Fastest Way to Lose Stomach Fat for Men

I often say that when men were boys or when men were much younger, they have flat stomach with lovely shape, six packs and lot of exercise but when these boys grow older, they tend to gain fat around the stomach region which later result to big stomach or pot belly. 

Stomach fat for men are tough to reduce or eradicate and many of these men don't even know they are having a big tummy until someone told them that their stomach is getting big. There are so many factors that makes a man stomach big due to the excess fat the body gained which are caused by stress, handwork, late night food, too much of fatty foods, high sugar consumption, junks intake, sugary drinks, beer and alcohol and many more.

As you read on with this post, we will stating and enlightening our readers especially the male on the fastest ways to lose stomach fat fast for men. I believe we will also publish a post on how to reduce stomach fat for women fast,but the ideas shared on this post also works for the women too.

Among the fastest way to lose stomach fat for men includes;

1. Eat Fibers: Men who have stomach fat in them can get it reduced or totally eradicated through fiber foods. I talk about fiber foods for weight loss almost every time and some people don't seem to understand. Fiber foods are food that contain high amount of fiber and water. Eating fiber foods like cabbage, garden egg, watermelon, pawpaw, cucumber etc ensure a fast shedding of fat around the stomach region.

2. Eat Fruits: Another fast way or i will describe this as one of the fastest way to lose belly fat for men is to ensure you eat fruits regularly. Fruits contains fibers, water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes that help breakdown food within the shortest period of time and it also helps to reduce fat around the tummy area in men. Examples of good fruits that help lose stomach fat includes watermelon, oranges, mango, pawpaw, tangerine, apple, strawberry, cabbage, garden egg, and many more.
fastest way to lose fat in men

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3. Walk: Walking is an exercise that also helps to reduce weight but as a man, if you imbibe the habit of walking on long distance or short distance instead of taking bike or car, you will notice a reduction in your size of the belly which means the walking exercising gradually reduces stomach fat not only for men but for everybody.

4. Jogging: Just like walking which seems to be a slow method to lose stomach fat in men, jogging is faster because jogging is a cardio exercise which helps the heart, it makes the heart breath faster and it ensure blood is well circulated around the body. Jogging is one of the fastest way to lose stomach fat for men either you do it on a long distance or short, it works very well.

5. Running: The fastest to lose stomach fat for men which i believe any doctor, dietitian, therapy expert or gym instructor is through exercise like running. Running is very effective, running is one of the worlds oldest cardio exercise that can be done in the morning, afternoon

6. Skipping: Skipping is also highly recommended for fat and weight loss but most men don't like skipping unless the sport men. So, if you need to lose your stomach fat fast as a man, do skipping and you will see that the fat will reduced drastically.

7. Sit ups: Sit up is one of the mostly recommended ways to lose stomach fat for men because it is very effective. Sit ups works on the stomach walls by shrinking and strengthening it which reduces any fat around the stomach as fast as possible.

8. Avoid Sugar: After going through the various dieting and exercise explained above, another precaution you need is to avoid eating too much of sugar. Sugar also add to body and stomach weight in men and the fastest way to eradicate such is to eat less or avoid sugar.

9. Avoid Junks: Men don't need junk foods especially men with big belly and if they do, they belly keeps getting bigger and bigger. And if you already have big belly due to fat around your tummy region, please eat less or avoid junks food, fried food and other fatty or high calorie foods.

Take this precautions and you will lose your stomach fat as fast as possible as man. Do some exercise, walk more jog around, eat more fiber, skip, do sit ups and you will see how your stomach fat will go down fast.


  1. Pls I notice my stomach is big and its getting bigger due to fat. Maybe the ideas shared on this post will help. Thanks bro


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