21 Sep 2017

Why Prescription Medicines are Better Than Herbal Medicines

Is Prescription Medicine Better than Herbal Medicine? I was watching a talk show about prescription and herbal medications where people want to know the best between these two type of medications and i feel i need to also enlighten my fans and readers on the two kind of medication, their advantages and reasons why one might be better than the other. Both prescription drugs and herbal herbal drugs are used for treatment of ailment, diseases or other but i see that some people prefers precription medicine to herbal herbal treatments. 

Sometimes ago, i posted an updates on the reasons why herbal drugs are used and better than prescription drugs but now, i want to look at the reverse now with some valid reasons to back up my claims on this. And i hope you will gain a lot reading this health tips as you read on with this post.

But for me, i still believe in prescription drugs compared to herbal medicines or treatments because most of the prescription drugs are specific and can be used to treat specific diseases but many people claim herbal drugs are better than the prescription drugs which i really don't agree on.

According to my findings, prescription medicines better than prescription medicines in the following ways?

1. Its specific: i noticed that few people who prefers herbal medicine to prescription drugs claims that herbal medicine usually don't have a particular quantity of dose which could be harmful to health. But every drugs are prescribed with specific dose which is user friendly.

2. No Pills : One of the things people claim that makes herbal drugs more better than prescription drugs is that it herbal medicines are usually in liquid form. For people who don't like taking capsules or pills, i think herbal liquid medicine is their choice. Whereas prescription drugs are also in liquid form and are very active and even stronger than the capsules e.g liquid medication.
                                                Prescription Medicines
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3.There is p
rescription: One of the things that makes prescription medicines better herbal medicines is that prescription drugs are specific and are recommended by the doctors for specific purpose unlike herbal medicines which doesn't have such. Although some herbal mixtures now have prescription.

4. Contains Natural plants: I think one of the most important point when it comes to choosing the best when prescription and herbal medicines is the fact that most of these drugs are also made from natural plant or plant extracts. Herbal medications claim their product contain mainly plants whereas some drugs are made from this same herbs.

5. No Allergies: except for heart related druhs or drugs that can affect pregnant women, prescription medicines usually don't have allergies even when i was using one, it doesn't react in my body although some people do complain of allergies or reaction to some drugs, i feel that is one of the reasons why people prefer prescription medicines to herbal medicines or drugs.

6. Duly Registered: one of the things I preferred about prescription drugs is that many of them are duly registered and monitored by the medical association and are licensed to produce under a specific guidelines but herbal medicines or drugs could just be produced without being registered especially in developing or underdeveloped areas or regions.

7. Inexpensive: If you compare the various price of prescription drugs and herbal drugs, you will notice that prescription medicines are cheaper. For instance, you will notice that the cost of prescription drugs is lower compared to the high cost of herbal drugs these days. Imagine a herbal medication for hypertension which cost hundreds of dollars while the real and effective drugs are less in amount.

8. Drugs Composition: for prescription drugs, the contents are clearly writing but herbal usually don't have their content or materials written which I usually don't feel too comfortable with.

These are reasons why i feel prescription medicines are better than herbal drugs. The evaluation and facts are gotten from various doctors, pharmacist and nutritionist who contributed in one way of the other. But if you like herbal drugs, you only need to ensure you are taking the original one and not fake drugs that was manufactured just anywhere without registration number. Thanks for reading.
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19 Sep 2017

How can i cure the Eczema on my Neck fast?

How can i cure the eczema on my Neck? I decided to write on neck eczema on this updates due to the question i received through my mail where one of my readers said shes been struggling with the eczema on her neck and i should provide an answer to it. If you observed eczema in your neck and you have done so much to cure it, then this post is meant for you to read, consider and apply the tips/ideas discussed on this post and see the eczema vanish from your neck as quick as possible.

Eczema is a disease of the skin but not really contagious as people think. Eczema on the neck is usually characterized by itching, redness, neck area discoloration, and many more. Other common examples and location of eczema is  includes eczema on face, eczema on hands, on leg and at the back. It is also more common in children, teens, women, men and especially on people who uses bleaching creams and those who don't really take care of their skin..

Neck Eczema could be caused by harsh antiseptic, strong soaps, sun rays, parasites , dyes, and unkempt skin. Although many mature women do experience neck eczema during their monthly period or during pregnancy. Some Eczema occur due to sensitivity to food or cream and I think people should be careful of this as well. Eczema on the can be cured, prevented and treated as fast as possible using the ideas below,

1. Eat fruits and Vegetables: If you are currently experiencing eczema on your neck and you desire a fast way to cure it, then you need to start eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. These contains vitamins and minerals that helps the skin and repairs any dead skin cells.

2. Drink more water: Another thing to you can do to cure your neck eczema as quick as possible is to make sure you try as much as possible to drink plenty of water. I have seen people who don't use any cure for neck eczema but on water and the eczema leaves their skin fast. Since eczema is a skin diseases, drinking more water can cure it.

3. Consult your doctor: If you have eczema on your neck and you seek fast ways to cure it, then the first thing to do is to contact your doctor as early as possible or you see a dermatologist who will give you the best medical advice or treatments for such condition either you or your children. Your doctor is in the best position to recommend a cream, drugs or medication for you that will work fast.

Eczema on my Neck

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 4. Medicated soaps: Eczema on the neck in children or in adults can be cure or prevented by using medicated soaps or cream which are recommended by the doctor or dermatologist. Don't just buy any medicated eczema cream but as your doctor prescribes..

5. Sulfur Ointments
: One of the oldest but effective method of curing eczema on the neck still remains the use of sulfur ointments. You get a fast cure for neck eczema by using sulfur ointments. Creams that contains sulfur are usually very effective for eczema treatments and prevention.

6. Eat good foods: Another common way to cure eczema on the neck is to eat less or avoid food that are hard to digest, high calorie food, candy, sweets, chocolate and excess salts.

7. Reduce stress: When you have eczema on your neck or if you notice any eczema symptoms in any part of the body, you just need to sleep well and avoid overworking yourself. This will safe you from stress and the skin with continue to glow and fresh.

8. Use Olive Oil: You also needs need to use olive oil to rub your neck if you have eczema signs and symptoms. This works like magic and helps to cure eczema very fast.

9. Avoid excess coffee: If you have eczema on your neck, you should stop drinking too much coffee because I notice when I have eczema on my neck area, it gets escalated when I drink coffee and I felt it may happen to other people too. 

10. Personal Hygiene: Eczema on hand, eczema on face, in leg, back etc are all skin diseases which disappear when you use hot water to bath along with some soaps or medicated.

In conclusion, the eczema signs and symptoms and causes can be cured or prevented through the tips and ideas discussed above. Do these things and get rid of your neck eczema fast and enjoy a fresh looking skin. Thanks for reading.
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18 Sep 2017

8 Health Benefits of Skipping Exercises for Adult and children

what are the advantages of skipping exercises to both adults and Children? I took my time to watch how excited children's can be if you ask them to take up their jumping rope and start skipping. These children are too young to know that skipping can boost their health but they only count it as entertainment and any other sport.

I then ask an obese lady who has been struggling with weight loss to go and get a jump rope which is very cheap and easily seen. She started using the jumping rope and she managed to do some skipping every morning and evening and the result was wonderful and fast because she was burning off her body fat and calories through those skipping session she was into.

That is why I decided to write the post for the advantage of both children and adult. Jumping exercise with jumping rope is known as skipping exercise which has been proven to be the best exercise for weight loss and other health issues.

So, the various health benefit of skipping exercises for adult and children include;

1. It’s a cardio exercise
: one of the benefit of skipping using jumping rope is that it acts as a cardio exercise. Cardio exercises are exercises that are good for the health especially if you are an adult. These are exercises that makes you breath faster, it makes the heart pump more blood to other part of the body and it prevent heart related diseases like hypertensive, high blood pressure, stroke and many more.

2. For weight loss: skipping is a kind of exercises that helps to lose weight. Skipping burns fat faster and it increases body metabolism as well as circulation of blood all round the body. Excess fat in any part of the body will be reduced through skipping.

3. Maintain weight: if you are not really on the big side or you are currently overweight, skipping can help  you maintain your weight. This means, you won't grow fatter if you do skipping regularly but your current shape remains.

4. Reduce heart diseases; for adult or matured people, doing skipping regularly will prevent some heart diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and many more. One of the best exercises

5. Burn fat
: from what other point explains above, one of the best ways to burn fat or burn off excess calories in the body is to skip. If you are obese, overweight or fat then you need to do some skipping exercises to stay fit and healthy.

6. Boost intelligence: skipping exercise is a kind of sport or workout that boosts intelligence in children and adult too. Skipping improves the activities of the brain cells which help the cerebrum stay active and healthy and the effect of this is a boost in intelligence. It means skipping doesn't only work for exercise but also boost intelligence in children which I believe you will be glad to hear that as a parent.
Skipping Exercises

7. Act as detoxifier: a detoxifier is a substance that removes toxins out of the body. Cardio exercises like skipping also helps to remove sweat from the body and such sweat contains some toxins  which are not really needed by the body. Excess minerals like salts are removed from the pores during skipping. This is one of the best ways to keep the body healthy through exercise.

8. Strong bone
: one of the importance or advantages of skipping exercise to the body is that it helps to develop a strong bone. It prevents brittle bones and also makes the muscles get stretched and healthy.

In conclusion, skipping is good for both children and adult based on some of the following ideas shared earlier in the post contents.

In summary, Skipping helps to strengthen the bones, it boost intelligence in children, it ensures weight loss, it helps to maintain weight, it act as a cardio exercise, it burn fat and it act as a detoxifier. Thanks for reading.
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17 Sep 2017

10 Effects of Eating Raw Onions

In some of our previous post, we have discussed few topics on onions and the various health benefits and nutritional values of onions which i believe you will find some of the related post as you read on with the post. But now, we will be looking at the various effects of eating raw onions to the body. What do we mean by "effect" this could be positive or negative but this time, we will be taking a look at the health benefits or effect of eating raw onions since i don't think it has any side effect but more of benefits.

What Are the Effects of Eating Raw Onion? Onions are vegetables and are widely used as spice for cooking, this means that it is used as spice for food but only a few people knows the various effect of raw onions to the body and why they need to eat it at least once in a while. Eating raw onions is one of the best veggies or food in the world because it contains high amount of fibers, raw onions contains raw vitamins and minerals and it also contain active elements that helps the body prevent diseases.

It means when you eat onions, you are doing yourself a lot of good simply because of the nutritional components in it which has not been cooked or destroyed during cooking. I have seen few people especially the grandmas and grandpas eat raw onions and i feel nothing is wrong in that. Some people also garnish some foods like barbecue or fried meat with raw onions not only to give it a good smell but for the health benefits to be supplied to the body.

Raw Onion is a fruits, a vegetable, a plant that helps to cure all types of diseases and it performs the main function of giving a soup, stew or any type of food a good smell and delicious state.  Below is a list and brief description of the various effect of eating raw onions to the body, which includes;

1. It Prevents Cardio Diseases: One of the effects of raw onions to the body when you eat it is that it contains natural substances that help guide against cardio vascular diseases like hypo-tension, hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac arrest and many more. When you eat onions in it raw form to get this benefit but you can grind along with pepper, tomatoes, salads or other foods. It helps the heart to function well and it ensure blood circulation from the heart to other part of the body.

2. It Prevent Constipation: Another common effect you get when you eat  raw onions is that raw Onions aids digestion and its very active for prevention of constipation which is known as inability to pass out stool or waste from the anus due to digestive disorder or lack of water in the body. Raw onions contains fiber and vitamins which improves the digestion processes in the stomach.

Raw Onions

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3. It Prevent Diabetes: Raw Onions is very active and when you eat it regularly, you won't have problem of excess sugar in the body. This means that raw Onions helps to assist in the breakdown of sugar contents in the body. Many of the raw food we eat in my country contains mostly carbohydrate which later breaks down to sugar which excess of these may cause diabetes. So to save yourself from becoming diabetic, eat more of raw onions and you will be safe.

4. It Prevent Asthma: Another effect you get by eating raw onions is that it help prevent Asthma. Uncooked or raw onions contains substance that reduces histamine and histamine is one of the main causes of Asthma. But for people that already have Asthma, onions reduces the cough and the pain associated with it.

5. It Improves Sight: Another effect or benefit you get when you eat your onions in it raw state is that it helps to improve vision. Raw onions contains Vitamin A which is responsible for bright eyes, if you notice your vision is getting blur, just increase the amount of Onions in your food, you will see the difference and with time, the vision will be improved. All these i know from my grandma back in the days but know i now know is the presence of Vitamin A it contains that improves sight. 
6. It Prevent Slow Blood Circulation
: Out of the numerous effect you get when you eat raw onions is that it prevent slow blood circulation is very important because it deals directly with the heart and the heart itself is life. When the heart stops, it means death and the heart is only organ in the body that pumps blood and it also helps in the movements of blood in the body. So, eating raw onions helps to prevent slow blood circulation but it improves it to a more rapid movements.

7. Aid Digestion:  One of the ways you achieve fast and easy digestion is to add more onions to your stew or food or you eat it raw once in a while. Raw Onions contains over 50% of fibers and water, it means you get high rate of metabolism when you eat onions and food are digested at a fast rate. This will make you look trim, slim and will also prevent weight gain.

In Conclusion, Raw onions is very good for the body and the various effect which are discussed above are very real. Even if you cant eat it every time but you could do that occasionally. Eating raw onions will help your body in the sense that raw onions contains Vitamins and Minerals which improves sight, it prevent constipation, it prevent Asthma and it also prevent diabetes. Thanks for reading.
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I have a pot belly, what can I do?

I decided to write an updates on this topic since the person is not the only one with pot belly but a general issue. Pot belly is caused by expansion of the stomach due to excessive accumulation of stomach fat around the stomach region and it begins to get bigger and bigger.

Pot belly or protruding stomach is common in men around age 30yrs and above and more common in married men due to bad feeding habit and lack of exercise. But recently, we are beginning to see women or ladies have pot belly due to the reasons. But some breast feeding mothers or new moms also have are susceptible to this which means they can easily get potbelly due to baby fat.

I have pot belly, what do I do?
Now back to the question, if you have pot belly and you seek immediate solutions to this, you need to do the following:

1. Get dedicated: one of the ways you can reduce a pot belly or get rid of it is by dedication. You get dedicated to your dietician or doctors advice on this. You can also get dedicated to any weight loss plan or program you know because it works for belly fat as well.

You also Ned to believe it might take some time but it’s achievable.

2. Do exercise: the first thing to do if you have a pot belly is to start exercising your body. Exercises like running, jogging, skipping, cycling, jumping, speed walking etc not only work for the body alone but works for the stomach as well. Exercise helps to burn fat and also improves blood circulation around the body which reduces the belly size with time.

3. Sit ups: this is an exercise that works mainly for the stomach by strengthen and creating lining in the stomach. Sit up makes the stomach strong and doesn't allow more expansion which makes it good for belly fat reduction.

4. Eat less fatty foods: there was a time I was having a protruding tummy and I stopped to eat fatty foods, stopping this makes me get a tremendous reduction in my weight and tummy size. If you continue to eat fatty food, then your tummy will continue to get more bigger due to fat accumulation.

5. Eat less sugary foods: one of the contributing factors to having a pot belly is when you eat too much of sugar. Sugar is a carbohydrate but stored as a fat its accumulated in excess known as glycogen. But taking less of sugary drinks, soft drinks, sweets, cakes can help you reduce your tummy.

6. Reduce bread: I noticed that our body is different in terms of digestion and metabolisms. Some people's body digest fast while some are low. So, if you have a potbelly and you want it to go down gradually, I will recommend you eat less of bread at that time because bread is a high calories foods.

7. More fruits and vegetables: one of the best weight loss diet plan I have known in many years is the consumption of fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins that helps in body metabolism and digestion which helps to reduce weight. Fruits and vegetables contains fibers that also prevent accumulation of fat in the stomach.
pot belly

8. Eat more fiber foods: another best weight loss diet plan I have known in many years is the consumption of fiber foods. Fiber foods contain water and fibers that helps in body metabolism and digestion which helps to reduce weight. Fiber foods like cucumber, garden egg, strawberries, cabbage, fruits, etc contain fibers that also prevent fat accumulation in the body.

9. Avoid beer: for people who have pot belly and still drinks beer, you are only adding more fat to make it bigger because beer contains sugar and alcohol which are instrumental In making the stomach big.

10. Coffee or green tea: if you have a potbelly either as a man or woman, you need to replace your intake of sugary foods or drinks with coffee and green tea which are effective in burning stomach fat.

In conclusion, potbelly is not good because it poses risk to the health and could lead to more terrible diseases like cardio vascular diseases. But from the ideas shard above, I believe you might have learn some ideas from this and things to do to reduce the potbelly. Thanks for reading
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14 Sep 2017

Health Benefits of Sugar free chocolate for Men

What are the health benefits of Sugar free chocolates for Men? I noticed that most men or guys do run from eating chocolate candy believing it contain sugar which is not really healthy for men to consume but that is not really correct, some chocolates especially sugar free chocolates still have some health benefits for men and you will learning the various reasons why chocolates are good for men's health. It means that when women are eating chocolates, you can also eat it too as a man and never minding the old idea that it is not good for a man to eat chocolates.

What are sugar free chocolates?
These are chocolates that doesn’t contain sugar but still maintain the main taste of chocolates. Two latest researches shows that cocoa which is one of the primary ingredient in dark chocolates carries chemicals referred to as flavan-3-ols, that have been associated to reducing high blood pressure and increasing function of the blood vessels cells. By result, drinking or eating sugar free chocolates will help you as a man lower your blood pressure especially if your blood pressure is the fluctuating type.

Sugar free chocolates for men also help to diminish the chance of cardiovascular disorder or diseases in aged men or guys, helping them live longer. It eradicates some heart related diseases such as stroke, hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and others.

Researchers also concluded that sugar free chocolates contains cocoa which is a rich supply of antioxidants, consequently its action may additionally have a tremendous impact to other disease that are related to oxidative pressure (e.g. Pulmonary sicknesses and certain forms of most cancers). It means that moderate consumption of sugar free chocolate candy can helps prevent cancers in men simply because the chocolates contains anti oxidants which removes free radicals from the body.

A group of researchers studied 470 men aged around sixty five and asked them questions on their every day intake of sugar free chocolates.

Based on over 10 to 12 months examination of these men on sugar free chocolate candy, this research group determined that men who fed on these chocolates candy often had tremendous decrease blood stress than men who didn’t know anything about these chocolates and didn’t feed on it.

On the other hand, the selected men with maximum chocolates candy in their body due to intake were at half risk to die from cardiovascular disorder like hypertension, in comparison with the others. More than that, their chance remained lower and associated with smoking habits, weight, calorie intake, weight, physical activity tiers, alcohol consumption and other elements.
Sugar free chocolate

The results also extends that men who eat sugar free chocolates have lower risk of contacting diabetes because the chocolates doesn’t contain sugar. While men who don’t eat these chocolates still have more chance of having diabetes especially as they get more matured in age.

The end of the research gave a result that men who eat sugar free chocolates makes are less probably to die of any purpose or any kind of diseases either cardio diseases, diabetes, stroke or other kind.

The problem is cocoa which is contained in sugar free chocolates is rarely tolerable in large quantities and consequently the advised therapeutic quantity is about 100g of dark chocolate in consumption each day. Thanks for reading 
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13 Sep 2017

How to make weight loss diet pills work fast

what can I do to make a weight loss diet pills work fast? There are different weight loss plans and program in many part of the world, in which dieting and exercise seems to be the surest of these programs. But as you read on with this post, you will learn various ways to make a weight loss diet pills work for you fast.

But some doctors and dietician do recommend some weight loss pills for fast fat burning process. I usually don't recommend a weight loss pills but when I see a quality and effective pills, I do recommend that for people or for my fans.

What are weight loss diet pills? These are pills or drugs that reduce fat in the body by ensuring a fast body metabolism and digestion. I observed that weight loss diet pills usually work fine and fast only if the drugs are assisted with other weight loss ideas or tactics.

You can make weight loss diet pills work fast and quickly if you do the following;

1. Exercises: even if you have the best weight loss diet pills, you still have to do some exercises like running, jogging, skipping, walking, cycling and many more. These exercises will make you have a fast body metabolism and burns fat which will assist the pills in it operation.

2. Fiber foods
: you could also achieve a fast weight loss result through diet pills by eating fiber foods. Fiber foods are foods that contains high amount of fiber in them and examples include cabbage, garden egg, whole grains, pawpaw, cucumber and many more.

3. Fruits: you could also achieve a fast weight loss result through diet pills by eating fruit. Fruits are foods that contains high amount of fruits in them and examples include orange, cabbage, garden egg, whole grains, pawpaw, cucumber and many more. These fruits contain fibers and vitamins that aid digestion and body metabolism.

4. Cardio exercise: cardio exercises are exercises that make you breath faster which include hurdle, stairs climbing, running, swimming, and many more. Cardio exercises burns fat fast and when you still maintain your weight loss diet pills, you will get a faster result.

5. No fatty foods: avoiding fatty foods like junks, fried foods or food cooked with animal fat will make the weight loss diet pills work faster. Ignoring fatty foods speed up the operations of weight loss diet pills and I need you to watch that.

6. Less sugary foods
: another thing you can do to make a weight loss diet pills work for you very quickly is to avoid sugary foods, sugary drinks and candy. These sugary foods are high in calories and not matter how you use them, you will still get fat while eating your sugary foods but eating less of it will work fast for you.

7. Low calorie foods: to make a weight loss diet work fast for you, you could make that happened by ensuring you eat low calorie foods while you use your weight loss diet pills to make it effective. Example of low calorie foods are whole grain, fiber foods, fruits, veggies and more.

In conclusion, weight loss diet pills is good but works faster if you do other things like cardio exercises, no fatty foods, eating less sugary foods, eating more fruits, doing some other exercises and no fatty foods. Thanks for reading. 
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12 Sep 2017

Is Chinese Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Is Weight loss with Chinese green tea achievable? In our previous post, we discussed on reasons to buy green tea for the family and I hope you learn few things from that updates but I noticed that there are some Chinese green tea in store or in the market these days which are really good for the health especially when it come to weight loss. The secret to the slim look of most Chinese or Japanese ladies and guys is traceable to green tea that most of them drink instead of coffee like most Americans and Europeans drink.

From surveys, you will see that Chinese green tea or herbs may be used to improve the body and frame metabolism in various methods. The fact still remains that those who want to lose weight would like to have their metabolism run greater , fast and efficiently. There is some of green tea that can help human beings in their quest for a healthier, more efficient metabolism so that it will ensure that any efforts to lose weight are blessed with success. There are various types of green tea that could assist people looking to lose weight. The first sort of green tea is the sort that "transforms phlegm" in Chinese remedy terminology. These herbs can assist the frame to manage fat greater successfully and save you the buildup of unhealthy fat and fluids in the body. Some Chinese green tea in this magnificence which could help weight loss includes citrus aurantium, immature citrus peel, and magnolia bark. Glechoma and hawthorn berry also can assist by way of "reworking phlegm".

The facts also remains that Chinese green tea contains Citrus Aurantium which carries synephrine, and has been shown to have fats-burning ability according to research. This Chinese green tea improves the thermogenesis of brown fatty tissue inside the frame, that's normally the fat this is the most difficult to burn off. Citrus Aurantium does no longer have any terrible effect at the worried system like ephedra does. Speaking of ephedra, I do not recommend its use for weight-reduction plan. Chinese medicinal drug has historically used it for extreme and acute situations, consisting of allergies assaults. It isn't always meant for use as a weight-reduction plan tool or to get a high. These uses can leave someone ultimately greater fatigued and adrenal-depleted in the end. While Citrus Aurantium is a more secure option for the ones inquisitive about weight reduction.

Other green tea which can help boost metabolic feature are herbs that increase the qi and yang (Chinese) electricity of the frame . This class of Chinese tea or herbs includes ginseng, astragalus, and atractylodes. Other herbs in this category are ginger, cinnamon, epimedium and eucommia bark. These herbs also can provide someone strength. This can encourage the person to stay regular with his or her exercise ordinary. These green teas also inspire healthful digestion and normally make someone's metabolism run quicker and extra efficiently. This institution of herbs may be in particular useful for the ones humans whose weight has a tendency to build up across the abdomen.

Most Chinese green tea has detoxifying effects which could help with weight loss. This green tea has a tendency to reduce inflammatory, acidic situations in the body that frequently trigger the cravings humans have for inordinate portions of unhealthy meals. These teas are specifically beneficial in people who tend to have voracious appetites for highly spiced, oily, and sweet ingredients. They additionally can also be predisposed towards pimples or oily skin, and a barely reddish, or ruddy complexion. These herbs consist of Chinese rhubarb, coptis, and scute.

I also noticed that Chinese green tea may be used to govern and ensure stability out the emotional situations that cause overeating. People who find themselves ingesting out of pressure, sadness, despair, anxiety, or PMS can find that these herbs balance out their emotional lifestyles and reduce their cravings for meals. These green tea have magnolia bark, bupleurum root, mint, zizyphus and biota seeds, and longan fruit.

Other dietary supplements which could help in a healthy food regimen are kelp, apple cider vinegar, nutrition B6, and flaxseed oil. Drinking herbal tea such as these frequently also can be pretty useful.
Chinese Green tea

It is vital to keep in mind that all of these green tea or dietary supplements are beneficial for promoting weight loss due to the fact they promote a fast cell and metabolism, a healthy strength stage, a quick digestion, and a wholesome mental mindset, but that dietary and way of life adjustments are crucial which will see the results which you want. Nevertheless, Chinese Medicine can be a first-rate ally within the quest to shed kilos greater correctly.

In conclusion, you will see that the ideas given in the post above are data collected and works very well. Just like any other herbal tea or green tea, Chinese green tea is good based on some of the herbs it contains and can be used for not only weight loss alone but other ailments as well like stroke, hypertension, high blood pressure and many more. It means it’s never a bad idea to buy chine green tea if you have the chance to get any. Thanks for reading. 
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11 Sep 2017

6 Reasons to Buy Green Tea for the Family

Why do I need to buy green tea and drink it? I am writing this updates based on what I saw and the benefit I’ve gotten after buying green tea and the whole family drinks it. This is more like we are talking about the health benefits of green tea to the family which I did in some of our previous post that was posted long ago but you can still search for it anyway.

What is Green tea?
Green tea is a tea or substance produced naturally from tea plants without milk, fat or sugar unlike other beverages that have milk and sugar and people get to sleep, eat and add more weight after drinking other beverages. Green tea is common in countries like Japan, China, Korea and now in United State, Canada, UK, Europe and some part of Africa.

Due to the benefits or advantages, green tea which can also be referred to as herbal tea should be bought and consumed not only you alone but other members of the family. Some of the main reasons to buy green tea include;

1. Burn fat: So, one of the reasons for you to buy green tea or herbal tea is because it is effective in burning fat in the body. It helps to get rid of fat simply because it doesn’t support any fat contents in it. Green tea is just a natural plant processed in a tea form.

2. Get rid of excess sugar
: I also noticed that people who buy and drink green tea usually don’t have diseases like diabetes. This is because diabetes occurs when the blood doesn’t secret more insulin that required breaking down sugar into glucose.

3. Make slim: one of the primary functions of green tea is that it helps to maintain weight and could make people go slim.  If you look at the Chinese and Japanese people, they are not fat but many of them are slim due to the fact that they drink green tea couple of times per day.                                                                   

4. Act as detoxifier:  other reasons why people need to buy and drink green tea if you can’t find it naturally in your environments is that it detoxifies the body. Detoxification is the process of removing harmful toxins out of the body which can be attained when you drink the green tea. Buying and drinking a green tea lead to frequent urination that that time, which I believe is part of detoxification process.
Green Tea

5. Anti-oxidants: just like I said above, green tea which is also known as herbal tea contains natural anti oxidants that removes free radicals from the body. It helps to keep the body healthy and free of radicals and this is very important for the prevention of cancerous growth in the body.

6. Supply nutrients
: since green tea is a pure natural plant, it contains fiber and high in vitamins all which supply nutrients to the body and helps in fighting diseases, repairs dead body cells, perform special function and most importantly for weight loss.

In conclusion, green tea has a lot of benefits which you and your family will enjoy when you buy it. Remember it supplies nutrients to the body. It act as detoxify, it act as anti-oxidant, I helps to get rid of excess sugar, it burn fat and it can make you go slim. Thanks for reading.

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10 Sep 2017

10 Cheapest and Easy ways to Exercise Daily

What are the cheap and easy ways to exercises daily? Like I do tell people that the best way to live long and a life free of diseases is to live a healthy life and one of the sure ways to live a healthy life is to do some exercises. Exercises don’t kill people but makes you strong, work on bones, ensure fast digestion, ensure fast cell and body metabolism and it also ensure weight loss either you are a man or woman, old or young but you get encouraged when you find the easy and cheap ways to do daily exercise.

People find it difficult to do exercise their body not knowing that there are some exercises that are actually good, cheap, easy, and stress-free like walking, running, jogging, jumping and many more. All these that can be done daily and you don’t need to pay anybody or hire an expert to do these exercises.

Some people don’t know that finding time to work out the body is less complicated and easier than we think, you don't need to set apart time to move to the health club to get an excellent dose of day by day exercise. Utilizing any time wherein your attention isn't 100% devoted to a selected pastime or venture can assist along with your average fitness. The cheapest and easy ways to exercise your body daily includes;

1. You can exercise your body everyday easily by doing some squatting while making calls especially if the call is a lengthy discussion probably between you and your family, friends or loved ones.

2. Walking is the cheapest exercises as well as the easiest in the world right now. It only involves ignoring your car for short distance journey and trek with your leg, this is not punishments or poverty but for the healthy which is paramount to you at this dime.

3. You can also exercise your body daily simple by standing more while brushing the teeth or washing the dishes. This will help your coordination and balance and also ensures blood is circulated around the body with ease.

4. You may not sit all day even if your job permits it but While sitting all day at your computer or at the same time as driving, ensure your abdominals, just to preserve them running by moving the body and taking a break  to move round again.

5. For people whose homes or office has an electronic lift in it, it very simple just use the steps or stair cases in preference to the elevator. Taking at a time to use the stairs more than the lift is a good form of daily exercise and works well for the body fitness and weight loss.

6. You can also do few early mornings jogging either in your room or compound and still come up with good shape and healthy
7. Before getting out of bed, lie in your lower back and curl up right into a tight ball. Hold this for a second to stretch your lower back, and then completely stretch out your whole frame.
Exercise Daily

8.  While making dinner or while you prepare breakfast just keep yourself standing firm, do a little calf increases

9. While looking TV, stretch, so a few crunches, or perform a little push especially if you have sat for long hours watching the TV, push up is also a good form of exercise as well.

10. Some people jump few times in the morning before going to the shower and setting for work. I do that too and it really helps and keeps me fit. Although you don’t need much time but few session of jumping before bathing will do.

These exercises appear easy and insignificant, the more of these exercises you do, the more you get healthy daily, and the more exercise and physically fit you may be getting. For instance, if you can do one set of every of the above physical activities a day, you have simply incorporated 20-30 minutes of workout into your day, while not having to pay for fitness center membership or discover a large chunk of time to commit to only exercising. The secret is taking advantage of your "downtime" despite the fact that it's only some minutes here and there. Thanks for reading.
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