7 Reasons Why You Need Anti-Aging Pills

Why Should i Use Anti-Aging Pills? This question sounds funny but it was actually sent to me by a friend who really does not find anything reasonable in using an anti-aging pills but rather prefers to use anti-aging creams to remove all blemishes, wrinkles, rashes all other skin problems.

Some people still prefers to use anti-aging pills due to the fact that it works faster than the cream and some of the reasons why people use these pills includes;

1. To Impress People: When the skin is smooth and free of old age skin symptoms, it look nice and fresh as if the individual looks more younger whereas such person is old. This will make her get a new nice look where people get impresses with such looks. Imaging you are going for son or daughter graduation party and your face looks clean and fresh, you get an impression that you are very beautiful and the people around you get impressed, this is why many people like to use anti-aging pills to achieve that.

2. To Look Presentable: You not only impress people but you look more presentable when the skin is younger and fresh. This can be achieved through anti-aging pills or drugs. Unlike the cream which might give a slow result, 

3. To Slow Aging Process: the basic reason why people buy and use an anti-aging pills is to slow down the aging process. If you can get a quality anti-aging pills, your old skin will gradually be transformed into a fresh, young looking skin like that of a baby or teenager but may be risky if you didn't buy the best one. Either a you are a man or a woman, you still need to make do anti-aging drugs which contains high amount of Vitamin D that help take care of the skin.

4. To Prevent Wrinkles: Another reasons why you need to use anti-aging pills is that it prevent wrinkles that occur on the skin which occur due to old age. As the body get older, the skin cells and muscles also get weaker which causes wrinkles on the face, the neck area, the chin and other part of the body. The presence of wrinkles on the skin is not a diseases but you can still eradicate it through some of these anti-aging pills.

5. To Get Complements: People will commend your skin when the skin is very smooth and fresh even at old age. This compliments is something you will cherish. Just like you were at a party and someone came to you and said 'ma, you have a lovely skin and i love it' i know you will give such person a smile which shows you love being being cherished.
reasons to use anti-aging cream

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6. To Feel Loved; If you are having a smooth, fresh skin at your age, people will come around you to have a feel of the skin, people will love to have you as friends, as grandma or grandpa but when the skin looks old, rough and used, you will still feel loved but you can compared it with people with fresh skin. All these you can get when you use a good anti-aging pill to make your skin smooth and free of wrinkles and it will make you look younger than your age.

7. To Look Beautiful: If you take care of the skin especially if you are a mom or an housewife, you will look beautiful and fresh. It shows you are really taking care of yourself but if the other is the case, then you only need to support your skin with an anti-aging pills to make the skin smooth, fresh and free of wrinkles.

So, if you feel you don't need an anti-aging pill,  i believe some of the point listed above will convince you to get one especially if you are getting old and you skin is losing it smoothness and beauty. Thanks for reading

The Best Lightening Cream in Nigeria

I noticed that skin toning is now becoming a new trend in Nigeria where almost all the black queens, the Nigerian young ladies, older women even housewives wants to lightened their skin to look beautiful. But only few of these Nigerian women know the side effect of these creams, health tips about skin bleaching and how to get the best lightening cream.

The consequence of using a bad lightening cream may result to skin cancer, discoloration of the skin, skin rashes, skin eczema, and many other skin diseases but if you want to maintain your skin to look even more beautiful than you were before, you need to buy the best lightening cream if you are in Nigeria.

There are thousands and millions of drugs stores, cosmetics store, super markets that claim they have the best whitening cream but they really don't have the best while some other skin expert will suggest various bleaching cream but won't work. So, the best lightening cream or toning cream in Nigeria includes;

1. Dermatologist Recommended: The best lightening cream in Nigeria are those cream which are recommended by a doctor or a dermatologist. There are so many good cream which people use and it bleaches their skin or it makes them look toned but such cream may have side effect on the skin later since it is not recommended by a skin expert. So, i won't recommend any cream to you but if a doctor or dermatologist ask you to buy one, then you are free to buy not when you see people use Caro-white and you decides to buy and later you start complaining. So, if you need the best whitening cream to bleach or tone your skin to look brighter and beautiful, then it must be recommended by your doctor or dermatologist. 

2. Registered Cream: There are many whitening or lightening cream in stores in Nigeria but not all these cream are the best. The best are those that are dully registered with a logo and number of the standard organization of Nigeria(SON) and the National Agency for Food and drugs(NAFDAC). This agency ensure that only the best cream are registered and distributed in the country. So, if you buy any lightening cream, just check for the NAFDAC number and if absent, please ignore such product and go for the registered one. Continuing use of whitening cream that are not registered is risky and may cause skin problems later.

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3. Non-Hydroquinol Cream: One of the active agent inside a bleaching cream or let me say lightening cream is a substance like hydroquinone which widely used by some of the cream industry but the Government has placed a ban on any lightening cream that contains this agent. So, the best lightening cream are those that do not contain hydroquinol and that is the more reason you need to buy your toning cream from authorized dealers or recommended user so as not to fall for fake or bad cream which may result to skin cancer later as the lady or woman get older.

4. Cream with Vitamin D: I will also say that the best lightening cream in Nigeria are those cream that contains Vitamin D. Vitamin D is good for the skin and it contains some essential nutrients and enzymes that helps repair the skin cells, remove wanted skin diseases and makes the skin healthy. Lightening cream with Vitamin D in it usually does not have side effect which means that is the best cream to use for the skin.

5. Cream with Natural extract: a skin expert told me sometime ago that the best toning cream in Nigeria are those that have plant extract in them and many of these cream are found in stores where cream are sold. Some companies will just includes a small logo of something like contains herbs, plant extract 0.5mg, herbal and many more. Herbal creams are usually the best toning cream probably because they contains plant extract and do not contain harsh agent that bleaches the skin leaving behind some side effect.

These are the best lightening cream in Nigeria and if you are a lady, woman or a house wive who desired to have a lightening body, go buy the cream but let it be recommended by your skin expert, by a doctor or a dermatologist. Your bleaching cream also should not have hydroquinol in it, it must contain Vitamin D, must contain oil and must be registered by the health board. Thanks for reading

Fastest Way to Lose Stomach Fat for Men

I often say that when men were boys or when men were much younger, they have flat stomach with lovely shape, six packs and lot of exercise but when these boys grow older, they tend to gain fat around the stomach region which later result to big stomach or pot belly. 

Stomach fat for men are tough to reduce or eradicate and many of these men don't even know they are having a big tummy until someone told them that their stomach is getting big. There are so many factors that makes a man stomach big due to the excess fat the body gained which are caused by stress, handwork, late night food, too much of fatty foods, high sugar consumption, junks intake, sugary drinks, beer and alcohol and many more.

As you read on with this post, we will stating and enlightening our readers especially the male on the fastest ways to lose stomach fat fast for men. I believe we will also publish a post on how to reduce stomach fat for women fast,but the ideas shared on this post also works for the women too.

Among the fastest way to lose stomach fat for men includes;

1. Eat Fibers: Men who have stomach fat in them can get it reduced or totally eradicated through fiber foods. I talk about fiber foods for weight loss almost every time and some people don't seem to understand. Fiber foods are food that contain high amount of fiber and water. Eating fiber foods like cabbage, garden egg, watermelon, pawpaw, cucumber etc ensure a fast shedding of fat around the stomach region.

2. Eat Fruits: Another fast way or i will describe this as one of the fastest way to lose belly fat for men is to ensure you eat fruits regularly. Fruits contains fibers, water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes that help breakdown food within the shortest period of time and it also helps to reduce fat around the tummy area in men. Examples of good fruits that help lose stomach fat includes watermelon, oranges, mango, pawpaw, tangerine, apple, strawberry, cabbage, garden egg, and many more.
fastest way to lose fat in men

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3. Walk: Walking is an exercise that also helps to reduce weight but as a man, if you imbibe the habit of walking on long distance or short distance instead of taking bike or car, you will notice a reduction in your size of the belly which means the walking exercising gradually reduces stomach fat not only for men but for everybody.

4. Jogging: Just like walking which seems to be a slow method to lose stomach fat in men, jogging is faster because jogging is a cardio exercise which helps the heart, it makes the heart breath faster and it ensure blood is well circulated around the body. Jogging is one of the fastest way to lose stomach fat for men either you do it on a long distance or short, it works very well.

5. Running: The fastest to lose stomach fat for men which i believe any doctor, dietitian, therapy expert or gym instructor is through exercise like running. Running is very effective, running is one of the worlds oldest cardio exercise that can be done in the morning, afternoon

6. Skipping: Skipping is also highly recommended for fat and weight loss but most men don't like skipping unless the sport men. So, if you need to lose your stomach fat fast as a man, do skipping and you will see that the fat will reduced drastically.

7. Sit ups: Sit up is one of the mostly recommended ways to lose stomach fat for men because it is very effective. Sit ups works on the stomach walls by shrinking and strengthening it which reduces any fat around the stomach as fast as possible.

8. Avoid Sugar: After going through the various dieting and exercise explained above, another precaution you need is to avoid eating too much of sugar. Sugar also add to body and stomach weight in men and the fastest way to eradicate such is to eat less or avoid sugar.

9. Avoid Junks: Men don't need junk foods especially men with big belly and if they do, they belly keeps getting bigger and bigger. And if you already have big belly due to fat around your tummy region, please eat less or avoid junks food, fried food and other fatty or high calorie foods.

Take this precautions and you will lose your stomach fat as fast as possible as man. Do some exercise, walk more jog around, eat more fiber, skip, do sit ups and you will see how your stomach fat will go down fast.

Free Blood Pressure Check, How to Get It

Blood Pressure is something people should check regularly either young or old but some people will say that free blood pressure check is not attainable, checking blood pressure is very expensive, i don't have time for this check etc but when the effect comes, they find themselves to blame for such i don't care attitude towards their health. This is the more reasons am writing this post to help people get ideas on how to check their blood pressure for free.

When the blood pressure is high, it becomes high blood pressure which causes hypertension, stroke, cardiac arrest and other cardio vascular diseases and when the blood pressure is low, it also causes diseases like hypo-tension which also result to death when left untreated.

There are many ways to check your blood pressure for free or cheaply which includes;

1. Cheap Sphygmomanometer: In order not to find excuse for not checking your blood pressure, you can check reliable health store and buy any sphygmomanomter of your choice. This is an instrument used to measure or determine the blood pressure by determine the rate of systolic and diastolic rate as it increases and decreases. Having this device helps to get free blood pressure check which means you can check your blood pressure with this instruments as many times as possible free. You can buy the manual only if you know how to use it but the electronic sphygmomanometer is the best due its simplicity and easy to use. Just follow the instruction or better still, take it to your doctor to explain it to you on how to use it at home.

2. Free Health Centers:  Another way to get free blood pressure check is to visit free health care centres. I believe almost all countries have health centers available in all areas even people living in rural areas also have access to free health centers. You just need to go there, tell them you want to check your blood pressure and its free.Its better you go to the accredited health centers designed by the Government and check your there, nobody will collect any money from you because you want to check your blood pressure, it is free.

3. General Hospital: You can also check your blood pressure in General Hospitals close to you which you don't need to a dime to anybody. The nurses are there to help you check it for free. You also get some additional health tips pertaining the blood pressure you check. The nurses and doctors in the hospital will also prescribe drugs for you in case the blood pressure is high or low just to balance up the measurements which keeps you safe from untimely death. Free blood pressure is a must and the best place we recommend is the General hospital based on added health tips they give and the interpretation they offer for the result.

blood pressure measurement

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4. Private Hospitals: You can also check your blood pressure free by visiting even private hospitals or clinics. When you entered into any hospital either public or private, you will notice that the first thing they welcome you with is to help you check your blood pressure which you don't even need to pay for only if you have other complain or health issues.

In Conclusion, ensure you check your blood pressure regularly even if you are healthy, even if you are young or old. Its not only sick people or old people that should only check theirs but for people after the age of 35 to 60+, you can also try this method and its free. Thanks for reading.

5 Best Drugs for Cold and Catarrh

I got a mail from a friend asking if i can help him send a list of drugs for cold and Catarrh and i am using this medium to list and describe the drugs for him so that other people especially my readers can also learn from it.

In some part of America, Africa, Asia and Europe, the cold season is already here which is winter and you know that the demand for cold and catarrh drugs will be on the increase but you must choose wisely before paying for any cold and catarrh drugs.

Most drugs store either online or offline which means in your street or neighborhood have so much cold and catarrh drugs that you don't even know the best pills to buy at this time but as you read on with this post, we will be posting various drugs for cold and catarrh and how to choose the best.

There are many drugs for cold and catarrh and before buying any of these drugs, you must consult your doctor or physician which is the best way so as to avoid practicing self medication. The doctor will give your or write the best drugs for you to be and you get relieved of this cold and catarrh which come along with the season. So, the best drugs for cold and catarrh includes;

1. Antibiotics: I believe one of the best drugs for cold and catarrh is antibiotics. Most effective drugs usually contain antibiotics in them because catarrh is an infection caused by a microorganism while cold usually occur when the body temperature drops to the minimum which may bring about discomfort with other ailments like catarrh. If you are to buy any drugs for flu then antibiotic is a good option and must be the first among other drugs that are used for cold and catarrh. Antibiotics will fight against the agent that is causing this diseases and you get relieved of such within the shortest period.

2. Vitamin C: Another drugs that help cure cold and catarrh is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very popular on drugs store and even fresh fruits like oranges also contains Vitamin C. IT prevent scurvy that is bleeding gums and it contains enzymes that are very active to curing cold and catarrh. I recently complained to my doctor about my health condition that i have cold and catarrh and among all the drugs he prescribed, Vitamin C is among these drugs. So, Vitamin C is essential to fight flu and cold for you.

Cold and catarrh drugs

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3. Sleeping Pills: Not only Antibiotics and Vitamin C are recommended, sleeping pills are also part of the drugs that help cure cold and catarrh. Although, mot flu, cold or catarrh drugs usually make you feel sleepy and many times, the doctors will recommend a drug and after using it, you feel sleepy. This happens because the drugs contains some substance that makes you sleep which makes the drugs very active for flu relief. So, most sleeping pills are used to cure cold and catarrh along with other prescription drugs like Antibiotics and Vitamin C drugs.

4. Menthol: Menthol is also included among the drugs for cold and catarrh because it is very active especially for catarrh. Menthol sweets, pills, inhaler are usually recommended for people have catarrh and its being very effective and active for this cure or prevention. You see that most inhaler flu cure for the nostrils are usually about 90% of menthol.

5. Herbs: There are herbs that are drugs especially when it comes to cold and catarrh. My grandma usually buy some drugs but these drugs are mainly herbs like the natural tea plant but processed into drugs form but when you take this natural herbs, you get relieve of the cold or catarrh and you will be happy.

In Conclusion, these are the drugs cold and catarrh. Your doctor can prescribe some drugs that already have all these drugs combined in one capsule or tablet while other may be separate. These are what you need to get rid of cold and catarrh but don't neglect asking your physician before purchasing any. Thanks for reading.

5 Natural Laxatives You Need to Know

I just noticed something wish am willing to share to some of my fans and readers pertaining heath care in the area of digestion and emptying the bowels. You really do not need pills or drugs to  empty your bowels where we have some good foods that can actually do that for you naturally cheaply and for free.

Laxatives are drugs or pills that helps you fasten the digestion rate and empty your bowels where waste and digested food leaves the body within the shortest period. As you read on with this post, we will be listing and explaining briefly on natural laxatives you need to know or i put it this way that foods that act as natural laxatives to empty the bowels. Some which includes;

1. Fiber Foods: Fiber food are food which contains over 60 percent of fiber and high amount of water. Fiber foods aids digestion and are low calorie which means they have to reduce weight in men or women. Examples of fiber foods that act as laxatives includes garden egg, watermelon. cabbage, cucumber, salads and many more. They do not contain sugar or fat but fiber, if you want to empty your bowel naturally without drugs or pills, then eat some of these fiber foods listed above, you will go to the toilet and pass out the waste with ease in which you don't need to buy laxatives for these.

2. Fruits: Fruits are also known as the world oldest natural laxatives which are also very effective. Unlike fiber foods that aids easy passage of digested and unwanted food out of the body, fruits also aids digestion, it increases the body metabolism rate and also contains fiber which eases the passage of waste out of the body. Fruits like Oranges, lemon, lime, tangerine, pawpaw, watermelon, cucumber, strawberry etc are natural laxatives which also contains vitamins and minerals that help fight against diseases and antibodies in the body despite the fact that fruits helps discharge waste with ease in the body.

natural laxatives you need to know

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3. Nuts: Another food that act as natural laxatives are the nuts. It may not occur to some but for most people, eating nuts regularly aids digestion and easy passage digested or undigested food out of the body. Examples of nuts includes walnut, groundnut, cashew nuts, etc. Most nut contain fiber which helps to fasten digestion rate and they also contain natural vitamins and oil that help ease passage of waste out of the body through the anus.

4. Water: Water is also one of the best natural laxative you could ever know. What is the basis of digestion and prevents weight gain. There is no way you eat without drinking water because the water is the same solvent that will digest all food eating. Water is good and if anybody tells you to drink less of water so as to lose weight, then such is lie because water does not cause weight gain but its made up of over 50% of the body cells and tissues. If you want your food to be digested and passed out easily from the bowels through the anus, drink good amount of water and that is it.

5.  Vegetables: Anytime i notice i have difficulty in passing out waste out of my body or am having slight constipation, i will feed on vegetables in which a change will be noticed within 2hrs of eating the vegetable to visit the toilet. Vegetable salads, pumpkin, water leaf, bitter leaf, spinach, green leaf etc all act as natural laxatives which enables easy passage of waste out of the body.

In Conclusion, you really do not need to buy laxative drugs every time because you want to empty your bowels, why not try the natural laxatives explained above and you see the change. Natural laxatives such as fruits, fiber foods, nuts, vegetables etc are the best because they don't have side effect, no prescription and are natural. Live healthily and thanks for reading.

The Effect of Pokemon Go to Health

I have observed the new trends on social networks ranging from Google trends, Yahoo trends, Facebook, YouTube, bing etc and i notice everywhere is Pokemon Go is being mentioned especially in the United States, UK, America, Africa, Nigeria, Europe and almost all countries of the world. I really do not know what this trend is all about until i took my time to read, see and watch what this new Pokemon go trends is all about and how its related to health.

Pokemon Go is a new free to play mobile game available to IOS and Android users which makes use of the device camera and GPS. Pokemon Go allows users to fight opponents, capture enemies and it also allows users to train some creatures. I continued to read more about this new mobile game until i downloaded it and see things for my self. That is why am writing this post to enlighten people who didnt know much about Pokemon Go and how it affect the health of both children or adult either good or bad.

Some of the Effect of Pokemon Go to the health includes;

1. Mental Health:  After downloading Pokemon Go and playing the game, i noticed that it will go along way in improving reasons especially in women and adult. Pokemon Go will improve the mental health of the players which was backed by many health professionals all over the world. A doctor also said on TV that Pokemon Go game will help to improve reasoning since the player will be making some predictions that affect the game.

2. Addiction: Another effect of Pokemon Go to health although a side effect is the fact that the game is addictive especially if you are using ios device. I just downloaded the game and i kept on playing it over and over and the sound and music was captivating as well. You know that every addiction is a bad thing because playing Pokemon go while driving can lead to accident or death or other serious health issues.

Pokemon Go effects

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3. Insomnia:  Another effect of Pokemon Go to the health is the fact that the game is addictive and hence, it may cause sleeplessness. If you haven't played this game either on your ios or android device you wont understand but if you have it on your phone then you can testify to what am saying about Pokemon go. Playing this game for so long or for several hours may result to insomnia which is sleeplessness and if you are finding it difficult to sleep due to this game, then it may lead to severe mental situation. So, be careful, play in moderation and never skip sleep because of Pokemon go.

4. Cure Depression: If you know of anybody who is depressed or suffering from heart break or any kind of trauma, Pokemon Go is the right mobile apps you can recommend for such person. Recent Research shows that Pokemon go helps to improve the state of health of people who suffers from depression or heart break. Pokemon go can be best companion at this time but never get addicted to this game.

5. Exercise: Doctors around the world and other medical experts claim that Pokemon Go helps to improve and increase mood for exercise. Due to the nature of the game, players or people who play Pokemon go will like to exercise their body after few minutes or hours spent playing this game. Exercise is best way to improve a state of health, it keeps the body fit and also helps to maintain body weight and digestion. Since the game requires players to move round, walk around, you are indirectly exercising your body while playing the game which is a good way to stay healthy.

6. Death; You need to be careful of this game so as not to play the game while driving or walking on high way. This game requires movement and if you are not so careful and calculative, you may just cause an accident while playing the game which may lead to death or you may also walk across the road unknowing, this may lead to serious injuries or death.

In Conclusion, these are the reasons you need to be careful about this game called Pokemon Go. That is why i took my time to write about the effect of Pokemon Go to the health and before you start searching for Pokemon, ensure you are not driving or walking on the highway so as to avoid serious injuries. You will enjoy this game because it boost mental abilities but remember the effect as discussed above. Thanks for reading

How to Continue With Life After Heart Break

Heart Break occurs when there is a separation between close friends, spouse or family member. Heart break is common among lovers when a girl leaves her man or when the man walks out of a relationship/marriage with or without reasons. Heartbreak is much more painful than diseases because it is attached to emotions, a friend said.

Heart Break is not a diseases but it is attached to emotional feelings which can cause more harm than good to people who are involved. Just recently, an actor in my country decided to go and commit suicide because the wife left her and decided to end the marriage but people rescued him and he was giving some advice on the effect of suicide.

Because left a relation or marriage does not mean that is the end of life, you can also find a partner that is much more better than the previous. Some of the things to do after heartbreak and how to continue with life includes;

1. Learn to Forget: I understand that life after heartbreak looks frustrated but if you were given reasons for the action, i mean why your partner decided to walk out of the marriage or relationship, then learn to forget. You should learn to forget the past, learn to let go and continue with life. This will make you remain focus and healthy.

2. Maintain Daily Routine: In order not to crash or get sick after break up or heart break of any kind, please maintain your normal routine like eating very well, exercising your body, eating more fruits, going to work, playing games, hanging out with friends, engaging is social media activities like Facebook chat and etc. This is one of the best way to get over heartbreak and continue with your life.

Heart Break

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3. Avoid Idleness: If you wish to continue with life after heartbreak, no matter how painful it is, one of the best thing you need to do is to avoid being idle. Go on with work, do business, do some exercise, have fun, attend parties and many more. An idle mind is the devil workshop, this means idleness bring about wrong ideas that may even worsen the situation.

4. Entertainment: One of the best and recommended way to continue with life after heart break is to find comfort in good music, watch comedies, watch your favorite films, watch latest videos on YouTube and with time you will get over the pains of the heart break and you move on.

5. Go On a Trip: Another good way to continue after heart break for either boys or girls, man or woman, old or young is to go on a trip. You may take a break by leaving your area or state and move to other areas to have fun and get entertained. This will erase past memories and help you continue with life instead of worries and thinking that are dangerous to the health.

6. Pray: Yon can also continue with life after heartbreak by praying. Some people find happiness when they pray to God to open their ways, to direct their ways and to tell God to provide a much more better friend to replace the former.

These are things you can do to cope and continue with life after heart break. Heart break is not so easy to forget but little things like the ones described above can also helps. Thanks for reading.