10 Common Signs and Symptoms of Cancer to Know

In our last post, i wrote about the different types of Cancer and the location or affected areas in the body where you need to really care about. Most cancers are not painful but when you ignore or do not give a prompt medical attention to it, it may cause death of an individual living with it. The best thing to do as soon as notice any of the signs explained below, see your doctor and avoid exposing your body to too much of radiations.

What is Cancer? Cancer does not really have a definite meaning but as been seen as abnormal growth in the body cells or other organs in the body thereby causing internal wound or growth of the affected areas. Affected areas of cancer include the brain, mouth, lungs, esophagus, throats, stomach, colon, skin, cervix, testes, ovary, and many more. But there are signs and symptoms of Cancer which when we see, we see the doctor as fast as possible because the best first aid treatments you can give to prevent or cure cancer is to report to the doctor as fast you can.
The common signs of cancer you should look out for includes;

1. Bladder Cancer: The signs and symptoms of bladder cancer is when you see trace of blood in the urine and frequent urination. These cancer signs such as frequent urination and blood in urine should be reported to the doctor as early as possible.

2. Bone Cancer: For bone cancer, signs include local pain at the leg or bone joint, difficulty in walking, thickness of bone and tenderness of bone. 

3. Leukemia (Blood Cancer): Leukemia is a blood cancer which is very dangerous and deadly but the common signs or symptoms of leukemia includes slight fever, pains, bleeding into tissues, internal bleeding, vogue syndrome.

4. Brest Cancer: This type of cancer is found in women and the signs and symptoms of breast cancer includes lumps and deformity in shape of breast.

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer
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5. Cervical Cancer: This type of cancer affects the cervix and the signs include abnormal bleeding, abnormal discharge and spots in blood sample. 

6. Esophagus Cancer: This cancer affects the throats or esophagus and the major signs of esophagus cancer are mainly difficulty in swallowing of spits, food, drink or anything.

7. Colon Cancer: The signs of colon cancer include bleeding by rectum and change in bowel size and habit. 

8. Kidney Cancer: This cancer affect the normal operation of the kidney and the signs and symptoms of Kidney cancer is observation of painless mass at one side of the abdomen form and difficulty in passing out waste.

9. Larynx: The sign of larynx cancer includes difficulty in breathing and difficulty in talking at the early stage of this cancer.

10. Lips Cancer: This cancer affect the lips and the common signs and symptoms of the lips cancer is deformation of lips shape or figure, warty growth and crusting ulcer.

11. Stomach Cancer; The stomach cancer is something we need to really care for because it cause death of the victim. The signs of this cancer include pain in the abdomen, loss of appetites, loss of weight and indigestion.

12. Skin Cancer: I said something about the skin cancer that affects the skin and people who have this type of cancer are people who exposes their skin excessively to radiation from the sun and harsh bleaching creams and the signs and symptoms of this cancer includes pimples, old skin legs, bleeding from skin, skin burns, skin discoloration and dark spot on skin.

13. Uterus Cancer: The sign of uterus cancer includes frequent bleeding from the private part especially in women on or before the monthly period. Irregular or heavy monthly flow in ladies or women is a sign you should take note.

14. Lung Cancer: This cancer type is more common in men that smoke excessively and the signs and symptoms of lungs cancer includes, frequent cough, blood stains in cough, blood splitting, chest pain, heart burn and wheezing. 

15. Mouth Cancer: the common sign of cancer of the mouth includes roughness of the mouth, burns, ulceration, peeling of the mouth, sore, bleeding, and swelling of the tissues of tongue and pains associated with swallowing.

16. Brain Cancer
: Brain cancer is not so common but there are people who have this type of cancer and they survived it due to early treatments that were given. The signs and symptoms of brain cancer includes pains in the heard, reasoning difficulty, occasional mental disorder, dizziness and sluggishness. 

In Conclusion, Cancer develops gradually and the cancer signs listed above are what we need to watch out for. If you notice any abnormal growth in any part of your body which was never there before, kindly see the doctor for medical advice. Cancer is only treatable if the cells are discovered at the early stage. Thanks for reading.

Types of Cancer and The Location in The Body

What is Cancer? Cancer is one of the leading cause of death in many part of the world which causes cancerous growth in the body but medical teams and doctors have never relent on their research to find the real cause of cancer in the body. Cancer is an abnormal growth in the body which cause multiplication of cancerous organisms in the cells.

Some people only hear about cancer but do not know the different types of cancer and their location in the body, i mean the areas where these cancer cells affects. That is why am putting information together so as to list the common types of cancer, the location and how we can avoid it or the growth from spreading throughout the body.

Cancer is not contagious but it is hereditary and it is more common in women than in men where few men contact prostate cancer but women have more than the men in terms of contacting cancer disease. Types of cancer and their location in the body includes;

1.  Bone Cancer: This is a type of cancer that is found in the bone. It Causes swelling and pains in the bone

2.  Urinary Cancer: This is a cancer type that affects the urinary bladder. It makes the urinary bladder bleeds but can be cured if discovered in it early stage.

3. Breast Cancer: If affect the breast and start early as lump in the breast. But if any case of lump are reported doctors as early as possible, then it can be prevented.

cancer locations

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4. Cervical Cancer: This affect cervix of the uterus and commonly found among women or older women. Exposing the body to too much of radiations due cause this cancer.

5.  Colon Cancer; This type of cancer affect tissue around the anus and older people are susceptible to this type of cancer.

6. liver Cancer:  This type of cancer affect the liver and the common signs includes jaundice signs. It kills more faster than most cancer of the body.

7. Lips Cancer: This cancer type affect the lips either in men or women but more in women who use harsh or fake make up products.

8. Skin Cancer: This cancer type affect the skin, it cause rashes, swell or boils on the skin and it mostly affect people who bleach their skin with harsh bleaching cream.

9. Lung Cancer:  This cancer type affect the lungs, throat and it mostly affect people who smoke excessively because the high presence of nicotine in the blood stream or smoke along the lung can cause this type of cancer.

10.  Ovarian Cancer: This type of cancer affect the Ovary in women. Irregular blood flow or infected blood flow in the ovary could lead to this type of cancer. And having multiple partners could also lead to this. 

11. Prostate Cancer; This cancer affect men and its associated with growth in the male reproductive organs and hormones. 

12. Bladder Cancer: This affect both men and women and its affect the bladder. Irregular growth in the bladder tracts do cause the bladder cancer.

13. Brain Cancer: This cancer affects the brain either in men or women. It starts with brain tumor, migraine, sleeplessness and cancerous growth in the brain.

14. Kidney Cancer: This cancer type affect the kidney and the cause of this is due to substance that gain access into the kidney through food or minerals consumed by the body that refuse to get digested. 

15. Bowel Cancer:  This cancer is also referred to as stomach cancer. It occur when the cancerous cells gain access into the stomach. It causes so much pains and may lead to bleeding. 

16. Thyroid Cancer: This type of cancer affect the neck where cancerous growth are found around the neck region.

17. Testicular Cancer: This cancer type affect the testes in men. It cause swelling of the testis with painful and discomfort conditions.

18. Blood Cancer:  This cancer affect the blood cells and may cause death of victim is quick medical intervention is not given. Blood cancer is too risky to live with and the sign is similar to anemia.

In Conclusion, these are type of cancer, their effect and the location where many of them are found. The only way you can help or protect yourself from these cancer types is that you need to see the doctor as soon as you notice any growth in your body and try as much as possible to avoid exposing your body to radiations. Thanks for reading.

How to Reduce the Odor from the Armpit

What Causes Armpit Odour?
Armpit Body Odor can be very embarrassing and it is not really healthy for the body. Odor from the armpit is a bad body smell which occurs due to bacterial infection on the skin or armpit region but many of these conditions happens due to excessive sweating and lack of regular bathing of the body and armpit area.

Many people are so busy that they don’t even bother to wash their armpit very well with soaps, these results to bad body odor from the armpit but can be prevented and treated using the ideas shared on this post as you read on. You can prevent or treat this bad smell using the following ideas;

1.  Locate the Source; One of the ways to treat odour from the armpit is to try as much as possible to locate the source and cause of the body odor. Some people armpit odor are caused due to uncleanness and bad attitude to personal hygiene such as regular bathing and scrubbing of the armpit but aside this, another major cause of body odor is a bacterial infection.

2. Shave the Armpit: Another way to reduce or cure the odor from the armpit is no other thing than to shave the armpit hair regularly. The presence of hair in the armpit will harbor these bacteria which make the body smell really bad especially when the person is sweating excessively.

Armpit Odour

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3. Balance Diet: One of the ways to reduce armpit odor as well as the cure to this bad armpit smell is to eat good food such as balance diet. You can reduce or cure this bad body odor by eating food which contains all classes of food such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, oil, water and many more.

4. Bath Regularly: One of the best and sure way to cure bad odor in the body is to take your bath regularly and as many time as possible with clean water and mild soaps. If you fail to have your bath regularly, the body might be subjected to bad smell in the armpit region, so take bath regularly.

5.  Avoid Deodorant or Body Spray:
One of the things people do that cause bad armpit odor is excessive use of deodorants and body spray. If you see a lady with bad odour then such lady may be an addict to deodorants and body spray. This deodorant get dried up on the skin and if you don’t bath regularly after using this spray or at night, then it may result to bad smell and one of the remedies to this is to avoid these substances.

6.  Avoid Rotten Food: Eating too much of rotten food or food that are long overdue can as well cause armpit odor either in men or women. Rotten food do contains bacteria that cause this smell and if you still continue to eat spoils or rotten food, you might have armpit odour.

7. Raw Onions: Eating too much of raw onions, may cause body odor as well as armpit odor. If people complain about your armpit smell, please check if you eat raw onions or garlic and stop it but you can add it as spice to your food or soup rather than eating it raw. 

8. Raw Garlic/Ginger: Just as i said earlier about onions, eating too much of raw ginger and garlic do lead to body odor as well as armpit odor. One of the best way to reduce this armpit smell is to avoid eating raw garlic and ginger but you can add it as spice to food which is the best. These plants are good for digestion but when consumed in excess can continue to smell in your mouth and skin that seems as if you have body odor. 

In Conclusion, these are the various ways to reduce body odor or cure it. I believe the best treatments for armpit odor is to prevent it rather than finding cure to it and this you can get by taking regular baths, eating fresh foods, avoiding rotten foods, shaving armpits and avoiding too much of deodorants and spray. Do this and your armpit won’t smell bad. Thanks for reading.

Eczema on Face - How to Cure it

How can i cure eczema on my face? If you observed eczema in your face and you have done so much to cure it, then this post is meant for you to consider, apply the tips and see the eczema vanish from your face or body.

Eczema is a disease of the skin but not contagious. Eczema on face is characterized by itching, redress, facial discoloration,  and many more. Common examples and location of eczema is  includes eczema on face, eczema on hands, on leg and at the back. It is also common in children, teens, women, men and especially on people who uses bleaching creams.

Facial Eczema is caused by harsh antiseptic, strong soaps, sun rays, parasites , dyes, and unkempt skin. Although many mature women do experience facial eczema during their monthly period or during pregnancy. Some Eczema occur due to sensitivity of food or cream and I think people should be careful of this as well. Eczema on face can be cured, prevented and treated using the health tips below,

1. If you are currently experiencing facial eczema, then now is the time you need to start eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. These contains vitamins and minerals that helps the skin.

2. Another thing to do when you have eczema on your face is to try as much as possible to drink plenty of water. I have seen people who don't use any cure for facial eczema but on water. 

3.  If you have eczema on your face, the first thing to do is to contact your doctor as early as possible or you see a dermatologist who will give you the best medical advice or treatments for such condition either you or your children.

 Eczema on Face
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 4. Eczema in children or in adults can be cure or prevented by  using medicated soaps or cream which are recommended by the doctor or dermatologist. Don't just buy any medicated eczema cream but as your doctor.

5. You get a fast cure for facial eczema by using sulfur ointments. Creams that contains sulfur are usually very effective for eczema.

6. Another popular way to cure eczema on the face is to avoid food that are hard to digest, high calorie food, candy, sweets, chocolate and excess salts.

7. When you have eczema on your face or if you notice any eczema symptoms in any part of the body, you just need to sleep well and avoid overworking yourself. This will safe you from stress and the skin with continue to glow and fresh.

8. You also needs need to use olive oil to rub your face if you have eczema signs and symptoms. This works like magic and helps to cure eczema very fast.

9. If you have eczema on your face, you should stop drinking too much coffee because I notice when I have eczema on my face, it gets escalated when I drink coffee and I felt it may happen to other people too. 

10. Eczema on hand, eczema on face, in leg, back etc are all skin diseases which disappear when you use hot water to bath along with some soaps or medicated.

In conclusion, the eczema symptoms and causes can be cured or prevented through the tips and ideas discussed above. Do these things and get rid of your facial eczema and enjoy a fresh looking skin. Thanks for reading.

7 Healing Herbs You Need to Know

Healing Herbs are plants that are medicinal to the body and perform special treatments and cure to diseases and general body developments including curing of diseases or prevention.

Herbs have healing power and people refer to them as medicinal plants which helps to cure diseases like stroke, hypertension, high blood pressure, Jaundice, yellow fever, typhoid, malaria, cold, asthma, diabetes, ulcer, anemia, obesity and many more.
Below are some of the medicinal plants you need to know which includes,

1. Ginger; Ginger is one of the healing plants that is very good and medicinal to the body. It helps fasten digestion process, it increases body metabolism, it helps to cure indigestion problems like constipation and it helps to cure cancer.

2. Garlic: This is also a herbs that heals and is very similar in function with ginger. It helps to cure indigestion and its been  known to be very effective against cancerous growth which means it prevent cancer and also it prevent weight gain.

3. Lemon Grass: This herbs is so important to man because it helps to cure malaria when boiled and drink without any prescription drugs. Lemon grass is the basis of herbal remedy for malaria. As simple as the plant is, it helps to cure malaria and other sickness.

Healing Herbs

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4. Bitter leaf: Bitter leaf is a vegetable which when consumed help to cure many diseases such as excess sugar, helps to fasten digestion process, increase body metabolism and helps to cure blood pressure.

5. Sand paper leaf: This plant is very good especially in older people which helps to reduce blood pressure which reduce the risk of hypertension. Sand paper leaf also helps to cure diabetes because it helps to reduce blood sugar and other diseases. It also help to reduce sodium contents in the body gotten through excess salt intakes or salt licks.

6. Dongoyaro plants: This plant is a very good herb with lot of medicinal values. It is found in abundant in West Africa countries. It helps to cure malaria, typhoid, toothache, and other cardio vascular diseases e.g hypertension.

These herbs are very important and we need to know them based on the fact that they helps to cure and prevent diseases naturally or at home. You do not need to see the doctor for drugs or treatments, you can try some of these healing herbs do some natural treatment. Thanks for reading.

How to Get a Bikini Body

How do you get a bikini body? I was watching and listening to some health expert question and answer show where these expert give answer to various health issues. But to my surprise a lady just got up and ask these expert that how can some have a perfect bikini body? I believe she was referring to bikini body like those bikini Hollywood stars with skinny bikini body but she is fat and not really figured in shape.

I believe every woman is beautiful but many people still do not realize this. It not only when you have a bikini body or shape that will make you more beautiful than ever but it's a plus to have a good bikini perfect body which makes you looks sexy when you wear a bikini at the beach along with other bikini babes or bikini moms ate the pool.

Bikini is a type of wear that women wear at the pool, beach or at the stream but not ladies can wear the bikini and look fine due to excess fat or huge weight they have but having a bikini shape is good and can be achieved. We will be posting ways and things you can do to have a perfect bikini body and shape, some which includes,

1. Preparation: one of the ways you can have a perfect bikini body or skinny bikini body is to get prepared for especially if you are overweight or obese. You need to get determine to lose weight, work on your body and see the change.

2. Weight: Another thing you need to do to have a bikini body or shape is to check your weight regularly so as to compare the difference before the bikini workout and after the bikini exercise. This will tell if you are really achieving the result or not.

3. Balance diet: one of the ways to achieve a good and perfect bikini body as a woman or as a lady is to eat well and when I say eat well, I mean you need to eat balance diet. Balanced diet is a food that contains all classes of food such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fat, water etc all in correct proportions needed by the body without deficiency or being malnourished.

4. Picture: one of the things you to get a bikini body is to take your picture to monitor your body shape and fat reduction process. Your photos will let you know if your body is getting trimmed or not before people begins to ask you that how do you get a bikini body, you will already know in your body if your shape is good.

Bikini Body

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5. Vegetables; one of the ways to have a bikini body is to eat more of vegetables. It does not have fat and it fasten digestion process which helps to maintain weight or reduce the weights. This will help you have that figure that looks fine on a bikini.

6. Low Sugar: you can also get a bikini body and shape simply by reducing your sugar intake. This you can do if you drink less of soft drinks, sugar rich tea, beer, malt, sweets. Biscuits, sweets and many more. You might not have a bikini body if you love to eat all these excessively but all you get is fat which is not even needed here for bikini perfect body we are talking about.

7. Smoking and Alcohol: if you are the type that smokes and you drink alcohol then you might not have a good shape like the perfect bikini body. Alcohol is a drug and excessive intake of these will decrease your body metabolism and you get fat accumulation. So, you really do not need this to have a good shape or a bikini body

8.High Calorie foods: Another way to have a bikini body and shape is to avoid too much of high calorie foods like snacks, junks, fried foods and other fatty foods because they do more harm than good to the body. These high calorie food will slow down the digestion rate of the body and the body will begin to accumulate more fat.

9. Drink water: water is a natural substance that the body needs which helps to dissolve all food particular in the body. To have a good shape bikini body, you need to drink more water, water aids digestion and it makes your body fit and healthy.

10. Bikini Exercises: one of the best thing to do to have a bikini shape and body is to start bikini exercise. As a lady, you could start with walking, cycling, speed walking, running, jogging, skipping etc. Bikini Exercise helps to keep the body fit and burns excess fat which gives a desired figure for bikini. Doing the Bikini workout will trim your body, will reduce excess fat and you will like your body shape because so many people will admire your bikini shape.

Other ways to get a bikini body include eating more fibers, reduce stress, sleep well and eat less of heavy starchy foods. People who go to the beach wearing good and colored bikini cloths all do these things to maintain their shape and body. If you do the same, you end up having nice shape too. Thanks for reading.

7 Things to do In case of Anemia

There are many things you can do in case of Anemia either you are living with this disease or you have a friend, family or patients that have this blood disease. All will be explained as you read on with this post and things to do to save a life.

Anemia is a condition where the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is lower than normal. Let say if the normal blood contains 40 - 45% of red blood cells and when the amount of red blood cells is low, it results to anemia. Anemia is a blood disease which cause death and many people living with Anemia are often told by the doctor that they are expecting death.

Anemia is also caused by inadequate or improper form of red blood cells in the bone marrow since the bone marrow is responsible for the production of blood in the body. Another common cause of Anemia is when an individual is deficient in Iron and blood loss due to excessive bleeding. 

So, if you see people fighting or any women bleeding for a while, this could lead to Anemia and the best thing you do includes;

1. Anemia is a very serious diseases of the blood that can lead to death if no fast treatments or attention is giving to it. If you notice any case of Anemia or blood loss, then you need to call or visit the doctor as fast as you can. The only person who has the best answer to any case of Anemia is the physician. Just try as much as possible to reach out to the doctor as early as you can.

2. Another things you need to do in case someone or you have been diagnosed of Anemia is to avoid strenuous exercise as much as you can. the only exercise i can recommend for you or people with Anemia is walking and any rigorous exercise like skipping, running, jogging, hurdles etc must be avoided. 

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Things to do In case of Anemia
3.  Anemia is common among pregnant women and if this is observed or diagnosed, please see the doctor or tell the patient to see the doctor as early as possible medical advice or treatments.

4.  Women who usually have heavy blood flow during their monthly period should seek medical attention as early as possible. The doctor is in the position to give medical advice or treatments that correct this sign or symptoms.

5.  One of the important things you need to do in case of Anemia is never to believe you will die someday but make corrective measures by eating balance diet. Balance diet is a food that contains all classes of food in their correct proportion. Balance diet contains Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrate, Protein, Water, Oil etc in their correct proportion and body requirements.

6.  If you know someone who has Anemia disease or you are the person who has this disease, you can gradually take blood tonic that are rich in Iron. Since lack of iron could cause Anemia, then you need to take blood tonic that will help supply enough quantity of Iron to the body but must be well guided by the doctor.

7. Another thing you can always do to prevent Anemia or in case of Anemia disease is to eat more of Vegetables. Vegetables like pumpkin and other do contain high amount of Iron in them are named as foods that helps to cure Anemia naturally.

In Conclusion, we've explained the various things you can do in case you or anyone around you have this disease called Anemia. Just enlightened such person to eat balance diets, lot of Vegetables, blood tonic at doctor prescription, and most importantly is to visit the doctor as early as possible. Thanks for reading. 

10 Common Diseases that are Hereditary

The hereditary factor is something we need to put into consideration especially when it comes to hereditary diseases and how to deal with it. Hereditary is the transfer of traits or characters from parents to the offspring but in this case, we will be considering some diseases that are inherited from parents which are called hereditary diseases.

As you read on with this post, we will be mentioning some diseases that are hereditary which means the children are likely to have such diseases as they grow older or as they become more matured. These diseases includes,

1. Cancer:  Cancer is one of the leading cause of death in many part of the world. Cancer is believed to be cause by sudden or abnormal growth in the body which result to the growth of cancerous cells. It can be found at the stomach, skin, bone, breast, tongue, anus, colon, lungs etc Cancer is hereditary and can be inherited. So, if you detect any unusual growth in your body, consult a doctor as quick as possible.

2, Eye defect,: This is a disease of the eyes which may involve short shortsightedness, long shortsightedness, conjunctivitis etc. If you are noticing some change in your vision, please consult your doctor immediately.

3. Color Blindness, Although this is not a serious disease but its just the inability of an individual to recognize colors and identify colors. One of the parent must have had such disease and inherited by the children.

Disease that are Hereditary
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4. Arthritis:  this is a disease that deals with pains in the bone. It can be inherited if an individual is not so careful as he or she get older and older. See your doctor if you notice any pain at your present age.

5. Sickle Cell Anemia: This disease is inherited when both parents are gene carriers. It brings so much discomfort like pains, loss of weight, blurry vision, vomiting etc. Couples are advised to go for a genotype test before getting married because this will tell if both partners are Carrier's of the gene or not.

6. Mental Disorder:  in my country especially the tribe I belong to, if anyone wants to get married, they will instruct people to carryout investigations on possible hereditary diseases on both families and the first disease to inspect is mental disorder. It means mental disorder is hereditary and people should be very careful of this. See your doctor if you notice any change in your mental life. I just need you to know that mental disorder can be inherited from parents.

7. High Blood Pressure, is a disease of the heart which occurs due to irregular flow of blood from the heart to other part of the body. It is caused by excessive thinking, too much salt, too much fat in the body, high cholesterol and many more. It is also an hereditary disease which can be inherited by offspring.

8. Epilepsy: This disease is also among the list of hereditary diseases which can be inherited from parent to offspring. It attacks the system when there is too much heat or during slight change that the body cannot adapt and the patient fall or get unconscious.

9. Stroke:  this is a disease that occur when there is a partial obstruction of blood flow to the brain. It causes partial collapse of the body part and the victim get unconscious and the muscles get collapsed. Stroke can be inherited from parent to offspring. But stroke can be prevent through regular checking of blood pressure, heart beats, sodium, stress and many more.

10. Obesity: lack of exercises, bad eating habit, eating too much junks and fat may result to obesity but it is hereditary too. When either the mother or father is obese, there is a tendency that one or two among the children will get obese too.

These are hereditary diseases and you need to examine yourself if any of your parent have this diseases. Hereditary diseases are inherited diseases but can be prevented simply by seeing your doctor regularly or when you see slight symptoms in your body. Thanks for reading.