Side Effect of Bleaching Cream for Women in Nigeria

I notice that many people are now using bleaching cream to lighten up their skin especially by Nigerian women or ladies. Some of the reasons i gathered was that it makes them beautiful, it makes their spouse love them the more without looking at other light skinned women but they fail to realize that bleaching cream have so much side effect that affect not only the skin but the general body.

Even a woman who is in her late 50s also prefers to use body lightening cream thinking she becomes more beautiful than ever. Some ladies or women also use harsh bleaching cream to fasten up the lightening process before huge events thinking its is healthy to that. Even some Nigerian actress with huge fans also bleaches their skin just to look beautiful but the side effect of using bleaching cream is what we will be looking at as you read on with this post.

Does Bleaching cream Cause Cancer? we will not only look at this question but we will look into other side effect of bleaching cream to Nigerian ladies or women. These side effect includes;

1.  Skin Cancer: If you live in Nigeria or if you are a Nigerian woman and you think using bleaching cream is healthy and will make you look beautiful, then i will say a capital no. Research claim that the most active bleaching cream contains hydroquinol and when it get into the skin, it is converted to hydroquinone which is one of the major cause of skin cancer. Most Nigeria women or ladies do not know that the country is classified among the tropical region with a hot climate and when the heat from the sun mixed with the hydroquinol in the lightening cream, it becomes a hydroquinone that can cause skin cancer after prolonged usage.
Dangers of bleaching cream

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2, Cancer: Apart from skin cancer, another side effect many Nigerian women do not know is that bleaching cream also causes other cancerous growth like the brea3st cancer or lumps. This occur when some ladies rub the bleaching cream on their brea3st area touching their niple, this dangerous agent find it way through a small space and could cause a bres3t lump later as they grow older.

3.  Ugly: One of the side effect most Nigerian women or ladies fail to realize for using bleaching cream is the fact they are destroying their skin with this cream which makes them ugly. Black is beautiful if yo take care of yourself just like you are doing with the bleaching cram you use. As a lady or a housewife, you can get god body cream that are very good for the skin, there are creams you can get that makes you skin healthier, brighter and looks beautiful. Bleaching cream may not be the best option for beautiful looks but the way you manage yourself.

4.  Excessive Sweating: You will notice that many people bleaches their skin through some of the beaching cream around usually sweat a lot. This happen when the spore spaces in the skin has been expanded, clear and sweat find it way out at any slight body movement or heat.

5.  Stinks: Not only excessive sweating now, one of the side effect of using bleaching cream to lighten up your skin as a Nigerian woman is the fact that some of these cream are harsh and could cause body odour after a long period of use.

6. Go Broke: : You will be surprise at the way some ladies beg you for money not to eat but to buy expensive bleaching cream. The money that was supposed to be used for good food, investments, small scale business, feeding, nice hair style will now be spent on creams. This will make them go broke and begin to beg for money and you know what that means, it can lead to some sinful act which they never bargain for.

5.  Skin Diseases: Some Nigerian ladies, women, girls do not know the fact that most bleaching cream contains active agents which are neither too harsh for their skin nor too hot. Some results to skin diseases like eczema, small pox, skin rashes, pimples and many more. These are bad side or dangers of using bleaching cream as a woman or as a lady.

In Conclusion, in order to save yourself from having skin diseases, skin cancer, smelling body, cancer, excessive sweating and becoming too ugly as a Nigerian woman or as a lady then you need to avoid these creams. If you can avoid these cream and you want to get lightened up, there are creams that do not contain hydroquinol and they work well. Buy these cream instead ad stay healthy. Thanks for reading.