7 Simple Ways to Have a Clearer Vision Naturally

The eyes is the most important organ in the entire human body which enable us see our environments and other things around us but as people get older and matured, the vision begins to diminish especially when people contact or inherits a eye defect in the family. 

Many blurry vision or bad vision may be due to old age, infections, lack of nutrients, vitamins, or bad personal hygiene which had made so many people lost their site. But as you read on with this post, we will be posting different ways to have a clearer vision or I will call this a better vision either you are young or old. 

You may not need to go for an eye surgery or get contact lenses only if you act fast and maintain your sight naturally using the tips below;

1. More Blinking: After consulting so many eye expert and some opticians on this write up, the first answer I got is that the best and simple ways to have a clearer vision is to blink the eye multiple times per day. Blinking the eye helps to produce viscous fluid that washes away or harmful material that may harm the eye and it also helps the eye muscles to relax which gives the sight a better and clearer vision naturally without drugs or surgery.

2. Avoid Straining: Another simple and natural ways to have a clearer vision is to ensure you try as much as possible to avoid straining the eye. Straining the eyes can be as a result of focusing on multiple things at a time or watching/reading from bright light device or books at night, it may cause straining of the eyes which brings about a blur vision. But to avoid this and get a better vision naturally, avoid straining the eyes do the right thing.

Vision ad Vision
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3. Change Focus: I also did some research in addition to what I got in point number two (2)as explained earlier, focusing on limited number of object at a time will keep your sight clear but when you focus on many things at a time, it can cause straining which may result to other eye defect and bad vision.

4.  Vitamin A:  you can also get a better and clearer vision only if you learn how to maintain your eyes/sight by eating food rich in Vitamin A such as carrot, locust beans, onions, cabbage and many more. As you know that the role of Vitamin A is good sight and better vision. So, when you eat food rich in Vitamin A or Vitamin A supplements, it boosts the cells in the eyes and the sight as well.

5.  Balance Diet: One of the simple ways to boost vision naturally is to eat balanced diet. Balance diet is a food that contains all the classes of food like Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, oil, salt and water in the right proportion. I noticed when people eat too much of starch without other foods like proteins, vitamins etc may slow down  the growth of optic cells which fasten ageing process and make the vision really bad.

6. Eat Fruits: Another simple ways to have a clearer vision naturally is to ensure you eat more fruits or you add more vegetables to your food. Fruits and Vegetables contain Vitamins that boost the immune system as well as sight since most fruits also contain Vitamin A responsible for bright eyes. Examples which includes,  Mango, Pawpaw, Orange, Carrots, Locust bean, Pumpkin, pineapple, Apple, Watermelon, and many more. 

7. Sleep Well: One of the ways you can get a better and clear vision naturally is to make sure you sleep or find time to rest. Sleeping is very healthy to the body because it cools the nerve cells and helps to replenish lost nutrients in the eyes. Reduce handwork, late night browsing or work and sleep because the body needs it.

In Conclusion, the ideas shared above are really good because they help to improve sight naturally without drugs or anything. Better still, you may consult your doctor for additional ideas when it comes to sight. You may also visit optician as you grow older so as to maintain optimum care of the eyes, if you notice any signs or symptoms relating to eye defect, do not hesitate to tell your doctor or optician for better diet. Thanks for reading.

8 Best and Easy Ways to Prevent Gum Diseases

I am going to share a personal experience based on the experience i have with bleeding gums and not only that, fact from people who have similar symptoms of gum diseases and the best ways as well as easy method they use to prevent it are also discussed. 

What Causes Gum disease?  You will notice symptoms of Gum diseases such as halitosis and gingivitis when your gum bleeds easily when you are brushing your teeth or at slight touch with a sharp object. Gum diseases such as gum bleeding are caused by lack of vitamin C in the body system and other micro organism that affect the mouth.

Most gum infections are not only caused by lack of Vitamin c and tooth germs but many gum infections and gum bleeding are also caused by lack of personal hygiene and the easy ways to prevent gum diseases such as bleeding are discussed as you read on with this post. So, the best and easy ways to prevent gum diseases includes;

1. Oral Hygiene: One of the best and easy ways to prevent bleeding gums or other gum diseases is to ensure you keep oral hygiene as much as possible. Oral hygiene involves ensuring you brush your mouth few times per day especially after breakfast and lunch. This prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth which may retain through the food taking at night.

Gum Diseases
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2. Mouthwash: One of the best ways to prevent bleeding gums or other gum diseases is to ensure you use mouth wash. Mouth wash is cheap and can be used alternatively in place of toothpaste. Mouthwash contains menthol, fluoride and other agent that prevents the growth of germs in the gums.

3. Floss Teeth: another easy way to prevent bleeding gum is to try as much as possible to floss your teeth after meal. Flossing of teeth is the use of cord or filament to remove food particles in the teeth. Regular practice of flossing do prevent gum diseases from people and its definitely the best way to also prevent tooth problems.

4. Fluoride: I think one of the best and easy ways to prevent gum infection and bleeding is to use toothpaste that are rich in fluoride. Fluoride is very active against bacteria or micro organisms that can cause gum diseases, the easy aspect of this is to buy toothpaste that is fortified with fluoride and with time, the bleeding will disappear.

5. Consult a Doctor: The best and easy way to treat or prevent gum diseases in the mouth is to try as much as possible to notify your doctor or dentist when you notice any signs or symptoms of gum diseases such as bleeding in the gums or pains in the gum. You do not need to practice self medication for issues concerning mouth or gums. 

6. Eat Fruits: The best, fastest and very easy way to prevent gum disease is to eat fruits like Oranges, lime, lemon, tangerine, grape etc. All these citrus family contains high amount of Vitamin C in them and prevent scurvy which is gum bleeding and other growth of germs in the gums (mouth).

7. Vitamins Supplements: Vitamins is one of the food items that prevent any symptoms of bleeding gums in the mouth. Vitamins are found in fruits and if you couldn’t find fruits around you, you can also buy vitamins supplement inform of tables or capsules and use it. It supplies Vitamin c to the body as fast as possible which prevents bleeding gums.

8. Use Antibiotic: Antibiotic is also a good choice of preventing gum diseases but it must be prescribed by the physician or dentist. Do not try to buy any antibiotic and use it, which is self medication and is bad.

In conclusion, you can prevent gum diseases easily by ensuring you keep a proper oral hygiene, wash your mouth with toothpaste containing fluoride, eating fruits and vitamin supplements and lastly, by consulting the physician when you see symptom such as bleeding in the gums. Thank for reading.

5 Reasons Why Herbal Toothpaste is the Best Right Now

Why do we need Herbal Toothpaste? One of the ways to stay healthy and maintain a good personal hygiene starts from the mouth and teeth that is taking care of both the mouth and the teeth. To take care of the teeth or the tongue, it starts from the choice of toothpaste and toothbrush we decide to use for this clean up.

I really don’t consider many things when buying toothpaste but for toothbrush, I just choose the brush that is soft and that is all. But recently, I went to the store, select a toothpaste, I mean a herbal toothpaste and I notice some things which I believe these things are at advantages to everyone of us using toothpaste.

That is why am writing on this topic which states “reasons or why herbal toothpaste is the best right now and why you need to use it. Some of the advantages of using herbal toothpaste like dabur toothpaste include;

1. No Chemical: Most toothpaste contains some chemical like fluoride which I believe you see when the check the ingredient or composition of the toothpaste but herbal toothpaste seems not to contain. I bought one of the common herbal toothpaste which is dabur toothpaste and I notice it does not contain any chemical which I react to at times when I bough other toothpaste. If you are allergy to some chemicals in other toothpaste, you need to try herbal to see the claims.

5 Reasons Why Herbal Toothpaste is the Best Right Now

2. Plant Extract: I see that most herbal toothpaste contains natural plants, plant extract that are very effective in cleaning up the teeth, teeth whitening and ensuring freshness of breath. You will notice that hundreds of years ago, there were no tooth paste still our forefathers uses the bark of tree like bitter leaf tree, cashew tree, dongoyaro tree and many more to wash their teeth and it keeps them healthy without thinking of mouth cancer.

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3. No Side Effect: Much herbal toothpaste like I said earlier contains the bark of plant, blended together with little menthol which contains no side effect. It has no side effect or any kind of allergy at all. Since herbal products are made of natural plants, I believe the effect is always little compared to when you use other harsh toothpaste that may even cause sore or mouth diseases for you.

4. Cheap: Another reasons why you need to use herbal toothpaste is the fact that most herbal toothpaste are cheap but people don’t realize that. If you go to the market or store, compare the prize of herbal toothpaste to other chemical toothpaste and note your observation. I did that and what I saw was very encouraging because I can save some cash and still get a good result.

5. Natural: One of the advantages of using herbal toothpaste right now or I say another reason use these natural toothpaste is because everything about this toothpaste is natural. Natural tooth agent, natural menthol, natural flavor, natural teeth whitening agent, no fluoride, no chloride etc . No wonder many of companies producing toothpaste are making the herbal version of their toothpaste base on popular demand by users.

These are some of the reasons every one of us need to use herbal toothpaste and I believe the ideas shared above are really worth it. I tried it and since then I usually don’t go for the fluoride toothpaste any more since the herbal toothpaste is healthier for men than the natural toothpaste. Although am beginning to see many toothpaste producing the herbal version of their product too which is good. 

Thanks for reading, you may use the comment box below to pass any information, suggestion or additional ideas on this topic, we will welcome that.

5 Benefit of Early Morning Skipping to The Body

I never knew skipping exercises can be so effective in keeping the body very fit and healthy. I just went to the market, bought a skipping rope and begin to do some skipping exercises for various reasons which will be discussed as you read on with this post and i got so much health benefit doing the skipping exercise.

Engaging in skipping exercises is a good way to make the body healthy but i noticed that i get faster result when i do some skipping exercises along with other exercises like jogging, running, running, walking etc which help lose weight and make the body fit, balance and i also noticed a considerable health balance and weight loss.

What are the benefit or advantages of early morning skipping? The answer to these questions are explained briefly below, i just need you to read, learn, get motivated and start exercising your body for better health. The health benefit of skipping in the morning includes;

1. Active Body: If you get a jump rope and start working out with skipping especially in the early morning, it will help keep your body in the best state of health such that it keeps the body warm and active through the day. Early morning skipping exercise also add additional health benefits like hormone alertness, mental alertness, boost in Vitamins and many more. All these will help attain a stable health with an effective active body system.
Skipping Exercise

2.  Weight Loss: Skipping rope workout in the early morning is also the best way to lose weight, burn excess calories, and burn fat off any part of the body. Skipping is classified as a cardio exercise which helps to reduce weight fast and effective. Skipping can also help to attain a fast weight loss such as losing weight in a week, month, 2 weeks, 2 months and many more. For people who are obese or who had gain so much fat, help yourself shed some weight by buying a skipping rope and workout with it. 

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3. Discipline: When you do some skipping in the early hours of the day probably in the morning, it helps to gradually develop a sense of discipline to an individual. This sense of discipline is attained when you are determined and committed to skipping and in return, you gain the best of fitness, body balance, good health and body free of diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and many more. If you are dedicated to your skipping exercise, it means you indirectly helping yourself to achieve a high level of discipline through the use of your jump rope exercise.

4.  Good Sleep: One of the reasons people do exercise is to maintain a good health while sound sleep is also part of it. So, if you notice you aren't having a good sleep or your sleeping habit is very poor, do some early morning skipping and you will soon realize how improved your sleeping habit will become. Its a bad thing to skip sleep and engage in too much work but when sleep or rest, you health become very stable which i believe work out like skipping is the best.

5. Body Metabolism: Just like any other exercise, skipping is good and could also help to correct various digestion problems and it also helps to improve the body metabolism rate. Skipping also ensure even distribution of blood to every part of the body and also one of the best way to keep the heart safe and healthy.

In Conclusion, these are benefits of skipping in the morning to the body and am using this medium to let people know that skipping in the morning is healthy, ensures good sleep, helps to improve body metabolism, keeps the body active and the most important benefit of early morning skipping exercise is that it helps to lose weight. Thanks for reading.

Cholera in Lagos - How to Prevent It

I am writing this post based on what i experience and witness in Lagos today about a deadly disease called Cholera. A colleague of mine just told me that he want to go for lung in a near by canteen at Isolo, Lagos and after a while, he came back healthy and continued work, we talked about politics and sport and nothing happened to him.

But after a while, he said he want to visit the toilet and i asked him what he ate at the canteen and he said he ordered for a local food called 'fufu'. He started passing out watery stool from his body (anus) and vomiting which is the symptoms of diarrhea or dysentery. He was rushed to the hospital, was treated and a test was conducted on him. It was then i observed he might have contacted Cholera disease based on vomiting and watery stool symptoms that was manifested in him.

Cholera in Lagos - How to Prevent It

After a while, i read it on the news that no fewer than 5 people were killed of Cholera outbreak in Lagos and at the same local government area which is Isolo, Local Government in Lagos Nigeria.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris just confirmed the disease outbreak and states that the disease that have just killed Six persons and 39 other receiving treatments Cholera for Cholera. 

Many other patients were said to have been receiving treatments in both private and Public hospitals were victims are treated for diarrhea and Vomiting. We are using this medium to inform the people of Nigeria, Lagos state residence to be very careful and that many of the patients have been tested of Vi-bro Cholera. 

The Commissioner for health in Lagos, Dr Jide Idris state also states that 26 infected victims are being treated at the General Hospital Isolo while other are also treated at the Lagos Mainland Hospital. He also states that the causative organism for the Cholera which is Salmonella Specie and E-coli which are bacteria were found on local salads called "abacha" that was consumed by the people in that area.

Water sources around that area such as well, tap water, water tank etc were being investigated at the time of writing this post about the cholera outbreak in Lagos. 

How to Prevent Cholera in Lagos 

There are many ways to prevent the spread of Cholera outbreak in Lagos or in Nigeria as a whole which includes;

1. Drink Clean Water; If you are in Lagos now, one of the ways you can prevent your family or friends from contacting Cholera is to ensure you drink clean and license water. There are many pure water companies but ensure you drink the water duly registered by NAFDAC and not only that, you should also wash your tank or drink treated water.

2. Dispose Waste Properly: I observed that many Lagos residence are very dirty and dirty environment will even catalyze the spread of Cholera disease.

3. Maintain Clean Environment: We are using this medium to tell the people Lagos and it residence to maintain clean environment and good hygiene. 

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4. Report; One of the best way to prevent Cholera in Lagos right now is to immediately take the person to the hospital at any sign of diarrhea and vomiting for intensive medical care and treatments. 

5. Avoid Buying Exposed Foods; You can also avoid buying exposed foods people sell on the road side in Lagos environments like doughnuts, fried yam, puff puff, roasted corn, boiled corn, and many more.

In Conclusion, we are imploring  the people living in Lagos Nigeria around Isolo, Jakande are to be careful and to report any case or symptoms of Cholera they may encounter. Keep your children and schools should also maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene of their environments so as to keep the children safe from Cholera outbreak in their area. Thanks for reading.

10 Weight Loss Secrets You Must Know

I was driving round the state to look for a friend and i noticed that the journey is taking longer than usual, i decided to ask people around the direction to the street where the guy resides and i heard someone say "you need a short cut" to get there faster. He told me the short which i see as a secret and i got there as fast as possible. 

Knowing the secret of something gives you access to that at a short time. Some said, you need to know the secret of wealth to become rich which i believe many people who are trying to lose weight also need to know the secret to getting faster results for weight loss.

weigh loss secret
It becomes so easy to burn excess calories, lose some belly fat, get slimmed down shed excess fat only if you get the right information, if you are on the right direction or  if you get the best information from your trainer then you achieve the desired weigh loss. So, the secret to losing weight and becoming slim includes;

1. Cardio Exercise:One of the secret to losing weight which works for most people in many parts of the world is to get started with cardio exercise. Cardio exercises are exercise that increases breath when done. Which mean any work out or body movement you do that makes you breath heavily and faster are referred to  as cardio exercise. Examples of cardio exercise includes running, speed walking, walking,jogging, skipping, hurdles, cycling, sit ups, press ups and many more. The only secret about this to weight loss is that you lose weight fast when you do some cardio exercise regularly.

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2. Drink Water: Another secret you need to know about weight loss is that you need to drink plenty of water. I asked an expert to tell me some weight loss secrets i need to know so i can lose weight fast but he told me to shun sugary drinks and drink more water. Research claims that the body needs more than 5 glass cups of water per day for easy digestion and body metabolism. The human body is composed mainly of water and that is why we need to drink more water to get rid of excess fat or lose weight either in men or women.

3. Eat Vegetables; People keep secret from each other but if you know that you really want to lose weight in any part of your body or general weight loss, you need to eat lot of vegetables. Vegetables contain lot of Vitamins and minerals which aids digestion, which increases body metabolism and helps to burn fat. There are many vegetables in your area that can be eaten to achieve this just look around, go to the market and make sure you have some vegetables in your meal, it works.

4. Walk: One of the best weight loss tips and ideas that work for me is no other than walking. Walking helps to lose weight slowly and gradually but it is highly recommended. Walking for weight loss is cheap, stress free and can be done at anytime, you only need to walk around and not go to around with cars but to walk, walk and walk.

5. Fatty Foods; Avoiding or reducing fatty foods like junks, snacks, cake, butter, chin chin, fried meat, doughnuts, egg rolls and other high calorie foods is one of the secret you need know if you want to lose weight. If you eat less of these fatty foods, you will gradually experience a gradual loss in weight when avoiding foods that are high in fat like the listed one. .

6. CoffeeOne thing you need to know which i see as a weight loss secret is to try as much as possible to drink coffee occasionally. Coffee is very good to lose weight gradually because it contains caffeine which helps to burn fat and get rid of excess weight in the body.

7.  Less Sugar: If you need to get rid of excess fat in the body and get slim, you need to also avoid eating too much of sugar instead of taking too much, just reduce or eat less of it. Sugar also play key role in giving us energy because the end product of sugar is glucose which gives instant energy but if taking in excess, it may get converted into fat through glycogen which is a fat content. I am including sugar in my list of weight loss secrets to know based on the fat that you won't lose any weight if you continue to drink more sugary drinks or eat more sugar foods. 

8. Fiber Foods:  Fiber foods such as garden egg, cucumber, cabbage, Avocados, pineapple, oranges, Apple and many more. Fiber foods won't cause any weight gain because it contains high amount of fiber and water which helps to faster digestion rate.

9. Sleep:  One of the things that cause weight gain in people in when they are stressed up without much rest. Sleeping helps to reduce the nerves and brain cells which to boost body metabolism. No matter how hardworking you are, having good sleep is good and healthy for the body. But for weight loss, skipping sleep might be too dangerous but more healthy when you avoid late night work and sleep very well.

10. Intimacy:  This is only applicable for married people since both partners are legally married and free to have each other when the body demands for it. The energy dissipated during intimacy or sex is so great that it burns as much calories as possible compared to when you do regular exercise like the cardio exercise. Much blood are circulated throughout the body at this moment and you feel good.

The 7 weight loss secret listed above are hiding facts which we need to know about losing weight . You don't need to pay anyone to get information to lose weight, you only need to work on these weight loss tips, follow the steps, do some exercise and that is all. Thanks for reading.

7 Common Foods That Can Cause Stroke

I never knew how bad stroke can be until it happens to a close friend of mine although the person in matured in age at the age of 50yrs and above. Stroke is a diseases that causes total or partial paralysis of the body or some part of the body. It makes the body unable to move or work

Many people do not know they are having cardiac problems, high blood pressure or hypertension and still continue with their bad feeding habit which later result stroke. And that is the more reason we need to adjust in our various life especially in the area of food we eat.

What is the Cause Stroke? Stroke is caused by inability or interference of blood flow through the heart and to other part of the body. It also happen when there is a break in transmission of information between the brain and other part of the body. Common food items that can cause stroke in people includes;

1.  Sugary Drinks: Some of the food type that increase the blood sugar level which causes diabetes are sugary drinks like soft drinks, sugary tea, ice cream, cakes, junks, juice, etc. This affect the insulin level which give rise to high blood sugar in the blood known as diabetes. Diabetes can also cause also ailments or diseases like stroke when not treated properly.

2. Beer and AlcoholThe dad of a colleague was diagnosed of stroke in their family hospital and people begin to wonder what could have cause stroke for this young man but he do drink beer and alcohol a lot which was named as one of the causes of stroke. Beer and alcohol contains sugar, enzymes and salt which may cause stroke when taken in excess.

Foods That Can Cause Diabetes
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3.  Excess Bread: Eating too much bread as an adult may cause stroke in the later age.Consuming bread excessively may lead to increase in amount of sugar which may cause diabetes or increases in salt which may aggravate serious heart problems such as stroke, heart failure, hypertension and other cardio vascular diseases.

4. Excess Salt: One of the cause of stroke is when your body accumulate too much of sodium ion gotten from common salt which are added to foods. I was in a canteen last week, while i was eating the food that was served to me, a guy was also served the same food but be he started eating he food, he requested for extra salt without even tasting the food to know if the salt content is enough but he added his own. I see this as ignorance and when such person continue to eat excess salt, he will just start developing heart related diseases and that may lead to stroke.

5. Canned Foods: Eating too much of canned food can also cause stroke because many of these canned food contains high amount of salt which was aimed at preserving the fish or meat, and it contains sodium which when accumulated in the body can cause stroke.

6. Excess Fatty Foods: Eating too much of fatty foods can lead to delicate diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and stroke. You should know that eating too much of fat increases the body cholesterol contents and fat which i believe is too dangerous to the body.

7.  Processed Foods: So many processed foods contains large amount of salt, sugar, fats etc in it. Some processed foods are even preserved with some substance which are really not good for the health in adult, all these can cause stroke in men and women.

In Conclusion, you need to avoid or eat less of these foods because many of them lead to dangerous diseases like stroke, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Reduce food contains salts, avoid salt licks at old age, reduce bread intake and avoid eating excess sugar. Thanks for reading.