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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Natural Ways to Improves Digestion

Ways to Improves Digestion Process

I notice that the digestion rate varies in people which means that the body of some people digest foods as fast as possible naturally while some people do take long time. The set of people who have fast digestion are usually free of excess or unwanted food and they are usually slim with high metabolism while reverse is the case for other people with slow digestion rate.

As you read on , we will be providing ways you can speed up your digestion rate through natural means listed below;

1. Vitamins: One of the ways you can speed up or improve your body rate of digestion is to ensure you eat lot of vitamins. You can get this vitamins in fruits and other food items. For instance, when you eat oranges, lime, grape, lemon etc you body acquired vitamin-c which aids digestion and prevent diseases like scurvy.

2. Aloe Vera: Another thing that improves digestion is the consumption of Aloe Vera products. It can be inform of juice, supplements, food etc. It contains vitamins and active enzymes that helps improve the rate of digestion in the body.

how to improve digestion

3. Food Supplements: You can also improve your body rate of digestion if you eat more of food supplements that are rich in Vitamins. Food supplements rich in ginseng, vitamin-c, Vitamin A, Vitamin B etc.

4. Exercise: Another way to improve the body rate of digestion is to be engaged in exercises before eating or after eating. Exercises like walking, jogging, skipping, yoga, running, cycling, swimming, skipping etc are very effective for digestion improvements which in returns improves the body rate of metabolism and weight loss is ensured.

5. Eat less fat: Too much of fatty food may slow down body rate of metabolism and digestion process. You could in return reduce or you eat less of fat foods. Foods items cooked with animal fats should also be reduced.

6. Drink more Water
: One of the best and oldest way to improve digestion is to drink more water. Water is a universal solvents which breakdown food particles in the body for easy digestion. research claims that the body needs at least 6 glass cups of water in a day to aids body metabolism and digestion

7. Avoid excess sugar
: You may also avoid taking too much sugar, sugary drinks or sugar coated foods. Sugar is converted to glycogen and too much of these could reduce the rate of digestion in the body.

8. Avoid Excess Pastries: Pastries like bread, meat pie, snacks, chocolate, doughnuts, chin-chin and others are agents that slows down a body digestion process. Most of these pastries contains fat and oil and you will notice that it will required more water to get digested but instead, you reduce it and that is what your body needs to be healthy.

If your body digestion rate is high, you stand a chance of not gaining weight due to the fat that excess calories are ejected as fat as possible but if you have a slow digestion process naturally then you need to eat less but drink more water. Thanks for reading.

Monday, 30 May 2016

How to Get Taller Naturally Without Taking Pills

What are the Natural Ways to get Taller? I think am short in height and i have been finding ways to become taller or increase in height which made me to start getting more information on things that makes people grow taller without drugs or pills.

I believe height is a genetic factor which means anyone who is short must have inherited this traits either through the mother or the father. It means if the mother or father is short then, you stand a chance of also not getting any taller because you mush have inherited the short traits from the parents.

But during my research, i got to know some people who are still short despite the father or the mother is tall and i believe this does not have anything thing to do with genetics but either through diet, or other factors. As you read on, we will be providing information on things that can increase your height naturally or things that can make you gain height. This includes;

1. Exercise; If you are short and you notice that your shortness is not genetically induced, then you need to start some exercise that can get you taller. Exercising the body is very healthy to the body, it helps reduce weight, burn excess fat and can also make you grow taller. Recommended exercises that makes people increase in height includes walking, running, skipping, jogging, hurdles, swimming and cycling.

2. Stretching; Strecting is another kind of exercise that makes people grow more taller instead of getting short. If you engage yourself in exercises that involves stretching of the body such as the upper part of the body, the back, touching the toes, twisting the waist and general stretching of the body then its very good for the body because it can enhance hormones that helps increase body height. 
grow taller without pills

3. Balance diet: One of the things you can do to get taller especially if you are still very young is to eat more balance diet. A balance diet is a kind of food that contains all the classes of food such as vitamins, proteins, vegetables, oil and fat, carbohydrates and many more. Many parents do neglect the fact that a balance diet can increase the height of the babies or children but instead they continue to feed their children with excess carbohydrate and fats which does not help.

4. Proteins: Even while i was still in my tender age, my mum will tell me to eat more beans because it will make me grow more taller than ever. It is very true, if you are the type that eat beans then this set of people are usually on the tall side but people who hate proteins rich food like beans, soya beans etc are short. Proteins contains amino-acids which helps to improve the height of an individual

5. Milk: Just like proteins, milk is also part of this class of food which contains Amino acids that makes people especially children grow taller. I will advice parent to make milk a priority in the choice of diet they give their children. It also helps to produce Amino acids that increase height in people.

6. Rest: The last thing you need to consider among all these point is to rest. Resting is good because it makes the brain active, it relax the blood nerve cells, it makes the heart function naturally and another wonder thing here is that resting ensure rapid growth with good height. 

7. Height Herbs: I have see many advert abour some herbs that increases people height but before you go for any of these wonder herbs, make sure you find out how legitimate, real and secure this herbs can be to the health of a user.

These are the information i have for you on ways and how to become taller naturally without paying for it or using any drugs/pills.  For people who have their shortness genetically induced, they can still try this tips and still tap from the benefit and grow taller. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ways to lose weight Easily from Home

How Can i lose weight Easily from Home?
I got this question from one of the readers of this blog wanting to know different ways that can be used to lose weight at home easily and am also using this post as an answer to the question but i also want other people to benefit from it.

Just like me, there are many people who are home, many who work at home, many who are aged and retired and other people includes the nursing mother or full house wife who also need advice on ways to lose weight easily at home.

I realize that no matter how smart you are, if you are working from home or you are fully based home, there is tendency you will be adding more weight because the body hardly have time to exercise the body and burn some fat but as you read on, we will be explaining various ways to lose weight easily from home which are very effective when it comes to weight loss.

1. Avoid Fatty Fats: One of the ways to lose weight easily at home or from home is to avoid eating fatty foods. Fatty foods includes foods cooked with animal fats, animal fat, friend foods, raw fat and many more. If you are the kind of people who is based at home then you need to avoid fatty foods. Fatty foods contains more cholesterol which makes it hard for you to lose weight instead you gain more weight.

2. Eat Fresh Fruits: Eating more fresh foods like oranges, watermelon, grapes, carrot, apple, garden egg, pineapple and many more contains enzymes that reduces excess weight and many of these fruits contains almost 70% of fiber which increases the rate of digestion and removes unwanted/excess food materials in the body through increased rate of metabolism.

losing weight at home

3. Eat less: One of the things that make people gain more weight especially people who are at home is the fact that the body really do not burn calories instead it ask for more it can digest which may result to weight gain. If you are at home, you need to eat less of carbohydrate, proteins, fats, doughnuts, snacks but more of fruits which is the best when it comes to weight loss.

4. Exercise: Another way to lose weight easily is to be engaged in one exercise of the other. There are simple exercises that can be done without stress but still very effective. Exercises like walking, dancing, playing with kids, skipping, jogging round the house, playing games, yoga etc can be done at home and you lose weight easily doing all these too.

5. Play with Kids if any: If you are the type that have kids around like a full housewife, nursing mothers, work at home professionals etc, you can play with kids around and have some fun with them and doing this will result to you shedding excess fat in your body and you lose weight easily from home.

6. Eat Fresh Foods: If you are in any category of people who are at home, you could do yourself some good by ensuring you eat fresh foods. Fresh foods are have high nutrient values unlike eating can foods, ice foods and other fatty canned food items. All these are bad for the health and you may not lose weight easily with them.

These are things you can do to lose weight easily at home and i believe the explanation i have given so far are very helpful, healthy and of good benefit to the body. Even if you are based at home, you can still lose weight using the tips explained above. Thanks for reading.

Reasons For Not Losing Weight at the Gym

Reasons why I am Not Losing Weight at the Gym

The main priority of going to the gym for exercise is to stay fit and lose some weight but when it happens that you are not losing weight as expected, then you get frustrated. I was not losing weight at the gym despite my commitment and i believe it can also happen to you too.

Below are my findings on things that that can make someone not lose weight after spending so much time, money and energy going to the gym and not getting results. I was not losing weight at the gym due to the following reasons;

1. Wrong plan: If you've being going to the gym regularly, you will notice that there are some words or i mean terms that are used at the gym some which includes plan. At the gym, different types are exercise are present but you register a particular plan also known as exercise on a specific function. Some people plan is to build the biceps, some flat tummy, some six packs, some build the arms and many more but the one am concern here is the plan that concerns weight loss. One of the things that makes people not lose weight at the gym is the fact that they choose wrong plan. You could imagine what will make someone who wants to lose weight register for weigh lifting plan, i believe this is a wrong idea. So, you need to avoid registering for wrong plan and let the gym manager understand you intention which is to lose weight either around the tummy, whole body, upper region and many more.

2. Wrong exercise: This is in addition to what i just explained above, when you choose to be engaged in the wrong exercise, you might get wrong result like not losing weight but building enhancing in some part of the body. To get rid of this, you need to know what you want, the best exercise for that specific result you want should be done. But if its general fit or general weight reduction in the body, then you can do exercises like walking, running, jogging, and skipping along with cycling.

not losing weight at gym

3. Wrong diet: Another thing that matters here now while you do exercise is the choice of diet. Your choice of diet also determines if you are going to get a fast or slow results. You can't be exercising your body or be engaged in cardio exercises and still be eating junks, snacks, fatty foods and many more. You only need a balance that or light food if you are working at the gym. Which means you may not lose weight at the gym if you continue with your poor diet, because it wont work. But you can help by eating more fruits, vegetables, fiber foods and less fatty foods.

4. Wrong timing: I think this should also be considered because you might not lose weight at the gym if the time you choose to go to the gym isn't the right time for your plan. You could choose to go to the gym before office in the morning, morning of weekends like Saturdays or Sunday or during holidays. I notice it might not work well if you go to the gym when you are tired or if you just got back from work. You might not get the result you need from such time.

5. Less Challenging: Another factor that may seems to be an hindrance for you not to lose weight or get the result you required is the fact that you are too lazy and you choose a less challenging exercise. If you feel like running is too challenging for you and prefers to walk instead and the walking is not even covering good distance, then you might not lose weight. You need good challenging exercise to look weight and some cardio exercises too.

These point listed above are possible things that may hinder you for not losing weight at the gym even if its the best gym center in the world. So, you need to shun laziness, perfect your timing. pick a more challenging plan and eat the right diet, all these can get you the best result to lose weight at the gym. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Common Causes of Death in Nigeria and their Solution

Common Causes of Death in Nigeria and Solutions

In our previous post, i wrote few tips common causes of death in Africa and how to prevents them but this time i want to be specific to my own country explaining some things that causes death in Nigeria and how to prevents them.

Am not just writing, i am a Nigerian which means am writing this from my own experience as a Nigeria who has seen people die, lost his own mum, lost few friends and families and am providing solutions to some of these this so you don't become a victim. Not only in Nigeria, it happens in other countries too like USA, UK, JAPAN, FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, CANADA, BRAZIL and many more.

1. Child Birth: Nigeria has a large population of over 150million people and still growing which means the birth rate is high in all the states. But due to some reasons like illiteracy of women, ignorance, insufficient health centers, lack of medical professionals in some states in Nigeria, many state still lack and the rate of women dying due to childbirth is still on the high side. In order to be saved from this, women should make use of government accredited health \centre during birth, women should also shun all form of self medication or delivery and the best thing is to consult your doctor in case of any health related issue.

2. Ignorance: I see that many Nigerians are still suffering from one of the world most deadly diseases called ignorance. Most ignorance are resulted due to illiteracy and i notice many people still practice self medications on health matters. In order to avoid this, get more knowledge on health related issues, consult your doctor when you notice any ailments and another thing you should do is to seek medical advice when you notice any health challenges.

3. Diabetes: I notice diabetes another cause of death in Nigeria based on my research. Maybe its due to the diet because most Nigerian foods are rich in carbohydrate, starch and sugar. The poor diet plan like excessive rice eating, yam, bread, sugar, sugary drinks etc result in disrupt in the normal functioning of insulin in the body which later result to diabetes. Diabetes kills and to prevent this, you need to avoid eating too much of sugary drink, carbohydrates, sugar etc better still, consult your doctor or Government designated health care centres for medical advice or check up.

4. Cancer; A woman in my street just died of cancer of the breast in not long ago and i notice she has been suffering from lumps for over few months now and she never visit the hospital. There are many free health care centres in all local governments or general hospitals in every town, if you notice any growth or pains in any region in the body, please my advice to you is to visit any of these areas to see the doctor either you are in Ibadan. Lagos, Benin, North or south-south.

5. Heart Diseases: Another common disease that cause death in Nigeria is heart diseases. This was the exact disease that kill my mum and in just one night, we lost her. The doctor later said that the woman has high blood pressure which she's been treating but due to time or other factor, she did not visit the hospital as often and this later result to severe heart problem which aggregated[ as she eat more food high in cholesterol, sugar, oil ]\and many more. I just notice frequent urination, i told her but she didn't see to my advice. So my readers, if you have any heart related issues, visit your doctor and based on the situation of the country now, you may decide to use any of the general hospital in your local government and you get the best treatments there. Don't wait until things get worse before you attend to them the right way.

6. Kidney diseases; The ability to remove excess water from the body is done through the kidney and it must \be well taken care of. You also need to avoid the abuse of drugs, smoking, and excessive use of pain reliever. Both liver and kidney are very important to our health and if you notice any change in your body, you need can visit your physician and shun any act of self medications and smoking too.

7. Typhoid: The governments in Nigeria are trying to ensure that the people have access to good health care with clean environments. Typhoid occur due to dirty water, dirty food, dirty environments, infections and many more. Just ensure you keep your environments clean, drink clean water, dispose waste properly, avoid dirty food and ensure proper hygiene.

8. Malaria: Malaria still kills and its been described as the leading cause of death in Nigeria. Just to be saved from this, ensure a clean environments, use mosquito nets, make sure you windows are well constructed with nets, and occasionally, visit your doctor for health advice, malaria test or other related issue.

9. Illiteracy: I really don't know how to describe this but many people still perish due to the high level of illiteracy they suffer from. I really do not how someone will just buy a pain reliever to reduce pain when such person is not even tired or suffering from pain. A simple sleep or rest can as well solve this in line with the fact excessive you of drugs or drug abuse can cause liver damage or kidney failure. Another thing i notice that most people in Nigeria especially Lagos still do not know that the exhaust coming out of generators contain carbon-monoxide which can kill but still exposes their lungs to this. This is really bad to the health and may cause death. I am using this medium to tell people to shun all activities such as this are unhealthy

10. Self Medication: Many people in Nigeria still believe they can just use drugs without the doctors prescription. No matter how simple a pain killer can be, it may not be friendly to the liver or kidney especially when used in excess. For every diseases you suffer, there are health professionals, doctors, nurses, laboratory scientist that can help you out with the best responds rather than going to the drug store and buying drugs for yourself and using it. This is unhealthy and i tell you that it may cause severe health cases like death. So desist from this and safe yourself the stress of severe health condition.

These are things some of the things that cause death in Nigeria and to most Nigerians, some of this are not really bad. Desist from some of these and you are doing yourself good with a safe health.

10 Common Causes of Death in Africa and Solutions.

Causes of Death in Africa and its Solutions.

Am writing this to make you understand that there are many things that causes death to most Africans with low emphases on some of these health issues.

I'm an African and i know many of these things that causes death in Africa and how to avoid them. There are over 100 countries in Africa in which Nigeria is the most populous country. Many countries in Africa are still developing, some are under-developed while some are still trying to get up to the stage of getting developed. The health care system in some part of Africa in countries like Nigeria, Egypt. Libya, Tunisia, South Africa etc has increased greatly but many Africans still suffers death due to the following reasons we will be describing as you read on.

1. Child Birth: One of the things that causes death in some countries in Africa is child birth. Many women suffer for this due to lack of good health care facilities which the country is lacking. Some may even have the best health care services but some of these women prefers self medications and some traditional treatments which in return leads to more severe cases like death.

2. Ignorance: Another thing that causes death mostly to Africans is ignorance. I recall sometimes ago when i was in Nigeria and i ask someone to go do a blood test and the person said she does not need a blood test that nothing is wrong with her and later i heard she was dead while battling severe blood disease. Ignorance is a bad thing but in order to avoid this, many of these Africans need orientation and education.

common causes of death in Africa

3. Heart Diseases: I am an African and a Nigerian as well, my mum died as a result of heart disease which she never knew she had. She had a severe case of high blood pressure which is one of the things that causes death but she died treating other ailment instead. I believe many Africans don't seems to know the extent at which heart diseases kill people and that is why am using this medium to enlighten my fellow Africans on what people in Africa

4. Cancer: Not only in Africa, cancer is one of the leading cause of death in many part of the world including Europe, America and some part of Asia. The cause of cancer looks so complex and may lead to death when left untreated for a long time but these cancerous grows and multiply till the affected area is being cut of or result to death.

5. Stroke: Stroke is a disease of the brain which occur when the heart fails to pump blood to some part of the body which results to partial collapse of some part of the body and this result to death when it is severe. I have written some articles about what causes stroke and how to prevents it. just use the search box above this page to search and read this.

6. Diabetes: Diabetes still kill people in some countries in Africa due to kind of lifestyle they live, such lifestyle like drinking too many sugary food, eating excessive carbohydrate, drinking caffeinated drinks and many more.

7. Kidney and Liver diseases: Kidney and liver diseases have killed many people in Africa although public have been sensitized on possible solutions to this. Both liver and kidney are organs that help remove excess toxins and waste from the body system but when this organs stops functioning, then diseases relating to liver and kidney set in. It means many Africans still need to get information on how to take care of their liver and kidney to prevent death due to this.

8. Typhoid: Just like malaria, typhoid still kills people and many which are contacted through dirty water, dirty food, uncleaned environments, infections and many more. This can be reduced by ensuring clean environment, seeing the doctor and using some strong antibiotics which help fight against this diseases.

9. Malaria: Many years ago, malaria is the leading diseases that causes death to many Africans but i think due to government interventions in some countries, death due to malaria is reducing but many countries are still suffering from this. Malaria still kills people especially acute malaria when left untreated. To avoid this, you can get malaria vaccines that helps you against this diseases, get rid of stagnant water around you and use mosquito nets.

These are common causes of death in many countries in Africa and i believe the government of these countries shouldn't relent on giving the best health care or providing the best medicare for it citizens. Another thing we need to consider here is the fact that many people really do not also know how to take care of their health due to illiteracy so, Governments in Africa should educate their citizens on how to access the health care facilities provided by them. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

How to Keep the Brain Healthy

Ways to Keep the Brain Healthy

The brain is the primary organ in the body and its been regarded as the chief organ that controls all other activities in the body. The brain controls other systems in the body such as blood vessels, skin, neurons,reproductive and many more.

Since the brain is the organ that controls the overall body system including the sight, smell, hear, sense etc. It should be kept in the best state of health with proper care so it doesn't get stressed up.

The implications of not getting the brain in steady state of health includes diseases like stroke, hypertension, insomnia, mental disorder, madness, and many more. To keep the brain healthy, you need to do the following;

1. Exercise regularly: One of the best to keep the human brain healthy is to partake in exercises to make it fit and function properly. Exercise like running, jogging, stretching, walking, yoga, playing games, skipping and many more keeps the brain healthy.

2. Get Enough sleep: Another way i recommend for anyone to keep the brain healthy is to have enough sleep. You don't need to get bothered of anything but learn to observe the siesta (afternoon sleep), proper night sleep of over 7hours and others. This keeps the brain relaxed and ready for more challenges that may occur. 

how to keep the brain healthy

3. Relax: In addition to sleeping which is another good way to keep the brain healthy, you also need to relax. Relaxation can be in any form such as sleeping, watching television, listening to music, reading books and many more. It keeps the brain healthy.

4. Take Supplements: There are many supplements that are very good for the brain to keep it healthy. Many of these supplements contains nutrients that helps in the developments of brain cells which is good to the health.

5. Fish Oil: Fish oil are oil extracted from fish and are very important in building brain cells and tissues and keeping it in perfect healthy state. You can get some of these fish oil at the market, store or in supplements like Omega -H3 or eating fresh fish like Titus fish, sardine and others.

6. Vitamins and Vegetable: Another good way to take care of the brain is to ensure you eat more vitamins and minerals. Vitamins helps build the body cells and tissues and repair worn-out tissues including the brain cells. Vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K all contributes to the normal functioning of the brain.

7. Avoid Thinking: When you think especially if you think excessively, you are reducing the brain activities by making the brain work more instead of the brain to relax and function properly
. The more you think, the more you are susceptible to having diseases like the high blood pressure, hypertension which may lead to death.

The paramount thing that matters to you most is to adjust you ways, ensure your brain are kept healthy, avoid things that can disrupt its activities because the brain controls every other activities in the body. Remember health is wealth. Thanks for reading.

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