What to do In case of Scarlet Fever

scarlet fever
What are the remedy of scarlet fever? If you notice some symptoms of scarlet fever or you are diagnose of scarlet fever, then this post or update will really help out. It contains information on what to do when you have scarlet fever.

What is scarlet fever?; Scarlet fever is an acute infectious disease that occur or show it symptoms between 1 or 10 days of being contacted. Scarlet fever is caused by germs Carrying hemolytic streptococcus which is similar to illness like sore throat. Scarlet fever affect the pharynx especially the soft tissues. It is can be carried from person to person by air or by moisture of victim mouth or nose. Scarlet fever is not easily cured but take some weeks or months to get cured.

Symptoms of Scarlet fever; the symptoms of scarlet fever includes; fever, sore throat, extreme sore throat, vomiting, headaches, coated tongue, skin rash on chest, tiny pimples. Red colour of skin, tiny blisters, peeling of skin and many more. If not treated, scarlet fever may result to more complicated issues like meningitis, arthritis, heart damage, kidney damage and death.

What to do in case of Scarlet fever
1. Consult the doctor; I believe the main thing or necessary thing to do if you have symptoms of scarlet fever or you are diagnosed of scarlet fever is to ensure you call the physician as soon as possible. The common symptoms of scarlet fever are mentioned in our discussion above and any close symptoms of this requires a medical attention which is the best to know if a test, examination OE treatments should be done.

2. Penicillin; in case of scarlet fever or symptoms related to scarlet fever, penicillin which is a strong antibiotic drug can be administered by the doctor. Penicillin is very good and active against the organism causing the fever, it helps to neutralize the toxins that produces the infection in the pharynx and it helps to recover fast. Penicillin can also be administered to children who contact scarlet fever to keep them the diseases or to prevent it from spreading and developing in the body.

3. Rest; another thing to do in a condition of scarlet fever is to allow the person or patient to rest in bed and adequate fluid and nourishing diet should be given. Diet should be given either at home or at the hospital through the medical doctor.

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4. Hot fluid; if you have scarlet fever, one of the things you need to do drink hot fluid which can help reduce sore throat discomfort or pains. The more you drink something hot like hot water, hot tea, hot juice etc you get better with it.

5. Sponge bath; in case you have excessive high fever due to scarlet fever, you can reduce and suppress this effect by tepid sponge bath or alcohol rubs which is very good as a home treatment for scarlet fever.

6. Salt solution; you can also use salt water to clean mouth, gaggle the mouth and since salt water contains sodium ion, it kills germs fast.

7. Olive oil; you can also apply olive oil to your body if you have scarlet fever, it helps to prevent scaling skin.

8. Frequent Examination; You should en-devour to see the doctor or go for medical check up if you see some symptoms of scarlet fever in your body and never try to do self medications as well. Thanks for reading.

17 Household Equipment that are Poisonous to Children

Can Household Equipment be poisonous to the Children? I am writing this post to enlighten the parents on how to make their children safe from poisonous home appliance which people do not know are poisonous and I believe you will learn good healthy tips and ideas reading.

In the whole world ranging from Africa, to Asia, to Australia, America and the whole world, research claim Children get poisoned through some household equipment which most parent don't take note of. 

These household equipment includes;

1. Lead Base paints
; many paints especially the latex paints should be hidden from children because they are toxic and they contain lead.

2. Weed Killers; Weed killers are part of home appliances that kills plant, prevents weed from growing but these fluids are chemical that are toxic and poisonous to children. It must be moved away for safety of the children. It contains  Glyphosphate

3. Insecticides; most homes do have insect killers which prevents mosquitoes and prevent malaria but contains dangerous chemical like pyriprosyfen. All these are when mistakenly consumed by children, could cause convulsions or damage in some organs in the body like liver.


4. Prescription Drugs; these are drugs that are recommended by the doctor or physician for specific illness but some parent won’t keep these drugs safe until some children pick it up and I believe these drugs are poison to children when consumed.

5. Chlorine; Chlorine is an element with strong oxidizing power which has the ability to remove other elements. Chlorine is used to produce water guard for water treatment and chlorine bleach. But this could cause kidney problem and cancer when consumed in excess by children.

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6. Batteries; batteries contains acid which are toxic to the body when consumed. Children usually see things around them as toys and when they come intact with it, they put it in their mouth which is really poisonous. The only thing you need to do is to keep away these household items from children.

7.  Insect powders; these is also synonymous to insecticide but in a powdered form. It is uses to kill insects by applying in some corners in the room or kitchen, but you must be careful if you have children at home because it is toxic to them and can become poison.

8. Wood finishes; these equipment that are use at home to repair, Polish furniture and can be used to remove stains. You also need to keep this away from children because some of the active ingredients are poisonous to our children.

9. Laundry detergents; these detergents are not supposed to be given children to play with be cause they are poisonous. These detergents contain high amount of synthetic chemical that the toxic to the body. 

10. Latex Paints; even the smell of latex paints is choking to children and when consumed, it can be very poisonous. One of the substances that cause food poisoning is exposure to latex paints.

10. Cosmetics; some ladies are careless with the way they handle their cosmetics which makes it possible for children to pick it up and lick or eat. These cosmetics materials should not be exposed to children because it is toxic.

11. Germicides; these are substance that kills germs and they contain dangerous chemical that can harm children either by oral ingestion, by skin contact or by inhaling. So, we recommend germicides are kept away from children.

12. Rodenticide; these are chemicals and substances that kills rodents like rat, mice, rabbit, etc because rodent also kills mammals, it can kill human beings too e.g rat killers. If you want to kill rodents like rat killer, I suggest you don't use where we have children or when they are not around because rodent killer can kill them when the found and eat it.

13. Motor Oil; these are oil which are used in cars or generators like engine oil, steering oil, brake oil etc. These oils are hydrocarbons and are not good for children and their health. Keep them safe from children.

14. Matches; matches contains phosphoric compounds and should not be allowed among children because it is toxic and also poisonous to their health.

15. Alcohol; alcohol is bad to adult and not recommended for children at any age. It kills people. It destroys liver and could cause instant death in children when mistakenly consumed in excess.

16. Cigarette; it lowers life expectant, it could cause lung cancer and children shouldn't stay where people are smoking cigarettes. It contains tobacco which is really bad for children to consume, its a poison to them.

17. Toothpastenot all toothpaste are good for children to start licking or eating but some are high in fluorine which is a whitening agents, kills germs and can also be carcinogenic which means excess exposure to high electron-negative elements like chlorine which is bad and poisonous to children health.

So, I suggest you keep these household materials from children, store in the required place or you look these equipment up from the reach if children. Thanks for reading.

8 Side Effects of Excess Chlorine in Water

Is Chlorine In Drinking Water Safe? In the part of the world where I came from, my country is a developing country with an increase the use of chlorine for water treatments and consumption. Adding chlorine to water is seen as a norm by pure water companies, water industries, and people who use water guard at home for water purification not knowing they are adding more chlorine to the system which may be bad for the systems

As you read on with this post, you will be learning some side effect of chlorine to the health and few reasons why chlorinated water is not really safe for drinking. Adding chlorine to water has many advantages like killing of germs and making the water pure for drinking but you and I also need to learn some of the side effect of adding chlorine to water, so that you learn how to put little quantity to your water for treatments.

What is Chlorine? Chlorine is a very reactive gas which belongs to the halide groups. It is one of the highly reactive elements after Fluorine. Chlorine is highly electronegative and it has high ionizationation energy in the periodic table. It has a bleaching capacity and it kills germs which is one of the primary reasons people use Chlorine for water purification. But does chlorine makes the water safe? .

Some of the side effect or dangers of too much of chlorine in water includes; 

1. Cancer: adding too much of chlorine in water either at home or industrially might be a real danger to the body. It may cause cancer due to the fact that chlorine is very reactive and highly electron-negative which enables it to remove or add other compounds to form toxic substances like Trihalomethane and some chlorinated hydrocarbons which are toxic to the body. Although trichloromethane may be used a s disinfectant in water that helps to kill water germs but it may also lead to the production of free radicals in the body which may later cause cell damage and may trigger the growth of cancer cells which is the major cause of cancer in the body. Even the US Government kicks against using chlorine for water purification because it produces dioxin in the body which is carcinogenic and may lead to cancer.


2. Liver Damage: Another common side effect of chlorinated water is the fact that it contains some halogenated compounds which may cause liver damage. Liver damage is most associated with excess chlorine in the body. That is the more reason we need to avoid drinking excess chlorinated water and natural fresh water is good.

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3. Birth Defects: excess chlorine in water can be easily known through the bitter taste, it kills germs but when consumed in excess or drinking too much of chlorinated water can cause some birth effects like mutation issues like a child having one eye, finger, 3 breast, 6 toes, imbecile etc all at birth can be caused by chlorine in water. 

4. Weight loss: Anytime you noticed you are losing weight unnecessarily if you not on a diet plan, weight loss and you are eating healthily, you should check the water you are drinking may be you are drinking too much of chlorinated water which may cause such after effect.

5. Reproductive Effect: excess chlorine in water can also be easily identified through the taste which is usually bitter, it helps to kills germs but when consumed in excess or drinking too much of chlorinated water can cause some reproductive effects in reproductive organs like killing reproductive and resulting to some mutational effect especially during childbirth. 

6. Eyes Irritation:  Chlorinated water majorly used in swimming pool usually cause eyes irritation or nose irritation or discomfort. If you are in a pool and you notice some skin irritation, it may be that the amount of chlorine in the pool water is too much. 

7. Skin Diseases: Skin diseases like itchy, flaky scalp, eczema, skin rashes etc are common side effect of chlorinated water or when chlorine is added to water in excess. What you do is to reduce your intake of chlorinated water or you reduce the rate at which you add more chlorine to your drinking water.
Other side effect or harmful effect of chlorine in drinking water includes;
irritation of the eyes and of the lungs.

 8. Other Effect: Excessive Chlorine in water may also cause heart diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, low blood pressure and may also lead to cardiac arrest which means death.

Acute chlorine poisoning or too much chlorine in drinking water may causes chest pain, vomiting, nausea, cough, toxic pneumonia, edema and critical condition may cause death.

In conclusion, Chlorine in water is good and make water drinkable because it kills germs but do not forget that when you are drinking too much of chlorinated water, your body will be accumulating too much chlorine which may cause cancer or serious illness or diseases as discussed above. My advice is to recommend you drink your pure natural water which contains no or little amount of chlorine in it. Thanks for reading.

How to Identify Plastic Rice in Nigeria

How do i identify plastic Rice in Nigeria? I heard so much news about some fake rice which are actually plastic rice which are illegally smuggled into the Nigerian market as real and edible rice for people to buy during Xmas which is gradually approaching. Plastic rice or fake rice are toxic and its really bad to the health.

That is why am using this medium to pass the information to some of my friends and readers who are illegally recently living in Nigeria to be very careful on the type of rice they eat. I am warning other Nigerians who love to eat rice to be very careful of what they are eating and i recommend they test some of this rice before buying or selling during Xmas.

What is plastic rice? plastic rice is fake rice produced in some part of the world to replace the high cost of expensive edible rice. Plastic rice is poisonous to the body, it does not digest, it contains plastic materials like phenyl group and it may cause death when in excess in the body. Effect of eating plastic rice or fake rice is that it is indigestion, it’s a polymer product that could lead to cancer, it may cause appendicitis and death. So to identify this fake or rubber rice, use the information below; 

1. Cut with teeth; one of the best way to easily identify a plastic rice is to use your teeth to manually cut a grain of the rice you are about to buy or eat. When you cut or break a grain, it will show clearly if the grain is actually real or plastic. Polished natural rice break easily but plastic rice don't break so easily because it contains a polymer product.

2. Grind with mortar; you can also easily recognize or identify fake or plastic rice by taking few quantities of the sample rice, put it in a mortar and grind it. Real polished rice are broken and grind easily with mortal while plastic rice is synthetic and could not be easily be grind into powder. This method will expose the real rice from the plastic rice at this Xmas period when the demand for rice is high not only in Nigeria but all over the world

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3. Test with Fire; one of the properties of plastics is that it melts when heated or exposed to fire. This method can also be used to test if rice is fake and plastic rice. You can just take few grains, burn it for few seconds, and if it melts it shows it’s a plastic rice but if doesn't melt, it’s a good rice. Some rice can be so packaged that you won’t now its fake or plastic rice but when you perform the fire test, you will get to know the truth instantly. 
Plastic Rice

4. Water test; you can also identify the so called plastic rice which has been smuggled into the Nigerian market simply by performing simple water test on the sample rice. We all know that rice is a solid and go down when added to water but when you buy rice and after pouring the rice in water, and its floats on top of the water then such rice is a plastic rice which is fake rice but when the rice sink down, it it’s the real rice.

5. Too Cheap: One of the reasons some Nigerians fall for scam or plastic rice is because they are gullible and they needed to buy things that are too cheap. For instance, someone called me to come and buy raw rice at $50 when I knew the cheapest rice in the market at this time recession in Nigeria is sold for over $100 which seems to be extremely cheap. I quickly called the person that I am not interested in such even if it’s a wholesale price. The Xmas season is here and many people might fall for plastic rice at slash price. So, you need to be careful on buying rice that are too cheap and some which are fake.

In conclusion, the points listed above are ways to identify plastic rice right now in Nigeria. You can easily identify these rice through the outrageous price on it, testing with water to see if it will floats, testing with fire if it will burn and using your teeth to break it to know if the rice will break.

What to do In case of smallpox

What can i do In case of smallpox? I carefully checked the skin of a woman not long ago and I also ask her what is wrong with her skin but this woman told me that she is suffering from chickenpox, measles but what I saw was no signs of the following but a diseases called smallpox which she didn't know anything about.

What is Smallpox? Smallpox is an acute and highly communicable disease with sudden developments of severe illness and chronic skin rash as well as blemishes. Smallpox is caused by a virus and its easily contacted by children and can cause death if not properly treated.

Smallpox vaccine is very common which makes it possible reduce the spread of the diseases or death rate due to smallpox. Smallpox disease is still common in developing countries like some part of Africa where the vaccines are not easily accessible or utilized by doctors or other medical expert in the medical line. Smallpox vaccines are effective at early stage of the disease but may not work when the disease in at a chronic stage.

Symptoms of smallpox? Headache. Backache, fever, lesions on skin, pa-pules are hard and deep seated small shot, blemishes, skin rashes, influenza at early stage, back pain, loss of appetite, vomiting and sometimes convulsions.
What to do in case of smallpox?

A patient or victim with the signs and symptoms of smallpox should be placed in the hospital for proper treatments. Other things to in this condition is to;

1. Consult the doctor? If you notice any signs of rashes or blemishes relating to symptoms of smallpox, you should see the doctor as soon as possible. The doctor knows the right medications, drugs and treatment to give that will kill the virus causing the disease and you regain back your healthy skin and body. Do not try to treat this yourself or through any other self medication but only the physician can handle it.

2. Spread; another thing you need to do either you are the person who contact the diseases or someone else you know, just follow carefully the directions for preventing the spread of the contagious diseases like measles, Chicken pox and smallpox you know or as the doctor directs.

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3. Isolation; the patient should be kept in a separate room with no visitors allowed until all the crust have fallen away from his skin lesions. This will help to prevent further spread of the disease with people around the infected person.

4. Antimicrobial Drugs: There is no drug that appears to be useful in treating small pox but most doctors prefer administering antimicrobial drugs in order to prevent further development that may occur due to skin lesion break.

5. Plenty Fluid: When the illness is severe, it is important to ensure the infected person drink plenty water or other fluid like milk, cereals, beverages, fruit drink etc since the person might have lost appetite and no desire to eat but these fluid can provide strength.

6. Alcohol Rub: Excessive high fever may be controlled on patient skin by using sponge with Lukewarm water to rub the skin of the infected person. Some doctors do prescribe alcohol rub just to prevent feverish condition on the patient with smallpox.

7. Vaseline; another thing to do in case of smallpox is to use carbonated Vaseline or other antiseptic Vaseline to rub the patient body because it can help to reduce hitching which surface as the skin lesions begin to form crust.  Thanks for reading.

7 Best Solutions to Knee Pains

A close friend of mine usually complain of knee pains almost every time I we meet and he seek solutions to this knee pains. So I decided to help by making some researches on some of the causes of knee pains to get the solution to these pains.

I also noticed that people suffer from pains in their knee area due to stress, excessive exercise, too much of walking, working too hard and lifting heavy objects which needs to be avoided as quick as possible. I also noticed that women or ladies do suffer leg pains even more than men or males due to the fact tat their hips are wide which also affect the angle between the femur and patella.

For people whose work is to climb stairs, people who climb on an object or people who are ageing are those who suffer more from knee pains. So, the solution to knee pains or the cure to knee pains includes;

1.  Relax: One of the things I do when I noticed am having knee pains is to quickly give myself some rest. Resting and avoiding too much of hard work helps to relieve the body off stress. This means that a common solution to leg pain or knee pain is to have time to rest. If you have been walking too much and you begin to experience knee pain, I  think you need to stop the exercise for a few period just to figure out what might have gone wrong in the car and also in own body. 

Knee Pains

2.  See the doctor: The best way to find a solution to leg pain is to try and see the doctor. The doctor understands the right medication or treatments to administer but when you start buying drugs from stores to reduce your knee pains, it is bad. Knee pains along with discomfort in the leg or knee area and the best person you should see for medical advice or treatments on this is to consult your doctor. Or if you have bought some pain relief drugs and nothing is happening within 2 days, please consult your doctor on this. 

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3.  Exercise: Another solution to knee pains that works well people of any ages is to do some exercises. You may not do serious or energy sapping exercises like the cardio exercises or stairs climbing but you can do soft exercises like walking around the neighborhood or street and never allow yourself to sit for so long. Exercises like walking also helps to the keep the body and heart healthy. 

4.  Do sport: Not only exercise, there are some sport that are even more lively and effective than other exercises. These sport are ball squats where a ball is placed between your back and the wall and you roll down and up, it help to work on the knees and the muscle I of the knee are ;loosened compared to when you weren’t doing any sport at all. You can also try to do exercise like trying to bring the leg towards the mid-line of the body. It causes abduction of the leg and knee pain is reduced or cures if done regularly. 

5.  Avoid cold drinks
: This is just like a precaution but can also be a solution not only to leg pain but to general body pain like back pain, leg pain, knee pain, chest pain and many more. If you usually have some pains in your body like the knee pains, you need to stop drinking too much of cold drinks instead drink warm water or hot tea. People who drink warm water or hot tea usually don’t have much pains but drinking too much of cold water can cause pains like knee pains, chest pains, body pains and many more.

6.  Prescription Drugs: there are prescriptions drugs that when you use them, it reduces or cure knee pains but these drugs are only recommended by the doctor. Most of these drugs are in form of analgesic, pain reliever, and many more. But get your doctor informed and let him prescribe the drugs you are suppose to buy or use for pain in the knee.

7. Don’t sit too much: I noticed that one of the things or conditions that cause knee pains is when we sit too much. Some people sit too much due to the nature of their job like the bankers while some people stand too much like teachers. Sitting or standing too much can cause knee pains but the solution to this is to walk round after sitting for several hours and make sure the kind of chair you are sitting on is very comfortable and upright for you to sit on. And when you close, you can walk few distances before getting a bus or to your destination. This will make you look healthy and the pains will disappear with time. And for people, who stand too much should also find time to sit down, relax and walk round as well. Thanks for reading.

How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

How do i Lose Weight in 2 weeks? I don’t know how it could be possible for people to lose weight in a week because I believe this weight or fat are gathered and accumulated not in 2 weeks but over a long period of time. But I was surprised to see a very close friend of mine who went for a 2 weeks weight loss program with a drastic change in his fitness, size and body because she has lost so much weight. And I asked how she was able to lose her weight in 2 weeks of her absence.

Some of the weight loss ideas she gave was documented and used for this post which am writing now. I believe you will gain a lot reading this post especially if you really want to shed excess fat and stay slim within two weeks. 

You might have attended many weight loss programs, participate in weight loss exercise which might be the wrong exercise or if you have been on weight loss diet for a long period of time and still not lose the weight, then you need to start with the ideas we will be sharing below and I believe you will definitely see the change and lose some weight in two weeks.

Getting read of excess fat or weight can be achieved in two weeks just as my friend stated earlier on how she was able to reduce her size and get a nice figure in 2 weeks. The 2 weeks weight loss ideas includes;

1. Cardio Exercise: The best way to achieve a considerable loss in weight or shed a good amount of fat in 2 weeks is to make sure you do cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are exercise that makes your breath faster and faster which is very good for your health. It makes the heart function properly and blood is circulated all over the body which brings about an increased metabolism that helps to reduce weight. If you do cardio exercise you will experience a considerable loss in weight right from the very first day you start the cardio exercise and these exercises includes fast jogging, fast running, skipping, huddles etc.
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Lose Weight

2. Drink Plenty of Water: It is possible to lose weight in 2 weeks only if you avoid drinking sugary drinks and drinking water. Water is very healthy, water is good and it helps to dissolve food particles in the body. If you drink plenty of water in 2 weeks coupled with the fact that you do some cardio exercises as well, you will definitely lose some weight within that period. Water don’t make people go fat but instead it helps to lose weight if you are doing some exercise or dieting.

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3. Eat Vegetables; another good way to lose weight in two weeks is to eat more and more vegetables. If we are to say the fact, vegetable contains more vitamins and minerals that helps in digestion, high body metabolism and also help to reduce weight. If you really want to achieve a weight loss in about two weeks, you need to do away with junks food items like meat pie, egg role, doughnuts, puff puff etc but eat more vegetables and fruits which are very healthy for your 2 weeks weight loss program

4. Walk: Walking is another good way to lose weight or burn some fat in 2 weeks. You can achieve by walking some distance without your car like going to the market, place of worship, or just walking for fun. Some people love going out with their cars even when the distance is very short and walk able to them. Walking is cheap and it can also help you save some money while doing it. Some people even partake in speed walking helps to get faster results.

5.  Fried Foods; The best way to achieve a good result in weight loss within 2 weeks is to shun or avoid eating fried foods especially foods that are cooked with animal fats. These foods contain cholesterol and fat and when you eat more of these foods, you may not lose weight as targeted. If you watching your diet and doing some exercise to lose weight, the best way to get the best result is to avoid fatty foods at that period.

6. More Fiber Foods: It is possible to lose weight in 2 weeks or within 2 weeks by eating healthily, doing exercises, and eating more of fiber foods. Fibers foods like cabbage, salads, cucumber, garden egg, pawpaw, cassava etc are very good to maintain and reduce weight within the shortest period of time.

7, Stairs Climbing: One of the mostly used and effect way to also lose weight in 2 weeks is stairs climbing. It may not be easy to climb stair case but nothing good comes easily. If you shun the elevators and decide to climb the stair case multiple times per day, you will experience some drastic changes in your body and more fat are reduced and you lose weight. It can also be done at home but must be daily without fatty foods, sugar, or high calorie foods.

8. Avoid Sugary foods: There was a time I tried not to eat any sugary foods for 14 days and people around me notice some changes in weight which I didn’t really take not of. If you are doing some exercises or you are on a diet plan, try as much as possible to also avoid sugar, sugary drinks, soft drinks etc but drink water and you will notice a considerable drop in your weight and calories.

9.  Eat Less: To achieve a weight loss in 2 weeks, you need to stop eating more calories than the body can digest but you can eat more fruits and vegetables which does more good to the body and can help you lose weight. You need to eat less of carbohydrates, less of fatty foods and more of proteins, vitamins and non fatty foods.  Thanks for reading

What to do in case of Bacillary Dysentery

A colleague of mine was rushed to the hospital few days ago because he was he was having excessive stools. He claim to have eating from a nearby canteen and after he got back to work, he complained of stomach pain and he was passing out stools seriously. He was diagnosed of bacillary dysentery but he was lucky he didn't die due to the fast medical treatments that were administered to him as fast as possible. 

What is Bacillary Dysentery? This is a disease of the bowels which is caused by germs belonging to shigella group of bacilli. One of the signs of bacillary dysentery is frequent stools usually more than 20 or 50 per day with mucus, blood and pus. It may result to illness and fever and may cause death if no proper treatments or medication is given.

Bacillary Dysentery

Bacillary dysentery is more common in families or among people who live in overcrowded areas with bad sanitation, contaminated water, and bad hygiene. Dysentery is highly contagious and can affect more young people within the shortest period of time if the cause it not identified and eradicated immediately.

Bacillary dysentery is caused by contaminated foods, water, germs, soil or flies that carries germ from human waste unto food or water which the people drink. Initially, i suspected that colleague of mine to have eaten contaminated food or water which was right because he was later tested and confirmed of contacting dysentery through the food he ate last.
Symptoms of Dysentery includes illness, fever, uncontrolled stools, loss of appetite, drowsiness, vomiting, desire to vomit, abdominal pains, dehydration, weakness and death.

10 Things to do during Dysentery;

1. Consult the doctor; one of the things you need to do when a person is noticing some symptoms of dysentery like continuous stools, such person or anyone around should call the doctor as quick as possible. If you are leaving very far from the hospital or your effort in calling the doctor is not working, take the patient to a nearby hospital for immediate medical treatments

2. Diarrhea; I noticed that any treatment given to diarrhea also work very well for conditions or diseases like Bacillary Dysentery. I have some information and treatment guidelines on treating of diarrhea, you can use the search box above to search on this treatment. 

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3. Saline Drips: One of the best treatments for dysentery is to administer saline drips to the patients. This could only be done by the doctor after conducing test and other examination to be sure you or the patients have contacted dysentery. For diarrhea and dysentery, I believe saline drip is the best treatment that can be administered but only through the doctor’s instruction.

4. Prescription Drugs: Another good treatment for bacillary dysentery is to administer prescription drugs to the patients. This could only be done by the doctor after conducing test and other examination to be sure you or the patients have contacted dysentery. For diarrhea and dysentery, I believe saline drip is the best treatment that can be administered but only through the doctor’s instruction. Do not attempt to buy drugs or practice self medication which might be too risky for your health. 

5. Eat Vitamins: For a case of dysentery, vitamins are also very effective as alternative treatments. You can get Vitamins from fruits, foods, Vitamin supplements and many more. But must be in few quantities because more vitamins especially raw fruits which may also cause stools.

6. Eat Proteins: For a case of Bacillary Dysentery, proteins are also very effective as alternative treatments for this illness. You can get Proteins from egg, fish, milk and many more. But must also be in little quantities because more excessive stools especially beans can cause stools.

7. Adequate Sanitation: The best way to manage, prevent and avoid dysentery is to maintain a clean environment. Ensure all the environments are clean, the water you drink are properly kept or stored, drink clean water, dispose waste or sewage properly and build drainage to remove stagnant water.

8. Antibiotics: A very good treatment for bacillary dysentery either in children or adult is to administer some antibiotics which are recommended by the doctor to the patients. This could only be prescribed by the doctor after conducing test and other examination to be sure you or the victim has actually contacted dysentery. For diarrhea and dysentery, antibiotics are recommended. Do not attempt to buy antibiotics by your drug store or practice self medication with antibiotics.

9. O.R.S: This is also known as Oral Re-hydration solution which contains mixture of salt and sugar in small quantity. It is mostly recommended for infants or children but it must be prescribed by the doctor in the hospital. It helps to replace lost fluid due to excessive stools that might have been experienced during the sickness. Thanks for reading.

5 Side Effect of Eating Too Much Microwave Foods

What are the Side Effects of Eating Too Much Microwave Foods? I was talking to a radiologist few days ago and I notice the rate at which people go for X-ray is very alarming since I know the dangers of exposing oneself to radiations excessively but the radiologist said it’s not only from X-rays people get exposed to radiations but through sunlight, , phones, microwave foods and many more.

What are microwave foods? These are foods that are kept, preserved or warm for reuse through microwave device. A microwave is an advance technological device that contains various radiations like radio, micro wave radiations and heat elements that keeps food warm or hot each time you need to eat.
Of course microwave foods are used at home, fast food, restaurant etc which is good but when it becomes excess, the body may accumulate these dangerous radiations that may cause cancerous growth in the body. 

Other dangers or side effects of micro waved foods includes,

1. Cancer: the causes of cancer has always being a question people ask which they want to know more information about cancer cause but radiologist and cancer expert claim that overexposure to radiations like microwave, infra red, radio wave, ultraviolet rays, sun rays etc are possible cause of any type of cancer. When you eat too much of microwave foods, it may lead to cancer types like stomach cancer, kidney cancer, throat cancer, and other cancer in the body or stomach region. It is more better you don't eat too much of microwave foods but you can freeze or warm your food through the traditional gas or stove method, to avoid the body accumulating too much of radiations.

Microwave Foods

2. Radiations; another side effect of food that are kept in the micro wave is that it contains radiation in foods especially when they are accumulated over a period of time can cause the growth of cancer cells. The concept begin microwave foods is that it contains a heating source which is attached to a micro wave, when a food is being placed in the microwave, the waves penetrates through the food which starts heating from the inside. If you have a food in the micro wave in your kitchen, place a solid food in it and you will notice that after a while, the food begins to get heated not from the outside but from inside of the food which is a property of a micro radiation which is not too healthy as a food for people. 

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3. Protein Denaturing; I notice that food items like protein when you keep them for a long time in the microwave denature the protein in it. Protein denature could occur when there is too much heat and radiation entering a protein materials, it disrupt the activities of protein materials, kill the protein substances and it scatter the protein structure and nutrients in the food. So if you are eating protein foods like egg, milk, cheese, wheat, fish, meat etc and you expose this food to microwave excessively, what you fail to know is that the proteins your body is suppose to derived as been denatured and transform to fiber or nothing. So, the body gains nothing in return which is bad.

4. Electric shock; I also named electric shock as one of the side effect of eating microwave food due to my personal experience abut a scene. It happened that I tried to warm a food to eat for lunch but I didn't realize I had water in my hand and the handle of the micro wave oven also had some drops of water. So as I touch the handle to open the micro wave device, I almost got electrocuted that I have to quickly turn of the switch and later, I notice that a rubber insulator that protect the wire had been removed. So you never can tell the condition of the microwave device before using it. So the effect of excessive exposure of food to micro waved devices may be exposing the person to electric shock when not properly handled.

5. Mutation; if you notice that some people may give birth to babies with one hand, 4 legs, tongue gum to mouth, one eye, disabled from birth etc, all these are mutation which can simply be defined as a sudden change in the DNA of a person when exposed to dangerous substance like radiations. Foods that are micro waved do contain micro radiations that can cause mutation. Some people do complain about their babies born as imbeciles but forgetting the fact that radiations have gain access to the fetus during pregnancy which cause disruption of the baby's DNA cells which is also known as mutation. Imagine a pregnant woman who fail to visit the doctor and continue to eat fast foods where most of the foods are micro waved food items, such person may stand a chance of experiencing mutation

In conclusion, the dangers attached to eating too much micro waved foods shouldn't be ignored. Protect yourself from cancer and other radioactive elements by reducing micro waved or avoiding foods containing micro waves. 

What to do in case of Rabies

I am writing this post based on the knowledge and treatment I have in the happening of a disease called rabies (hydrophobia) and what to do in case you see a child bitten by a dog or an adult of matured age and the best way treat it.

Rabies is a serious disease which occurs due to bite of a mad dog. Rabies is caused by a virus which is capable of invading the brain of many mammals including humans. The virus break into the skin, travel speedily to the brain and then to the salivary gland. Rabies can be contacted from person to person and may lead to death.

Rabies is common among wild animals like fox, bat raccoon’s, and wild dog. It can be transmitted from dogs to man. When a dog is unhealthy or discomfort, it get annoyed and bite people around with the virus in the saliva that contains the virus.
Symptoms of rabies; high fever, fever, depression, restlessness, pains, spasm, inability to drink water, and death if left untreated several hours or days.

What to do in case of rabies

1. Consult the doctor; one of the things you need to do in case of dog bite or when anybody get bitten by a dog is to immediately seek medical attention, request for an ambulance or call the doctor. In this type of situation, the medical doctor is in the right position to prescribed medical treatments or drug that can cure the after effect of the rabies virus. The doctor will also test the victim as well as the dog that bit the patient just to be sure he or she is administering the right treatments for rabies.


2. Cleaning wounds
; while you await the doctor treatment or as you take the victim of dog bite to the hospital, you can still maintain the best hygiene and first aid treatment by cleaning the bite area with large amount of water and soap. Just get a bowl of clean water, put some medicated or anti-germicide soaps and clean the surface of the wound gently and with large amount of treated water.

3. Do not suture; if in case of dog bite and you haven't gotten any medical attention, do not try to suture the wound thinking you are rendering some help, just leave the wound open and continue to clean with clean water until the doctor arrives or until you get to the hospital for further treatments. The doctor determines if the wound will need suture or just normal treatments but dog wounds usually don’t need suturing but surface treatments.

4. Anti rabies vaccines: another thing to do in case of rabies is to immediately administered an anti rabies vaccines which can only be given or prescribed by a doctor just to cure and prevent future occurrence of such incident. The anti rabies vaccines is also an antivirus which helps to kill the virus causing the symptoms or change in body system. So, you also do not need to buy anti rabies vaccines but meet with doctor and get more information about it. 

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5. Anti rabies injection; another thing to do in case of rabies is to immediately administered an anti rabies injection which can only be given by a doctor. The anti rabies injection is an antivirus which helps to kill the virus causing the symptoms or change in body system. So, you don’t need to buy anti rabies injection but only the doctor can give such treatments.

6. Discontinue Anti-rabies Treatment: one of the things to you need to do in case of dog bite is to keep the dog in isolation, invite the animal doctor to perform a test on the dog to ascertain if the dog is actually infected with rabies. If the dog posses the rabies virus in it body, you may continue the anti rabies treatment but when the dog tested negative for rabies, you should immediately discontinue the treatments to keep the victim healthy. Not only that, you must also test the victim of dog bite to be sure if other infection has not set in like tetanus which I know can be cure through strong antibiotics.

7. Herbal Medications: This may not apply to every country but some countries in Africa really have some herbs that can cure rabies infection from dogs. Some also herbal medicines also eject various rabies virus or infection out of the body of the victim. I was in Nigeria sometimes ago when a man treats his boy dog bite with some herbal medications, although I didn’t seem to believe at first but it works perfectly because the boy was healthy. But before administering any herbal treatments for any victim, the dog also should be tested for rabies so as not to treat a patient blindly for wrong medication.

In conclusion, people or children get infected when bitten by a mad dog with rabies. If you are bitten by a dog, just try as much as possible to see the doctor first and get treated but while you wait for the doctor, you can clean wound surface with clean water and soaps, do not suture the wound, get anti rabies injection or anti rabies vaccines by the doctor, do not attempt to keep it silent and so some avoid self medication and discontinue treatments if you realize the dog has been tested and free of rabies. Thanks for reading

10 Nigerian Foods Low in Fat

What are the best Nigerian Foods Low in Fat? This is a good opportunity for some of my Nigerian readers, fans or people who are in Nigeria and needed to lose some weights through various Nigerian diets which are posted as you read on with this post. It is good if we have a good knowledge of some Nigerian foods that are low in fat so many Nigerian can be cautious of what they eat or how do eat. 
There are some Nigerian foods that are really low in fat and these foods are very healthy to the body. Some of these Nigerian foods are usually low in fat but high in proteins, vitamin, and low in fat and also sugar. 

The Nigerian foods low in fat includes the following,

1. Water: water is listed among the low fat Nigerian foods because it digest food particles. It increases body metabolism and it is made up of over 50% of the total human body. Water also helps to reduce weight unlike other foods which are not healthy like sugary drinks, juice, wine, alcohol, fat all which are not good for the body. Research shows that over 6 glass cups of Water is needed by the body for normal body balance and operations.

2. Fruits; fruits like mango, garden egg, pawpaw, mango, grape, apple, pineapple, banana, etc are low fat foods that are found in Nigeria. Fruits contain Vitamins and minerals that helps to build the body, increase body metabolism and helps to lose or burn fat because most fruit contains high amount of fibers and water. 

3.  Vegetables: just like fruits which I described as an example of low fat Nigerian foods, vegetables are also important low fat foods. Vegetables like water leaf, green leaf, pumpkin, bitter leaf, etc contains vitamins and minerals that keeps the body health, smooth and free of fats. Vegetables is so effective in reducing weight in the sense that if you eat it other foods like carbohydrates (e.g rice) it will speed up the digestion rate of the food and the waste are not stored in the body but the bowel are emptied with ease due to the presence of vegetables in the food. 

Nigerian Foods Low in Fat

4. Amala (yam flour) ; this is a popular solid food among the Yoruba tribes of Nigeria which can be eaten with vegetables soup or okra soup. Amala is made from yam flour that is why it is made up of starch which gives energy and contains no fat. If you are Nigerian and you feel like maintaining your weight, or you want to lose weight through diets, I recommend you eat this food because it is very light and it contains low calories.

5. Rice; rice is a grain which contains carbohydrate that gives energy but contains no fat. Rice is mostly eaten not only by Nigerian but by everybody in the world because it contains no fat and it is light with low calories. But when eating in excess especially fried rice, it can make you gain more fat instead losing fat due to the animal fat that was used to cook it.
6. Beans; this is another Nigerian food that is low in fat but it contains high amount of proteins which builds the body and can even enhance body stature or height. It also helps to keep the skin smooth and free of diseases. 

7. Fish meal; Fish meal is high in protein but contains little or no fat depending on the type of fish. But most stock, roasted, smoked or dry fish are free of fat and they contain high amount of zinc which boost fertility in both men and women.

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8. Snail: snail is very healthy to the body because it contains a good amount of protein with no fat. Snail is one of the best Nigerian foods that is low in fat, it contains no cholesterol and its very high in protein. It can be eaten by people who have some illness like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart related diseases and many more. Eating snail meat won’t make you fat instead it helps you to lose more fat

9. Wheat: This is also a good Nigerian food that contains no fat. No matter how much you eat, it won’t make you fat because what contains high amount of proteins and fiber and no fat. Eating wheat as a solid food, liquid like pap or as a semi solid won’t make you gain weight or add fat but it will help you build your body without you getting bigger.

10. Maize Meal; Maize meal as a Nigerian food with little or no fat is very healthy and sure. Maize meal is usually common among many Nigerians and examples of maize meal include solid pap also known as eko, tuwo which is also produced from maize and corn flakes is also a maize meal which gives energy without the body gaining too much fat.

In Conclusion, the food listed above are categories of Nigerian food with low fat or no fat and they are very healthy. There are other foods that are also low in fat like African salads, salads, cassava, skimmed milk, dried meat, bambara food and many more which are not included on this page but will be listed in our next post which contains about 100 Nigerian foods that are low in fat. Just keep your fingers cross and stay updated to our website for future update. Thanks for reading.