Protector: If you look closely at sport men especially people who do sport like rugby, hockey, boxing etc that they do wear head protector. This helps to avoid head injury that may affect the brain in one way or the other. If you are going for a sport that require collision or highly energetic, please wear the head gear and save your brain.

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4.  Avoid Drug addiction: You can also save your brain from getting damaged by ensuring you stay away from drug addiction. People who are addicted to drugs are killing their brain and indirectly killing their brain cells gradually. If anyone you know is getting addicted, please make some correction by telling the person that continued use of such drugs may damage the brain, that such person must stop such drugs. Drug addiction cause aggressiveness, mental disorder and gradual damaged to brain cells which may result to madness. This is the best way to avoid brain injury and also the brain injury treatment that is relatively cheap.

5.  Sleep: One of the ways to take care of the brain as a man or woman is to make sure you sleep very well. The only way to cool the brain cells and nerve cells is to avoid over stressing yourself as well as your brain. But when you shun late night work and sleep very well, it makes you healthy and relaxes the brain for future use.

6. Eat Balance Diet: Another way to take care of the brain and prevent it from damage is to always eat balance diet. Balance diet is food that contains all the classes of food such as proteins, carbohydrate, vitamins, oils, fat, water and other minerals. It helps to improve reasoning when feeding on balance diet.

7.  Exercise: As a man or woman who wants to make his or brain healthy, you can also do this by ensuring you take part in some exercise like walking, running, jogging, cycling etc. These exercises ensure distribution of blood from the heart to other part of the body thereby making the brain active and preventing damages to it.

8.  Play Game
s: Games like play station, Pokémon go, car racing, mission games etc all helps to build the brains and make it active. Of course when the brain is active, it keep is healthy and also prevent damages to the brain.

9. Use Helmets: Just like I said earlier about wearing protective gear for sport men, you can also prevent head injury that may affect the brain by wearing helmet if you are a motorcyclist or if you want to move around with a bicycle or motorcycle. Wear helmet is the best way to prevent brain damage on the roads if you traveling or moving round with a motorcycle.
10. See the Doctor: You can also help yourself and prevent head injury that may cause brain damage by reporting and signs or symptoms to the doctor as early as possible. The doctors are in the best position to give medical attention or treatment to brain or health related injuries. In case of any accident either minor or major, please see the doctor as soon as possible.

In Conclusion, highlighted above are ways to prevent brain injuries or any form of head injuries that may lead to brain problems. The brain is the power house of the body that controls other organs in the body. Don’t say women don’t need helmet, head covers or all the precautions described above,  that only men needs them but follow the ideas shared above and keep your brain active and healthy. 

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